78 Ideas about Pointy Nails Designs to Try

Have you noticed how popular pointy nails are? Pointy nails look really daring and bold that every lady has thought about having them done at least once in her life. That’s not surprising as they are always in trend and if you follow celebrities’ lives, you will see that Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Adele and many others are in the ranks of pointy nails fans.

What are Pointy Nails?

Pointy nails can be of different length; however, it is more common to have long pointy nails than short ones as the longer they are, the more surface you get for your design creativity. A large nail industry offers a huge variety of pointy nails shapes nowadays. You can get rounded ones, and they are quite popular especially if you have your own beautiful nail plate. For those, who want to lengthen their nails there are stilettos which, by the way, are the best for designing and decorating them and they look really sexy and elegant, although you have to be very careful as they are long and sharp as a rule and may become the reasons of different injuries. For more sophisticated ladies there are edgy nails and lipstick shapes which also look good, but they are not as popular as the first two.

Talking about stiletto nails, they take much time to be done as they need to be lengthened with the help of tips which the master models with acryl or gel and only then you can polish and decorate them. Any other point-shaped nails can be done according to your wish both with gel or acryl.

What Designs to Choose?

When it comes to the nail art designs, pointy nails, also known as claws, allow you to try almost anything you want. There are countless variants of nail arts that is why it’s only your imagination and creativity that will help you to create a real masterpiece on your nails. Of course, you may follow the most popular trend French manicure which is acceptable in every life situation and can be done in an original way as well as in reverse. The same refers to the color, as the tips of French manicure can be polished in different shades.

When we talk about color patterns, you can find a lot of choices of holographic and cat eye designs, which stand out more on long nails. As pointy nails let you work on a quite large surface, there are a lot of original and beautiful decals that can decorate them, especially when you have some theme party. Foil stripes are also popular among wearers of pointy nails. And, of course, you can’t help having rhinestones and gems, crystals and studs of different colors and sizes as they always can turn the most boring manicure into the most glamorous and striking one.

Do not be afraid to make experiments and choose the best variant for you. Do not be afraid of using your own ideas and images. In order to help you to make your choice, we have made a great selection of pointy nails of different lengths and designs. Check out these nail art designs and give them a try!
Becoming a real princess is not difficult when you have such beautiful and girly pink nails. Acryl is the best material for such art design and fairy dust glitter is the best decoration.
Acrylic pointy nails with fairy dust glitter
Combining acrylic strength and gel polish brightness you can reach a perfect result having white pointy nails. And don’t be shy to use massive jewelry to stand out!
All white pointy nails with jewelry
Stiletto nails are likely to be a really perfect variant for those who want to try ombre technique. Pure white and baby blue colors, which look tender and delicate, is a brilliant combination.
Baby blue pointy nails
Whenever you have a bright and loud event, you can impress everyone with such a striking nail design. Adding a range of colors and a cute pony decal makes stiletto nails look not so dangerous.
Beautiful and catchy acrylic pointy nails
Such cool art design can match any outfit! Acrylic nails with a black base and holo top coat will shine wherever you go!
Black and gold holographic pointy nails
Black and white colors are classics. But classics shouldn’t be boring. These nails are gorgeous thanks to pointed shape, matte polishes and outstanding decorations on the middle finger.
Black and white pointy nails design
What can be better than long nails? Yep, long nails covered with black gel polish which shines more than any jewelry and which cannot be unnoticed!
Fabulous black pointy nails
Is it winter now? Then be brilliant with such a bright mani! Acrylic nails pop out thanks to saturated blue polish which looks like a deep night and glitter resembling winter snowy fairy tale.
Blue pointy nails for winter
Wanna look luxurious? This art is definitely for you! Just glance at the ring finger nails lipstick shape and get in love with it! In addition to nude nails with 3D embellishments and shiny decorations, they look flawless!
Bright pointy nails with rhinestones
Having stiletto nails doesn’t mean you are a daring person. They can look really feminine if you use right colors like nude pink and marble technique on random nails. Small rhinestones as decorations will complete your look.
Clear marble pointy nails
This design seems to be simple; however, every line is different on bright and colorful base. And this pattern is certainly for those who want to spruce up their nail design!
Colorful pointy nails
Have you ever seen such a bright and juicy nail art? Enjoy the pic and dare to have such a design as it’s totally worth trying especially on gel nails.
Cool juicy pointy nails
This looks like perfection! Nails seem to have come out of the cartoon. Sparkling colors, Beauty and the Beast decal and some gems really rock!
Ñute pointy nail design
With such a manicure you will look like an Eastern Princess. As they are long and pointed, it’s really easy for you to make a masterpiece on them using French manicure technique in black and gold and decorating them with a 3D rose.
Embellished French tip pointy nails
Do you see a picture or real nails? Thanks to such an amazing technique these pink gel nails will definitely spice your image.
Gel pink pointy nails
Such a manicure is not for everyone. However, if you do dare to get them, you won’t regret as this sparkling green color with large rhinestones, and random embellishments are just gorgeous!
Astounding glitter pointy nails
No jewelry is needed when you have this gold polish color. Cracking effect makes them more interesting to admire. Sparkle with your nails and grab everyone’s attention!
Gold pointy nails
It will be impossible to take your eyes off such an amazing nail art. The Very deep purple color looks like the unreal and smooth transition of sequins from one finger to another is fabulous.
How to do pointy nails
So beautiful acrylic nail art design is worth trying. It looks like the wearer put her fingers into the pot with diamonds and gems and got the most exciting mani ever!
Cool images of pointy nails
Matte pink is extremely popular with stiletto wearers. It can look a bit boring, that’s why shiny and multicolored gems will perfectly suit this light color.
Light pink matte pointy nails
If you are bored with your nail shape, go crazy and choose long stiletto in black and silver glitters and become the Queen of the night!
Rocking long black pointy nails
Chrome polish has become so popular that everyone wants to get it. Even when you select the longest nails you’ve ever had, get them chromes and decorate with studs.
Long chrome pointy acrylic nails
Pointy nails are a great choice for creating perfection. With this mani, you will reach the nail heaven where matte black polish mixes with light smoke and become a masterpiece.
Matte black pointy nails
Combining different techniques and styles should be careful and neat as it can become a medley. However, a real professional will match them so, that mint green and yellow colors will go with tender white embellishments and massive gems.
Mint green and light yellow pointy nails
That’s an amazing work! Matte polish glitters and accurate patterns drawing has mixed in this cool nail art design.
Cool nail art for pointy nails
Fall in love with such a color and pattern combination. Very neat, without loud details these nails look feminine and very stylish.
Neon pointy stiletto nails
Yes, even simple matte stiletto nails can look striking if some creativity is added. Bow tie rhinestones and gems covering the nails would look spicy!
Nice matte pointy nails
Don’t you think these nails look like summer itself? Although ombre technique transiting from nude to orange is used here, orange is so rich and bright that it will be your duty to show this mani to everyone!
Orange ombre pointy nails
Certainly on point! Pastel ombre with gold tips are suitable for every life situation and deserve a lot of applause!
Oval pointy nails with ombre effect
Wanna something extremely cute and sweet? This variant is for you. Melting Kitty and pink color as top coats on a glitter base is the highest level of being a cutie.
Cute pics of pointy nails
Aren’t your nails long enough? Get really long stiletto nails that are a real perfection in deep pink color. Of course, there is always a place for glitter decorations.
Super long pink pointy nails
Give your acrylic pointy nails a colorful and tender look with Chinese flowery paintings on random fingers.
Pointy acrylic nails with Chinese motives
Having long matte black nails seems to be boring. That’s why glitters are the most suitable variant how to brighten your nails up.
Pointy matte black nails with glitters
In case you want to have a really outstanding manicure, try out cat eye effect. All you need is a magnetic polish and a gel brush. Now create your own strokes and be cool!
Magnificent cat eye pointy nails
A Christmas party can be diluted with a great mani which has all the features, like snowflake patterns, shining crystals, snow-like nail polish and a cute green bow tie.
Beautiful pointy nails for a Christmas party
If you have some rocking event, get these amazing nails which will become a show-stopper! Different shades of purple as a base with rhinestones, glitters and flowery design will make your night!
Pointy fingernails as a piece of art
Pointy acrylic nails can look nice and mysterious at the same time. Striped nude and black ombre with Swarovski and carved 3D snakeskin is gorgeous!
Pointy black French nails
Barbie style is never out. That’s why carry out this idea and polish your acrylic nails with glamorous pink color adding glitters which will shine everywhere you go!
Pointy Barbie glitter nails
A theme party can become the best place to boast your creepy manicure. Especially when you have such a fabulous mixture of the dark blue nail, stiletto with massive rhinestones and amazing Halloween hand painting.
Astounding pointy Halloween nails
Every gel-made nail can serve as space for art. That is why every nail can be unique and striking. Choose one color gamma like blue and have fun with different patterns, styles and decorations!
Sparkling pointy long nails
Impress everyone with such an awesome nail design! Matte nails and hand painted amazing dragon eye on the finger won’t be left without attention.
Dragon style pointy matte nails
Yes, pointy nails can look tender and showy if you have ombre with subdued pink and white colors and some decorations like hanging diamonds.
Pointy nail trend
Great choice of colors in ombre technique can turn any nails into magnificent nail art. Don’t be shy and try crazy combinations like blue and pink and be bright!
Pointy nails called “Ombre”
Nude base on pointy nails is a good way to make an accent on tips and transform French nail art into something extraordinary. For this idea use sequins of different colors on the tips of the nails.
Pointy nails French tip
Such stunning nails won’t be unnoticed. The pink color in different shades is perfect for young ladies. Moreover, small details like black embellishments and Swarovski stones will complete your nail look.
Pointy pink nails
Faded French looks great on short pointy nails. They look simple and extravagant at the same time. You can add some spice with the help of silver designs on white base on some fingers.
Short pointy nails
This work is absolutely flawless thanks to a very accurate work on acrylic nails. The white color is perfect for beautiful designs and sparkling sequins.
White pointy nails
Any nail art looks gorgeous with rocking rhinestones, doesn’t it? They are the coolest way to adorn your long yellow nails.
Pointy nails with diamonds
3D nail art is not as difficult as it seems to be. Also, your nails will definitely stand out and deserve a lot of attention.
Natural pointy nails
Nothing is better than the red color on nails which can match every outfit and suit to every event. You don’t even need to think about jewelry if you decorate the nails with rhinestones.
Red pointy nails
Matte top coat really transform colors! Your nails will look more elegant and luxurious. You can always dilute the mani with nail caviar and gems on the ring finger.
Pointy round blue nails
Simple nail design with pastel color pops out with creative decorations like rhinestones, gems and caviar.
Pointy-shaped “claw” nails
Not only original manicure can mark your nails out, but also a nail shape. Edgy nails mixed with bright and saturated colors are striking.
Pointy short nails
You have to be very careful with such nails. However, if you have any nail art show, you will be the highlight of the program as French nail art with some black decorations looks cool.
Pointy stiletto nails
Summer is a great season for bright and impressive nail arts. You can mix different styles and techniques, colors and decorations, decals and 3D ornaments. All of these will be rocking!
Pointy summer nails
You are not a fan of flashy nails, aren’t you? Then check out this really gentle manicure which is done in faded French technique when nude color smoothly turns into white tips.
Pointe white nails
Awesome acrylic nail design. The nude base is a good choice when you are going to create some flowery designs and ombre tips. And, of course, rhinestones which won’t be excess in any case.
Pretty pointy nails
Purple color with gold inclusions looks great. All you need is purple polish and gold tapes. Put these tapes in different places in order to make the manicure unique.
Purple pointy nails
Such nail art can represent extreme creativity as the nail art stamps look awesome in addition to the red color which outlines every nail differently.
Red and black pointy nails
Good combination of colors if you don’t know what exactly you want. Red looks gorgeous and elegant; gold free designs and studs add zest to the nail art and make it more delicate.
Red and gold pointy nails with studs
Gorgeous red color has always been on point. Then why not to get your nails polished in red and inlay some gems and rhinestones on the nail bottoms!
Perfect red pointy nail designs
Stand out from the crowd! Just look at this fabulous nail art design, which combines French manicure, marble technique, decoration with crystals and a pixie decal! Wild mixture!
Round pointy nails
When you combine stiletto nails with red and silver polishes, you get a great nail art design which is quite simple to do but very pretty to look at.
Sharp pointy nails
Nude mountain peak nails look simple until you switch on your fantasy, creating cool patterns with foil tapes, decorating with nails with glitters and covering them with studs.
Cute Short pointy nails
Take your time admiring this extraordinary nail art. Glittering stilettos are great until they are covered with silver geometric ornaments. In this case, they become striking!
Amazing silver pointy nails
Looking for the best variant of color for pointy nails you can come across this simple but good-looking gray shade.
Simple pointy nail designs
Such a cute nail design won’t leave you indifferent. Matte blue color is great for summertime and birds sitting on wires are perfectly painted. Awesome art!
Pointy nails for summer
Turquoise gel polish would be perfect for whose who are not afraid to be bright and shiny. Glittering sequins, bow tie rhinestone and silver arrow – everything you need to be outstanding.
Turquoise pointy nails
Make your white nails even more stunning adding gold details. Tapes, glitters, gems and decorations will perfectly match the white color.
White and gold pointy nails
These nails just express spring mood. 3D decorations on acrylic nails always impress. In addition, you can make some nails in marble technique and become excellent!
White pointy 3D nails
Be sure that such manicure is really easy to do. Everything you need is magnetic polish and the idea which part of the nails should look lighter. Voila! Great nail design is ready!
Cat eye pointy nails
Be trendy as pink and turquoise colors are very popular among those who get ombre technique on their nails. A bit of sequins, studs and one nail that is different at all and your nail design is unforgettable!
Ombre pointy nails
Matte nails always look flawless no matter what color it is. If you want to dilute your design, different sequins and foil tapes will help you.
Matte brown pointy nails
Fashionable chrome art design can substitute any decorations. Get a base polish and a chrome powder to create unforgettable shades on your nails.
Chrome pointy nails
Galaxy holographic ombre sounds like a mixture of everything. However, you will be surprised how beautiful nails are when you use such amazing techniques and decorations.
Galaxy pointy nails
Freshen up your pointy nails with the help of stripes colored in turquoise and yellow colors. By the way, the nude base would be the best for the stripes to stand out more vividly.
Geometric pointy nails
Such bright colors are so fresh and juicy that they become a real pleasure for eyes. Gems and a bow on nails are popular decorations, so do not doubt getting them.
Pointy nails with a bow