Quarter Sleeve Tattoos Designs

Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Meanings

As a rule, every single image, as well as combinations of them in a tattoo, carries a hidden meaning. Those, who decide to apply the quarter sleeve tattoo, are striving to get the trendiest pattern. There are several types of tattoos that tirelessly occupy the highest positions in the rating of popularity:

  • The tenderness, pride, romanticism, femininity, unity, memory is brightly represented by flower or plant tattoos (rose, cherry blossom, peony, lily, poppy). They look very attractive and catching because of the variation of colors.
  • The idea of protection and virility is associated with tribal ornaments (Polynesian, Celtic, Scandinavian). They are depicted in the form of black, abstract compositions. They are the powerful amulets from evil forces, which can even lure money.
  • Through the images of animals and birds, the owner can emphasize the traits of character. Thus, men choose strong, sometimes aggressive sketches of lion, wolf, tiger, while women can choose more tender variants like a fox, elephant or cat.
  • Power, courage, strength, energy are typical features of Japanese tattoos, where the biggest popularity belongs to Koi carp and dragons.
  • Abstract and geometric elements – their concision and simplicity strike tattoo fans. Their sensuality, the ability to express a mood through the drawing without specific images, only by using ink, is appreciated.
  • Chaos, danger, power, the unity of opposites and transience of life are main meanings of skull image, which has varied interpretations (with flowers, skull of animals, etc.)

Quarter Sleeve Tattoos Designs

The quarter sleeve tattoos can be performed both in color (in most cases), and be black and white. The black and white tattoo, as well as its colored alternative, looks effectively in various styles:

  • Blackwork;
  • Dotwork;
  • Minimalistic;
  • Classic;
  • Realistic;
  • Sketch style;
  • Newschool;
  • Watercolor.

The tattoos of Eastern cultures and methodology represent the peculiarities and famous images of different nations:

  • Asian;
  • Buddhism religion;
  • Chinese culture;
  • Hindu;
  • Norse mythology;

Men prefer images that emphasize their strength and masculinity. The tattoo in trash polka, biomechanical or military designs suit well for this purpose. However, thewoman’s portrait with embroidery or beautiful mermaid, space can be found as well.

The women pay a lot of attention to the visual beauty of the image but not always to its hidden meaning and symbolism. Therefore, the girls ink the tattoos of stars, butterfliesor mandala.

Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

The spectacular 1/4 sleeve tattoo for women in classic style

This quarter sleeve tattoo with deer skull among lovely flowers embodies death and life. The perfect red coloring is got with the use of fusion ink.
The cosmic abstract three quarter sleeve tattoo.

The space theme is taken for this incredible tattoo. The different abstract elements in unexpected shapes, including eye and Earth, are combined.

The awesome bird quarter sleeve tattoo with geometric elements.

This owl tattoo is really outstanding – the blurry shades of blue and brown fascinate. But what makes it so special is the use of geometric figures.
The best quarter sleeve tattoo.

There is no the verge of reality in this uncommon work, just some unrelated images of plants, scaring female portrait compound this amazing puzzle.
The gray minimalistic female quarter sleeve tattoo.

This surprising tattoo consists of a gray long-eared bat hanging from a human rib cage, which in its turn, is overgrown with anemones, lavender and ranunculus blooms.
The realistic flower quarter sleeve tattoo for women.

The cute roses and butterflies create tender, girlish tattoo. The small portraits of the family under the elbow confirms the uniqueness of this ornament.
The Japanese quarter sleeve tattoo of Koi for men.

The tattoo with Koi is a good talisman for purposeful, independent men.  Here the carp is inked in rather soft gray tint in the raging dark waves.
The ladies' cherry blossom quarter tattoo on the sleeve.

The gentle cherry blossom tattoo on your sleeve adds charm to the image. The pink florets like a breath of fresh air will associate you with spring.
The men's quarter sleeve tattoo in dotwork style.

The mandala finds a cool interpretation in this black male tattoo. The marvelous ornaments carry sacral meaning, protecting its owner.
The bear skull in minimalistic partial sleeve tattoo.

If you are a fan of the minimalistic design, this grizzly bear skull overgrown with wild poppies and a monarch butterfly’s life cycle will appeal you.
The black and white quarter arm sleeve tattoo in Asian style.

This black demon in Asian style looks quite aggressive. The men like such dark characters, which help to create more courageous and brutal appearance.
The fascinating quarter sleeve tattoo idea for men.

This gothic inspired piece of tattooing aims at showing how marvelous it can be. The intriguing images of varied shapes and forms should not be neglected.
The dark minimalistic quarter sleeve tattoo for girls.

The view of the French Alps is breathtaking even in the form of a tattoo. The enormous mountain with geometric element produces the feeling of intangibility.
The quarter sleeve tattoo of Buddhism religion.

Buddha is one of the pillars of Eastern philosophy. Being religious symbol, this gorgeous tattoo must be taken by people with pure thoughts.
The shoulder quarter sleeve tattoo in a military theme.

This picturesque piece of ink with helicopter and soldiers will be close to those, who were in the army. This pattern is for real man!
The sketch technique for three quarter sleeve tattoo.

The slight negligence, chaotic lines, lack of colorings and a woman’s sketch turn into an exciting tattoo. It resembles a draft – so spontaneous and creative picture.
The tribal quarter sleeve tattoo.

Here the ocean themed tribal design is used to depict such wonderful tattoo on the sleeve. The water effect at the bottom perfectly decorates the man’s bicep!
The women's quarter sleeve tattoo in black dotwork.

This tattoo includes a strange geometric element in the center of the terrific ornament. Looking at this pattern for a long time, you may notice some hypnotic effect.
The men's pattern of embroidery on the quarter sleeve tattoo.

Does embroidery design suit tattoo art? Definitely, yes! Take as an example, this beautiful black and white girl’s portrait with bright decoration.
The Norse mythology inspired shoulder and quarter sleeve tattoo.

The huge black and gray pattern illustrates an unbelievable ornament of Valkyrie. This mythological warrior personifies such qualities as wisdom, nobility honor and justice.
The female colorless peony tattoo on the quarter sleeve.

Peony is an astonishing flower, which symbolizes happiness, wealth, youth and luck. You can get this pretty composition, using soft lines, without any colors.
The idea of gray quarter sleeve tattoo for girls.

The wolf among flowers is an ideal female option. In this case, the black and gray tattoo of the wild animal denotes devotion, loyalty and caring.
The romantic quarter sleeve tattoo with a flower.

The “placer” of peonies looks adorable on woman’s body. This refined tattoo covers the quarter sleeve with the breast that can not be overlooked by men.
The natural elements in women's watercolor quarter arm tattoo.

The beauty of nature is incomparable, especially when it is a part of modern, quarter sleeve tattoo. The watercolor design brings needed naturalness and freshness.
The mandala quarter sleeve tattoo in dotwork style for men.

The mandala represents a complicated union of patterns and geometric elements. This famous and meaningful sign embodies integrity of the whole world and serves as an amulet.

The quarter sleeve tattoo idea with abstract lines.

The simple but so bright idea of tattooing is depicted along the sleeve. The red and blue lines create an unforgettable abstract scheme for imaginative clients.
The deer skull and night motives in quarter sleeve tattoo.

The deer skull image is a super framework, where an astonishing drawing is portrayed. The howling deer at night may symbolize the loneliness or loss.
The girls' sketch of elephant tattoo.

This tattoo of an elephant is impressive! It seems that a real animal steps on your quarter sleeve. Besides, it brings fertility,  longevity and harmony.
The fantastic two-colour quarter sleeve tattoo.

The girls’ portraits are favorite men’s theme in tattoo art. This pattern illustrates an astounding, aggressive female image with an enormous red feather.
The simple male quarter sleeve tattoo with geometric details.

This colorful pattern is rich in elements, typical for science. It is impossible to understand the work at once. Thus, you will come again to unravel this painting.
The male quarter sleeve tattoo with space.

The fabulous space tattoo is done for dreamers. The purple, blue, black paints are combined in a wonderful mix. The most striking point is, of course, cassette.
The partial quarter arm sleeve tattoo with flower idea for women.

This charming bouquet with a great number of flowers is a good alternative for women, who desire to get a gentle but not very big composition.
The Chinese men's three-quarter sleeve tattoo.

The image of beautiful geisha can evoke the strong interest among men. They choose such  Chinese tattoo to stress on women’s obedience and strength of mind.
The female Hindu quarter sleeve tattoo with dotwork technique.

Ganesh – the popular Hindu god of prosperity and well-being. This creature with the human body and elephant’s head will lead its wearer to the true path.
The dotwork rose in simplistic quarter sleeve tattoo.

If the standard rose tattoo is quite boring for you, try this interesting variant with the spider and its web. This unusual floral drawing is superb!
The mermaid quarter sleeve tattoo for men in newschool style.

The tempting picture with a gorgeous mermaid is a nice tattoo idea for confident men! The newschool technique provides a startling image with incredible shades of blue.
The abstract male quarter sleeve tattoo.

The mysterious dark girl’s image is complicated with abstract, colorful touches of paints. This game of contrasts makes the basis for this philosophical work.
The rough black quarter sleeve tattoo for girls.

You definitely do not expect to see such a frightful tattoo on a tender girl. The aggressive werewolf together with a skull are combined in a cool union!
The ladies' geometric quarter sleeve tattoo.

The abstraction is a key point in this amusing ink. It presents a scheme, performed in black and white coloring with some colored smears.
The amazing detailed male quarter sleeve tattoo.

The massive tree in the human form nicely points to the fact that nature is alive and we all are part of it. The tree itself symbolizes life and development.
The abstract skull quarter arm tattoo with geometric elements.

The skull is an ordinary tattoo for modern guys, but this tattoo with geometric options is special. The green mohawk, beard and sunglasses introduce the innovative point!
The female lilies idea on the quarter sleeve tattoo.

The pattern of lilies never loses popularity among women. Their tenderness, purity and greatness are fully represented in this black and white tattoo.
The three quarter sleeve tattoo in a watercolor style.

Here the red and black flowers are performed in watercolor design. It looks careless to a certain degree, but it gives a particular emphasis and shows creativity.
The light sea theme in quarter sleeve tattoo for women.

This sailboat on the expanse of the sea is performed in the softest blue shades. The girls apply such tattoo as a symbol of their dreaminess and romanticism.
The sketch style of quarter sleeve tattoos.

The chaotic circles with flowing black and red paint and a lot of numbers create a surprising sketch-tattoo on the quarter sleeve. Are you ready for this madness?
The bright male quarter sleeve tattoo of poppies.

The color of this poppy tattoo completely amazes! Being a symbol of death and infinite oblivion, this red flower in the black background illustrates an awesome picture.