Penguin Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Commonly, they live in social groups like we, thus penguin tattoos are sported by women and men so often.

Penguins are extremely exotic birds. So, penguin tattoos are in great demand among both, males and females. It is not only for their charming and unusual appearance but also for the meaningful values they message to the World.

Penguins have wings, but cannot fly. At the same time, they swim extremely well in the water like dolphins. The tattoo with penguin image can render your wish to stand out of the crowd and wish to do anything you want regardless other people expect from you. There is another interesting fact about penguins: they filter and purify salt water. Such tattoo on your body can encourage you to benefit even from bad events and squeeze out the adversity. Penguins are very communicative and social creatures. They used to live in groups as families. There are two reasons for this fact: penguins need connection and warmth. Penguins are extra caring parents and faithful mates. Relatively, the tattoo with such creature symbolizes unity, family, love, connection, and teamwork. These birds survive under very low temperatures; so they can serve as a figurative sign of endurance and agility. It can also symbolize a friendship because penguins help each other while living in groups. Most of you already know that penguins throw off the feathers like all birds. This feature implies a meaning of renewal and revolution. Let`s keep in mind short list of the main meanings:

  • Community and family;
  • Faithfulness and love;
  • Renewal;
  • Adaptability and endurance;
  • Dreams;
  • Uniqueness;
  • Protection.

Well, penguins represent a variety of deep qualities. The tattoos can be portrayed realistically, like a cartoon or TV show character. If you prefer fun in spite of philosophic meaning, choose the options with Chilly-Willy or Opus. The options of designs are not restricted; the most popular are tribal, 3D, and matching designs. You can go for black and white adding lines and dots. Or you can choose colorful concepts to catch the eyes of observers. The penguin tattoos can be of any size. You can place it almost everywhere: back, chest, sleeve, neck, arms, calf, etc. The penguin tattoos are also lovable among hockey players and fans as these birds walk on ice masterly.

As you see, there are a lot of concepts for your inspiration. But don`t stop here! There is a plenty of adorable tattoo designs with penguins and their meanings below.
A Baby Penguin Tattoo Blackwork
Here is an amazing idea for mom to symbolize her love to the kid on the body as the penguins care the child so much. Black and gray colorings work well on the leg location. The shadings are cutely made and illustrate the stones on the coast.
A Cartoon Penguin Tattoos on the Ankle
A cool design for the cartoon lovers! An adorable penguin Chilly Willy was always cold. In this case, the tattoo renders a protection and adaptability.
A Cute Penguin Tattoo Design on the Arm
A funny penguin makes a cool forearm tattoo for girls. If you are a person who is living against someone’s orders and expectations, follow this idea! This bird can not fly, but it is an amazing swimmer.
An Emperor Penguin Tattoo on the Leg
Nice form and contrast! A neo-traditional black penguin describes the tallest and the grossest animal unit among the penguins «Emperor». A contrast of black and orange renders an armor suit well.
A Matching Penguin Tattoo for Couples
Such idea will inspire you to express your love as the penguin never leaves its mate! The tattoos on the ankles are not so vivid for the observers if you want them to be the secret of your couple.

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A Penguin Family Tattoo Dot Work
A really cute and kind tattoo! A mother cares her egg and it is a nice symbol of unity and family as the penguins live in social groups like people. A dot work creates an atmosphere of tenderness and does not pad the image.
A Penguin Heart Tattoo in a Classic Style
A classic never goes out of style. It`s stunning for those who are happy in love. A cute quote on the ribbon stresses the importance of being happy in love relationships. The overall design in colors makes the tattoo come to life.
A Penguin Love Tattoo
The downing heads render love, tenderness, and fidelity. Blackwork is absolutely clean that catches the eyes. You can place such tattoo anywhere you want as the size is medium.
A Unisex Penguin Silhouette Tattoo
A silhouette design would look great on the opened body areas. Such elegant and minimalistic image of the penguin is a creative idea for both, girls and boys.
Stanley Cup and Penguin Tattoo Idea
Here is a specific idea for the lovers of hockey and sports. But it is an extra cool choice for a strong bro and winner for life. A yellow triangle plays a role of energy and certainly makes the original design.

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A Moon Penguin Tattoo Image
A tiny penguin standing on a huge moon is the cutest design! The image is a symbol of change and adaptability taking into consideration the changes of the moon.
A Funny Penguin Tattoo Picture
OMG! That is badass! If you are a freethinker, view this idea! A boy penguin has a lot of details that speak of the relaxing, free, and funny mood.
A Penguin Tattoos for Couples
A pair of geometric penguins creates a tandem of love. There is an interesting thing: when you join hands, the penguins look at each other. The matching design of the penguins is the right choice for couples.
A Colorful Penguin Tattoo for Men
Quite stunning work! Here two animals represent unity. The colors work well with dots.
A Small Penguin Tattoo on the Forearm
It`s gorgeous! It can defy physical restrictions or assumed limits with creative thinking. The artist is a king master of shadings! The penguin looks like a real one.

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A Tribal Penguin Tattoo on the Chest
This is so great! A tribal style of the penguin in a heart creates a stunning work of art. This tattoo on the chest is associated with the faithfulness, dreams, and love. If you position yourself as a faithful and reliable man, go for this variant.
A Couple of Penguins Tattoo
Origami penguins make a lovely and unique couple tattoo. Penguins have a special bonding with their mates, so you can show your warm feelings by wearing such ink.
A Penguin Tattoo With a Fish
So dude idea! It is something different from the variety of the penguins` tattoos. A marine green color is incredible. Sure, that it holds a symbolic importance to those who wear.
The Best Penguin Tattoo
The tattoo captures a sophisticated nature of the penguins. They can live by land and by water. This piece of art describing a double-world is just wow!
A Feminine Penguin Tattoo on the Back
A colorful composition of penguins and flowers looks smart on the back. The idea shows a social connection, love, and teamwork. The tattoo is ideal for feminine.

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A Penguin Tattoo Idea in the Sketch Style
10 out 10! The purple splashes ginger a sketch style of the penguin. These creatures just want to enjoy the life and be happy as humans are.
A Penguin Tattoo With an Iceberg
If you want to be something different than the World expects from you, if you want to be on the peak, choose this brilliant idea as a challenge to this World. The concept talks about liminality as if you on the razor`s edge.
The Cutest Penguin Tattoo
Penguins are birds that cannot fly. But the described tattoo says us: use any opportunity to make your dreams true.
An Origami Penguin Tattoo for Guys
Consider a creative concept for guys! Symbolically, a black and gray job speaks of renewal, because like the most birds, penguins lose the feathers to grow new ones.
A Cool and Bright Penguin Tattoo
I am in love with this! A bright splash of colors and emotions! A penguin is carved as a pilot, so it can fly! The overall design renders the wearer`s dreams that will certainly be realized.

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A Penguin With the Knife Tattoo
A neotraditional style is always in tune with tattoo artists. The tattoo presented above is no exception. The additional pattern in the form of the knife suggests the meaning of protection.
A Penguin Tattoo With Flowers
A fabulous work and fabulous visual play of shadings and lines! Maybe the wearer makes a statement of his/her ability to change or to adapt to different environments. The environments are presented in the form of flowers and cup.
A Penguin Team Tattoo
The scratches look fantastic! A team of penguins images friends who have been at war together or have been serving in the army. Every friend is indicated by the horoscope sign and the date of birth. A powerful totem to commemorate your friendship!
A Night Penguin Tattoo Design
Just a masterpiece on the forearm! A night sky is so magnificent! Ink lovers can choose it to exhibit a wish to let the fears go away and forget false beliefs.
A Penguin Tattoo in Lines and Dots
This is symbolic of flushing out impurities in one`s life. Perhaps, the dots and lines idea will inspire you to squeeze out the adversity yet still remain on the good side.

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