Praying Hands Tattoo Ideas

Praying hands is one of the most common subjects of religious tattoos. Despite its long existence, it still excites people’s minds and hearts. This tattoo takes its roots from the picture, which was painted by a famous artist Albrecht Durer. According to the first version, he portrayed his brother’s hands, according to the second – picture was sketched from the Head of Frankfurt, while he was praying. This is a significant Christian symbol of turning to God.

Praying Hands Tattoo Meanings

The praying hands tattoos are based on religious content. It is an amulet for a prayer, the sign of belief in God, which comprises the most secret desires, the strongest feelings and ideas, such as:

  • Christianity and religion;
  • Agape – the willingness to sacrifice himself for the sake of someone;
  • God, Jesus, Holy Spirit – signifies light, happiness, healing and protection from evil spirits.
  • Faith – is an integral part of religion for believer in God;
  • Hope – it expresses the person’s wish to overcome all difficulties and troubles in life;
  • Prayer – the main attribute of turning to God and higher forces;
  • Courage, honor and bravery – is usually applied by men as a sign of strength of mind and valor;
  • Inspiration – it brings creative burst of energy and muse to life;
  • Respect – the image is often complemented with names of parents or other dear people;
  • Dedication not only to the religion but also to the country, military affairs. The tattoo is depicted with national symbols;
  • Wisdom – signifies the spiritual integrity and the highest practical knowledge;
  • Memorial – is done in remembrance of the person greatly loved but lost;
  • Love and passion – is a symbol of lovers, who want to express their devotion to each other and a desire to be forever together.

Symbolism of Praying Hands Tattoo

The praying hands can be used as a single unit or with different additions and popular embodiments:

  • cross;
  • rosary beads;
  • bible;
  • cross on a chain;
  • names of lovers;
  • roses;
  • fire;
  • clouds;
  • Jesus;
  • God;
  • skull;
  • words;
  • sky;
  • doves;
  • red sun;
  • face;

The major range of tattoos is done in two colors, one of which is black, however, there are some alternatives of:

  • detailed pattern;
  • lined style;
  • colorful tattoo;
  • black and white work;

Praying Hands Tattoo Ideas

These tattoos on arms represent the process of praying with a significant image of rosary beads either with a cross or without. Rosary is a staircase leading up – to the sky, heaven and down – to the depth of the heart. This pattern of praying hands reflects the spiritual perception of life and faith in God.
praying hands with rosary beads
A chest is a wonderful place for such impressive and detailed tattoo as praying hands with a rosary. This is quite an intimate part of person’s body, thus, this location denotes the owner’s wish to be alone with his religion, do not boast of it and show this pectoral picture only to certain people.

praying hands tattoo on chest

praying hands tattoo on chest 2
Here is a white and gray picture with two hands in the background of a big cross on the forearm. This tattoo of praying hands may symbolize not only religious aspect but also indicate strength and honor. Moreover, the cross is a sign of defense, so people with this image are under the protection of higher powers.

cross with praying hands tattoo
This small masterpiece of praying hands with rosary beads is performed on the man’s chest in marvelous clouds ornaments. This presentation of the sky is added with three names: Skyler, Katelyn and Chasen that may identify people, who are not near but they take an important place in owner’s heart.

praying hands tattoo with clouds
The small tattoos have many advantages: they are easily hidden and look very gentle and accurate, which is highly appreciated by girls. Despite the small size, the image of praying hands does not loose their main meaning: faith and service to God, the desire to grow spiritually.

small praying hands tattoo 2

small praying hands tattoo

These classical patterns of praying hands illustrate how gorgeous can look such meaningful tattoos on the sleeves. The integral detail as rosary beads with a cross is also included in these interesting compositions. This variant belongs to unisex designs, so it can be done by both men and women.

praying hands tattoo sleeve

praying hands tattoo sleeve 2
Do you dream to have anything special and unique, which expresses your devoted faith and love to God? These marvelous ideas of praying hands tattoos illustrate the interesting variants how to decorate your arm. Think about some additions like the circle that symbolizes life cycle or cross – a protection from evil.

praying hands tattoo on arm
The tattoo on the neck belongs to the category of the most notable places, so if you have decided to take this unbelievable picture on this part of your body you will be in the center of attention for sure. These two hands with rosary beads look very organic and expressive at the same time.

praying hands neck tattoo
The rose is regarded a queen of florets due to its incredible beauty, thus, it is frequently used as wonderful decorations in various tattoos. In this case, the praying hands image is complemented with one or even three roses on the chest. The black and white pattern with the red flower is particularly catching.

praying hands with roses tattoo

praying hands with roses tattoo 2
What can be more striking that the ornament of hands on a hand? This breathtaking idea implies a deeply religious point, as a tattoo of praying hands is chosen by believers, who selflessly help others. The black touches around the central pattern embody the Jesus’ presence near the person.

jesus hand tattoo
This remarkable tattoo of praying hands on the inner forearm serves to emphasize your spiritual perception of life, while the lights that illuminate the hands denote the union with God and Christianity. The rosary beads below symbolize the prayer – the symbol of communication between God and people.

god hands tattoo
The image of skull or skeleton is perceived as a negative sign but it is often performed with the aim to ward off troubles and even death. Here the pattern of skull hands with rosary and cross on the upper arm is an exclusive interpretation of the well-known Durer’s picture.

skull prayinng hands tattoo
The undying classic of monochrome tattoo is represented here in the form of noted praying hands. This image is located on the upper arm with traditional rosary beads that lead up to the elbow and end with a cross. This black & white tattoo focuses on the devotional symbolism of the work.

black&white praying hands tattoo
From the ancient times, the tattoos on the shoulder blade were applied for the protection and this black and white pattern is not the exception. This ornament of praying hands with a cross on rosary beads not only signifies the owner’s spiritual self-development but is used as a strong amulet.

praying hands tattoo on back
Many people decorate their tattoos with different words and phrases because they can say more than only one image, so they acquire an individual, personal character. The sign of praying hands is combined with a devout theme and symbolizes the owner’s pure thoughts and dedication to his religion.

praying hands tattoo with words
These two ornaments of praying hands on the arms are connected with religion and Christian faith. The bright image of the Virgin Mary on one of them personifies love, purity and chastity. The rosary beads as a symbol of devotion to God is used on both pictures.

religious tattoo on the hand

 religious tattoo on the hand 2
If you are a deeply religious person and are looking for a tattoo, which conveys sincerity and connection with God, then this pattern of praying hands on the half-sleeve is yours. The floral addition is also typical for this genre, it embellishes the tattoo and makes it more elegant and refined.

halfsleeve praying hands tattoo

halfsleeve praying hands tattoo 2
The colorful interpretation of praying hands is not so often found but this design immediately catches the eye. In this case, the small tattoo of hands with the rosary is done highly realistic on the side. The chosen colors are harmonious and do not look pretentious, so the pattern does not loose seriousness.

colorful praying hands tattoo
The skillful tattooist can go far beyond the traditional presentation of praying hands and create something new, unforgettable. Thus, these designs of the tattoo on the arms present different views on the same picture: columns with crosses, bandaged hands diversify the work with these interesting and memorable details.

praying hands tattoo idea

praying hands tattoo idea 3

praying hands tattoo idea 2
The black coloring is used when the person wants to concentrate on the significant meaning of the tattoo. Here black paying hands on the forearms look like a real drawing on the skin. It is permeated with an idea of prayer, trust and faith in God.

realistic black praying hands tattoo

realistic black praying hands tattoo 2
The sun with clouds is an embodiment of sky in this great tattoo on the upper sleeve. It is not surprising to see the heaven in the background of praying hands, as it is the soul, the breath of the world, everything that is spiritual and divine. In this picture, the sky is the symbol of God.

praying hands tattoo with sky

The image of doves is frequently seen in religious context not in vain. In Bible, they are considered as a sign of innocence and the soul of the dead person. This black and white pattern on the chest shows the doves with spread wings on both sides of hands, which denote the holder’s fortitude.

praying hands tattoo with doves
It is unknown for certain, whose hands became prototypes of the outstanding Durer’s picture, so you can boldly experiment with images. Why not apply a praying woman on your sleeve then? The lovers of extravagance can try this frightening face with sutured mouth – a bit scary but creative!

praying hands tattoo with face

praying hands tattoo with face 2
The person turns to God in very difficult life situations and the painted praying hands may symbolize then the emotional distress and pain. These images of praying monk or girl with tears on her face are done in memory of close people, who cannot be near anymore.

memorial praying hands tattoo

memorial praying hands tattoo 2
These presentations of praying hands need a lot of tattooist’s efforts and mastery because every detail and stroke play a big role. The careful performance and various shades of gray and black create a charming picture on the forearm, as a result, the hands with rosary beads look very natural.

detailed praying hands tattoo

 detailed praying hands tattoo 2
The thigh is the most favorite place for tattoos among women, as it allows applying a large pattern and hiding it if necessary under the clothes. The big variant of praying hands and long rosary with a cross around wonderful roses looks quite seductive regardless of the religious aspect of the tattoo.

praying hands tattoo on the hip
On the one hand, this is very simple but meanwhile, highly meaningful tattoo on the inner forearm. The lined style does not propose any vivid, impressive additions and this simplicity is a key to the praying hands ornament. The small size does not diminish the significance of so famous symbol of Christianity.

small lined praying hands tattoo
The red sun is a symbol of life and pure soul, it unites sky and earth and serves as a perfect background for this praying hands tattoo. Two hands with rosary beads that signify rallying with the Christian faith are turned to the sun, which means turning to divinity.

praying hands with red sun tattoo