Great Bear Tattoo Designs

The ferocious nature of grizzly bears has always inspired people. On the one hand, these animals instill chilling fear by the only appearance. On the other hand, bears are incredibly tender and caring with their offspring. Grizzly bears were respected by Native Americans most of all. Due to these and many other aspects, grizzly bears have become quite popular in tattoo culture.

Grizzly Bear Tattoos – Symbolism and Meanings

As to symbolism of the bear it differs depending on cultural features of various countries but without reference of meaning the grizzly bear has got this unshakable view of the insanely powerful animal. Still, we would like you to read some of the most wide-spread grizzly bear tattoo meanings.

  • Natural power;
  • Strength, courage and bravery;
  • Masculinity and authority;
  • Motherhood and protection (the image of a mother bear with her cubs);
  • Rebirth and beginning of a new life (connected to the way bears wake up from the hibernation in spring);
  • Belligerence, heroism, and confidence;
  • Spirituality and connection with Nature;
  • Nobility and military valor (the image of a bear paw);
  • Nature Americans associate the grizzly bear with the world energy and freedom.

If you want to increase the symbolism of your bear tattoo or to make the image richer, think of some complementing details.  Here are some of the most common:

  • Forest, trees, mountains;
  • Birds, insects, fish and animals;
  • Arrows or knives;
  • Flowers, pine cones, tree branches;
  • Sun, moon, stars, sky and clouds;
  • Decorative patterns and geometric figures;
  • Constellations of Great Bear and Little Bear, etc.

The Features of Grizzly Bear Tattoos

Grizzly bear tattoos are perfect for both men and women due to the diversity of designs, images and symbolism. While men prefer aggressive bears in fight or roaring, women are more inclined to cute tattoos showing a mother bear with its cubs. The grizzly can be pictured full-sized or just its head. Grizzly paw tattoos are popular as well. Grizzly can be tattooed in color and or with only black or gray ink depending on your preference. These tattoos can be any size you wish, but you have to be careful with the placement. Huge tattoos look better on the back, sleeves, legs and chest. With smaller inks go for arms, neck, hands, wrists, etc. As to tattoo styles here are your options:

  • American Traditional, Neo-Traditional, Old School or New School styles;
  • Realism, Hyper-realism, and 3D tattoo styles;
  • Geometric, Dotwork, and Linework;
  • Blackwork, Graphic styles;
  • Japanese Traditional, etc.

Grizzly Bear Tattoo Designs Ideas

As a symbol of fight, physical and mental strength, grizzly bear tattoo perfectly fits men. This Traditional American grizzly is shown aggressively roaring and with knives that pierce its head crossways.
Damn good American Traditional grizzly bear tattoo on the hip
This roaring grizzly bear is fully made of different triangles and rectangles that create an interesting tattoo look.
Interesting Geometric grizzly bear tattoo on the forearm
Deeply honorable by Native Americans both grizzly bear and bald eagle represent spirituality, strength and power. The full sleeve showing these mighty creatures is performed in black and gray realism and looks just awesome.
Awesome wild grizzly bear tattoo on the sleeve
Men who choose grizzly bear as a tattoo want to emphasize their masculinity, male power and strength. If you look for this kind of meaning, the aggressively roaring grizzly tattoo on your side will work best.
Mind-blowing black and white roaring grizzly bear head tattoo on the side
There is no more furious animal in the world than a mother bear that protects her cubs. Since grizzly bear symbolizes protection and motherhood, women can opt for this cute outlined bear tattoo decorated with flowers.
Cute grizzly bear tattoo on the arm for women
Some Native Americans tribes chose a bear as a totem animal; they respected bears for their duality in character. The grizzly bear is fierce and aggressive yet very kind and caring with the Cubs. If you want to feel the deep connection with
Symbolic Native American grizzly bear and girl tattoo on the arm
If you are an ink-nut, you will appreciate this grizzly bear thigh tattoo masterpiece! Finely colored and outlined this tatt has got an interesting design with the bear spitting out bees. Have you seen anything like this before? Me neither.
The awesome Neo-Traditional grizzly bear face tattoo on the hip
The image of an adorable little bear standing on the fallen pine tree is inked in Dotwork style. This forearm tattoo copies the painting called ‘Morning in a Pine Forest’ by a famous Russian painter Ivan Shishkin.
Cute Dotwork forearm tattoo with grizzly bear cub in the forest
The picture of powerful roaring grizzly bear greatly arouses above the pine forest. Inked without any bright colors, this blackwork bear calf tattoo looks amazing.
Beautiful blackwork bear tattoo idea on the leg
Seven stars form by far the most recognizable constellation in the sky that is called Ursa Major or the Great Bear. Due to the Greek myth, the god Zeus saved his lover Callisto by turning her into a bear and placed in the sky. Here is a
Mega cool grizzly bear and star constellation tattoo idea
Since the grizzly bear is depicted in all of his fury, the tattoo represents power, bravery, strength and readiness to overcome any adversity in life.
Motivational roaring bear half-sleeve tattoo design
The Super intricate design of this grizzly bear half-sleeve truly amazes with every single line and detail. Decorative elements such as geometric figures and charming mandala patterns complement the black and gray tattoo composition of the
Decorated with geometry grizzly bear half sleeve tattoo
As animals equally incredible in their strength and power a grizzly bear, a wolf and a lion are combined in one awesome one-colored shoulder tattoo here. Men usually opt for aggressive images of animals to show their warrior spirit and
Fantastic grizzly bear, wolf and lion tattoo ink for men
Grizzly bear personifies decisiveness and a phenomenal ability to win in any situation. Therefore namely men choose an aggressively portrayed grizzly bear tattoo to show how strong and determined they are.
Impressive tribal grizzly bear tattoo on the back
Without any shading, this black outlined landscape with grizzly bears tattoo finds its place on the forearm. A mother bear with its cub are walking peacefully against the backdrop of beautiful scenery. As the representation of motherhood
Nice grizzly she-bear with cub outline tattoo design on the leg
Here we can see the shoulder tattoo presenting the defeated grizzly bear pierced through by arrows. Intense black color and bold outlines create a expressive image of the bear.
Awesome grizzly bear and arrows tattoo on the upper arm
Inspired by Tolkien “Hobbit” character Beorn, the man who could take the shape of a giant black bear, this Neo-Traditional bear tattoo finds its place on the thigh.
Breath-taking Neo-Traditional grizzly bear with horses tattoo design on the thigh
We literary have no words to describe how awesome this realistic grizzly bear head tattoo looks. It’s hard to imagine how long it took to create this masterpiece on the sleeve. But the result overwhelms and inspires with every single hair on
Magnificent, realistic grizzly bear tattoo on the sleeve
Inked in bold black color, this front tattoo piece presents a grizzly bear, two fish and an ax. Emphasizing the predator and hunter nature of the grizzly bear this tattoo is designed to unfold the hunter and warrior spirit of a man.
Expressive Old School grizzly bear with fish front tattoo piece
The bear tattoos had come from Celtic times when warriors respected this mighty animal for its strength and bravery, and women saw the bear as a symbol of motherhood and the Moon. Thus, bears are often portrayed with the Moon.
Creative, colorful grizzly bear arm tattoo idea
Outlined with thick bold dotted lines standing up grizzly bear tattoo adorns the calf. Angry as if someone had woken it during the hibernation, this bear is the epitome of ferocity.
Rad Traditional grizzly bear calf tattoo design
If you want something unusual and funny, take a look at this cute grizzly-hipster tattoo. Dressed in trendy checkered shirt and sunglasses this bear creates the super cool tattoo design!
Showy and funny grizzly bear tattoo design for guys
Without any doubt, you can add this lovely black and gray grizzly bear ink to the list of the coolest tattoos. Honest and responsible people can give this distinctive and neat tattoo a shot.
Super lovely blackwork grizzly bear tattoo on the leg
Get inked with this super awesome grizzly bear with smoking pipe tattoo. Just take a closer look at these red tones of rose and soft brown hues of bear’s fur and make sure just how awesome this tattoo is.
Colorful and sparkling up grizzly bear with rose tattoo design on the forearm
Vibrant in color this traditional Japanese half-sleeve depicts a furious bear among chrysanthemums and white waters. For Japanese people, the bear symbolizes wisdom and justice.
Symbolic Japanese grizzly bear sleeve tattoo
One of the symbolic meanings of a grizzly bear is renewal since it appears in spring after long hibernation. Given this meaning, the grizzly bear tattoo design will fit anyone who wants to start from scratch.
Inspiring blackwork bear tattoo idea on the calf

This magnificent grizzly bear thigh tattoo has a slightly unfinished and rough look thanks to a Sketch style. Since the bear is pictured with pine branches, cones and a river, it means a deep spiritual connection with nature.
Cool-looking Sketch grizzly bear tattoo on the hip for girls
The image of roaring grizzly bear is associated with the hunter spirit, fury and ferocity. Only self-confident and daring men can opt to this awe-inspiring grizzly bear tattoo design.
Awe-inspiring blackwork grizzly bear tattoo on the chest
The simplicity of picturing, bold colors and clear outlines are the distinctive features of Old School style, and they work well with this interesting grizzly bear tattoo on the forearm.
Unique small grizzly bear tattoo design on the forearm
This awesome black and gray tac presents a fierce grizzly and may fit a high-hearted person who tends to move forward despite the difficulties on the way.
Incomparable angry grizzly bear tattoo on the calf
Saturated in color and quite contrasting this forearm tattoo shows a grizzly bear in all of its fury roaring and spitting out blood. Two deep red outlined roses slightly soften the aggressive grizzly image.
Distinctive New School grizzly bear with roses forearm tattoo
Native Americans believed that it was almost impossible to win the fight with a grizzly. Thus, this Neo-Traditional tattoo presenting a bear’s head pierced by arrows points out on unbelievable strength and cleverness of the wearer.
Nice Neo-Traditional grizzly bear with arrows tattoo design on the chest
This eye-catching Dotwork tattoo piece that presents a grizzly bear with smoke coming out of wide-open jaws impresses and scares at the same time.
Splendid grizzly bear with smoke tattoo on the forearm
We especially love the idea of the walking bear silhouette tattoo with some pine trees and mountains that appear through it. This inspiring landscape with bear tattoo represents the deep spiritual connection with nature.
The great black grizzly bear with trees tattoo idea on the arm
The calf tattoo shows the North American brown bear standing up and growling. Small in size yet well-lined and masterly inked this tattoo indicates the person who is ready to fight for what he thinks is right until the end.
Cool small grizzly bear tattoo idea on the leg
There are many people who got inked with fierce grizzly bear tattoos to get protection. It’s just amazing how violently these bears protect themselves or their cubs if they feel danger.
Fascinating sketch grizzly bear tattoo idea on the arm