Prom Nails

Prom party is one of the most important events in every girl’s life. This is the occasion when all young ladies pay as much attention as they can to every little detail – from the dress to the tips of the nails. With different nail shapes, patterns and decorations you will set the floor on fire and become the Prom Queen!

When it comes to the most important party of your life, prom, you think about every item of your image. In this case, nails become really important as it has to do not only with color but with shapes and styles, patterns and decorations. There no certain rules for prom nail designs as you can always turn to your imagination and creativity.

Nowadays choosing the right manicure, especially for prominent events, is not easy. However, it depends on your vision and style that is why there is a lot of ideas what nails design to have for the Prom Night.

You can always have the most common French manicure that will suit every item of your clothes as it never goes out of style. As well as French design, you definitely won’t lose if you choose today’s trend of wearing negative space nail art which doesn’t demand any further decoration. Metallic, nude and pastel tones are mostly used as base colors that can be beautified with different 3D embellishments, rhinestones, crystals, gems, studs and caviar. They will really transform your nails from simple to party. Glitter nails, especially gold and silver, are always in fashion as they mark you out of the others with their brightness and shine.

The latest trend for prom nights is chrome mirror nail art design which requires not so much time to spend on. The only item you need is nail polish of any color as a base and chrome powder which is put on this polish layer. The result is amazing, and your nails are gorgeous!

If you have any theme party, like Hawaiian, you can always ask your master for stickers or decals which are so popular nowadays when you need a really intricate image with lots of details.

Taking nail shapes into account, there are no restrictions either. Every nail shape (oval, square, squoval, rounded, almond, coffin) and length will be great if you have an outstanding design.  However, you should remember that the longer nails are, the more space you will have for your imagination. For example, stiletto shapes have become the most adorable as they have much space to work on. Of course, they have some disadvantages as they weaken your nails. That is why it’s always up to you what nails to choose, artificial or your own.

The point of choosing nail design should be considered long before the event itself as you need to know what shape of the nails you’d like to have, what colors would go with your prom outfit, what decorations would be suitable and many other details. That’s why we have created a selection of great nail designs which will, hopefully, help you to decide on what manicure would be the best for you.

Nail Designs for Prom

Really fabulous manicure which can complete your image at the prom party. A stylish combination of tender pink, wine purple and violet colors is amazing. Adding a few rhinestones on little fingers is the best variant for decoration.
Striking acrylic nails for prom
The classic combination of black and white colors will never be out of trend. All you have to do is use your creativity to decorate your nails with some interesting geometric figures.
Black and white geometry on prom nails.
Black French looks so much more interesting than white that you can use a few items, like glitter and matte polish on ring fingers for decoration to make the image complete.
Eye-catching black and glitter nail art for prom
If you don’t have much time to beautify your nails but want to look flawless, then don’t doubt using black Shellac which doesn’t require primer and it will save your time, making your nails look absolutely perfect.
Black prom nails
Acryl is a real salvation for weak nails. Get blue and silver glitter nails in reverse and be sure you look fabulous. Moreover, you get more space for beautifying them with different rhinestones which add zest to such elegant prom nails.
Blue and silver acrylic prom nails
If your prom dress dazzles with flowers, such a nail design would be a perfect variant. Matte royal blue nails match girly flowery decals, and they make totally awesome combination!
Blue prom nails with flowery patterns
When you choose subtle coral gel polish for your nails how do you feel about adding some sparkles to them? Place multicolored rhinestones and gold caviar on ring finger nails, and you will see how brilliant your nails are!
Coral nails for prom
If you want something that is not difficult to do but looks elegant and attractive, get the pink color as a base and use some simple decorations as leaves patterns together with lines and dots. Amazing choice!
Cute nail design for prom
Having a multicolor dress for a prom party doesn’t mean you have to choose specific colors for nails. The best variant in such a situation is getting vertical gradient which appears to be appealing taking turns with coral and turquoise colors and butterfly decals on ring finger nails.
Cute multicolored nail design for prom
Such super smooth pastel gradient with lilac and light blue colors will make everyone crazy about it. Such color choice is on point together with subtle decorations such as rhinestones and gold caviar.
Cute gradient nail prom nail design
Even in the case of having short nails, you can shine on the floor! The only thing you have to do is choose a correct mani, like this one. Space pattern done with glitters, gradient from the top to the bottom and neutral stripes in the same order looks striking!
Space DIY prom nails
No matter what color you get as a base, glitter polish will always be trendy and fashionable. Having glitter on middle fingers will mark out your nail design and decorations like white stripes on nude base will make it more attractive.
Fake acrylic nails for prom
If you are a fan of bright and extraordinary images, you will definitely like this nail design. Such striking polishes alteration will grab everyone’s attention thanks to the bright gold glitter and matte violet with 3D flower embellishments.
Gold glitter prom nails
Not only jewelry can make you the Queen of the party. Choosing the only color for your nails, you will never loose as you get this absolutely fabulous sparkling polish – really royal-looking gold.
Gorgeous gold prom nails
Choosing only two base colors, like pink and black, can be diluted with a daring decision to have some of the nails polished in silver glitters.
Romantic nail design for homecoming
If you have time to go to the salon, just do it! Such nail art won’t take so much time. However, your nails will be really flawless as they are neatly done with nude gel polish with the most beautiful brown marble pattern on ring finger nail.
Stunning nude nails for prom party
Pink is one of the most popular colors in prom dresses, isn’t it? However, pink nails can highlight the dress and in this case, go for matte pink nails with minimum flower motive on some of the fingers.
Matte pink prom nails with flower motive
No matter what dress you have, you can always complete your appearance with an extraordinary nail design, such as lace art. Use any color as a base and decorate some nails with lace and strokes and be brilliant!
Acrylic prom nails in lace nail art
Nothing can look better than space negative nail art as you get unlimited possibilities to use your creativity. Using pink color as a base for some nails and decorate others with white stripes and silver glitters. Voila! The mani looks amazing!
Fancy negative space prom nail art
Black dresses are very trendy at prom parties, that is why black manicure is in fashion. Although, nowadays black mani can be diverse as it is shown in this photo. Just choose some nails to be clearly black and decorate some of the nails with a multicolor gradient.
Black nails for black prom dress
It is a classic to draw flowers on white base. However, try not only drawing but also 3D modeling. Let yourself go crazy and mix different styles, black and blue colors, matte polishes and decorations like rhinestones!
Flowery prom nails for blue dress
Nail art fashion dictates new experiments on a manicure, but you can stick to the most common tradition which includes covering all nails with one red color and making an accent on ring fingers with nude nails and some embellishments.
Square-shaped nails for red prom dress
For a different look of your nails use a little creativity and add some sparkling gradient in addition to purple Shellac. Luxurious rhinestones will complete the while nail design.
Purple prom nails with gradient
A classic glitter gradient on random nails looks great as it can add luxury to your image and as a bonus, you get nails that can suit any dress you choose for a prom party.
Glossy red prom nails
Have a blue dress? Go for royal blue color in different variations! Get random nails in matte blue and royal blue. And don’t forget about some sparkling decorations like rhinestones and glitter gradient to look great.
Royal blue nail design for prom
Don’t worry if you have short nails and don’t want to make them longer. Even with short nails you can be flawless choosing coral color as a base and have coral/blue gradient with stamping decoration.
Short prom nails with stamping and gradient
One of the latest trends in nail art is chrome nails. They would go with any outfit, and they will make you feel a real disco atmosphere!
Festive silver prom nails
You can never go wrong with classics. A classic pink manicure may suit any dress you wear, and their tender color will make you a princess.
Simple prom nail design
If you get silver chrome nail design, you are in vogue. However, when more dance floor atmosphere is required, you can always get some nails decorated with gradient rhinestones and gems.
Sparkling nails for prom
Such delicate color as teal/mint can be diversified with some flowery decals on some of the nails. Remember that you will have to have long nails for such mani to be done.
Teal nails for a prom party
Shellac is the best variant for such beautiful almond nails. Especially, when you get them painted in a clear white color. Although, some decorations like blue marble pattern and rhinestones incrustation would be acceptable.
Light white nails for prom
Be bright on the dance floor! This gaudy yellow color with butterfly pattern and rhinestones will attract everyone at the party. Great choice for a great party!
Yellow prom nails
If you have a black outfit, don’t overlook the only variant of getting black nails. There are so many options you can choose, just like in the picture. The saucy combination of matte black and red colors with leopard print will rock!
Red and black prom nail design
You will have the whole world at your feet if you get the whole world on your nails. Such an amazing combination of blue and purple colors, diagonal gradient and stars really grab your attention!
Galaxy nail art for prom
There are situations when you want to have two opposites in one. Such a manicure is definitely the case when you need something subtle, like light coral color, and something flashy, like the silver color. It looks great on almond-shaped nails.
Coral and silver almond prom nails
This work is pure perfection. Gradient manicure looks original and stylish and can be done in different shades. This combination of blue and purple amazes with a slight transition from one nail to another. Don’t forget to add spice to them. It can easily be rhinestones.
Blue and purple ombre prom nails
Looking for something unusual? It’s impossible to get the same pattern, so you will be unique. Just put some polish dots on the basic color and drag them before they dry.
Black and white marble prom nails
This one looks gorgeous, doesn’t it? All you need is to have nails long enough to cover them with matte brown polish and make a 3D picture with the help of nail confetti.
Chocolate brown matte nails for prom
You can’t be mistaken in your choice if it deals with marble pattern in black and white colors. However, adding some more colors, like blue, will beautify your manicure for sure!
White and blue prom nails
For those, who want to look fabulous, the contrast between black and gold gel polishes is the best variant to do this. Moreover, such color combinations would suit any prom outfit.
Luxurious black and gold prom nails
Do you think simple polish covering is boring? No way! Just look at this amazingly done manicure and change your mind. Even one color can impress you, all you need is just use more than one layer of polish, and you are ready to shine!
Simple green nail design for prom
Neat edges, smooth Shellac polish surface, and gold flakes will make your prom party! One dark color would be not so interesting to look at if there were no accent on brightness and sparkling.
Dark green and gold sparkles prom nail design
Every lady would be jealous if you have such an extraordinary mixture of colors and shades. At first, it seems a bit dark with dark green magnetic nails. Although adding some super colorful designs make the manicure astonishing.
Magnetic indigo prom nails
Black color as the main one is a good idea especially when you can diversify it with yellow color on ring fingers and add some lace patterns in the shape of flowers, for example.
Black and yellow lace nail art design for prom
Coral color has become the main trend in nail art recently. That is why don’t be afraid of experimenting even if coral is not the color of your poem outfit. Desiring to look perfectly, add light and shine to your mani with the help of gold glitter polish.
Coral and gold nail design for a prom night
If you have time to spend getting your manicure done, just do it! You can’t ignore such an extravagant nail design which requires black base with a topcoat and chrome powder that will give a different effect all the time!
Bling chrome mirror prom nails
Having a party in Hawaii style? This manicure will be outstanding thanks to such a neat work that includes rhinestones decorations, color gradient, and amazing Hawaiian decals.
Sea motive for prom nails
What do you think about flowers? They can become a real decoration for your manicure if you choose the pink color as a base. They look elegant and are on point at any prom night.
Pink and white rose prom nails
This design is totally worth spending hours at the salon! Such bright and saturated colors, neat line work and intricate embellishments won’t leave indifferent anybody on the dance floor!
Aztec patterns for prom nails