Cute Outfits for Rainy Days

It can definitely be hard to pick up the right outfit for a rainy day because you need to deal with lots of things: from what type of fabric to choose for your clothes and footwear to how to stay dry yet stylish. But it’s easier than most people think. So if you are wondering of how to navigate the rainy weather in style, then just remember few tips:

  • Carefully choose the materials you wear in a cloudy weather. The perfect choice is a rubber or protectant-treated leather for your shoes and handbags. Avoid using suede and leather that hasn’t been treated with a protectant.
  • Pick up the clothes that will prevent you from getting wet. A classic trench coat and rain boots will come in handy for that purpose.
  • Layer: the cargo jackets, sweaters, shirts, jeans, vests, sweatshirts, blouses…all this will work well and definitely, will keep you warm through these chilly and wet days.
  • Use vivid accessories: snazzy hats, beanies, scarfs and of course, cute umbrella.
  • Choose cheerful colors that will brighten up even the grayest and rainiest days.

What to Wear on a Rainy Day

Go classic with a long beige cashmere coat, worn atop of black and white ensemble. Add heeled black ankle boots and unusual transparent with black stripe umbrella.

On drizzling days, opt for a cozy and comfortable set of black leather jacket, knitted sweater, checked shirt and jeans. Add a pair of laced shoes and a cute umbrella that will protect you from the drops of rain.
Wear a crispy white shirt with skinny black jeans, warm black turtleneck and leather jacket for a look that’s both edgy and girly. Add heeled ankle boots and little leather purse to end the look.

Top this smart outfit (of a black blouse and plain jeans) off with gorgeous animal printed trench coat that covers most of your outfit to protect it from the rain. Complete the look with a pair of heeled deep blue ankle boots.

For casual street look, slip into a pair of cozy sneakers and combine them with a warm light gray sweater and ripped skinny jeans. Add a brimmed black hat and stylish purse to finish the look.

This skinny ripped jeans, funny T-shirt and warm hooded jacket will be just fine if the rain picks up. But you can always put the jacket off when the clouds run dry! Team up this look with black leather ankle boots.
Whether you prefer casual skinny jeans or dressed up skirt, try to add some bright colors your look with this cool yellow sweatshirt. Combine it with black baseball and lace ankle boots for swag rainy day outfit.

For an extraordinary alternative to traditional knee-high rain boots, reach for elegant Korean shoes. They look awesome with a blue and black ensemble of Korean fashion dress and trench coat.
Keep it cool and work appropriately with a pair of skinny ripped jeans and crispy white turtleneck. Add a warm long black coat and ankle boots that are both rain- and office-friendly.

Add a stylish black leather moto-jacket to the combo of plain skinny jeans and cute pink T-shirt and you’re totally set for rainy spring days. Finish the look with a pair of laced boots and trendy sunglasses.

For a more casual option, choose this amazing burgundy ensemble. The jeans jumpsuit skirt and turtleneck T-shirt do just fine. Complete the look with a cute backpack, loafers, and sunglasses.
Keep it simple with skinny jeans and warm hooded trench coat. Pair it with leather shoes that add a bit of style to your weekend rainy day uniform.

As summer turns into fall, make sure you have a long warm coat that will protect you from the wind and rain but keep you stylish at the same time.

A classic long gray cashmere coat, black trousers and warm pullover worn atop of a white shirt are a great option for rainy days. Complete this look with flat ankle boots, gloves, and big leather bag for a smart cold rainy day outfit.

This total black ensemble of classic black trousers, black turtleneck and jacket are just the things to make you stylish and warm even in the dreariest rainy day.

A cashmere coat is a classic & essential piece that’s perfect for all occasions and especially rainy days. Just pair it with a pair of nice black leather ankle boots.
When it rains in the autumn, you can get away with ankle boots paired with jeans, crispy white shirt, and maroon leather jacket. This look becomes more interesting teamed up with sunnies and cool purse.

Do you like the fashion of the 80s? Then go for a combination of gray knitted sweater, tight black pants and a pair of comfortable sneakers. Paired with a red leather jacket, the overall look is functional and cute at the same time.
Putting on a cozy long pale pink dress isn’t just an easy way to dress up but it’s also a great idea for rainy days. Combine it with a pair of sneakers for a simple girly rainy day look.

For those of you, who love classic combinations, try this black and red set of plane pants, hooded sweatshirt, and leather jacket. Pair it with a pair of heeled ankle boots and voila!

You can keep your rainy day outfit simply by pairing warm coat with sports pants, and bright ankle boots of your choice. This outfit would be perfect for a day when it’s really cold.

If you like to stand out of the crowd then make a note of this neo style photo shoot idea for the rainy day. Simple, warm and really unusual.
Here’s a very simple, yet pretty rainy day outfit that you could throw on in seconds and wear on a rainy summer day. The classic red trousers look perfectly with a dressy shirt and heeled shoes. And don’t forget to take an umbrella.
Layering a nice burgundy turtleneck under a 3/4 long-sleeved coat will add dimension to your outfit as well as keep you dry. Complete the look with a purse, belt, sunnies and big black umbrella.

If pink’s not your thing, you could always wear an oversized gray coat and big black scarf for a simple fall rainy day look. Add black socks, shoes and a simple umbrella and you’re set!
Layering is the key for a smart rainy day look. Put on a plane light blue jeans and combine it with light knitted sweater, cotton tunic, and noble gray cashmere coat. Laconic and chick.
When it comes to cold and rainy days, the trick is to layer, layer and layer. Combine shirts, sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts and scarfs with a pair of jeans or pants to design your own rainy day style.

If it’s quite cold and wet outside, then try this combo of a milky white knitted sweater and blue jeans to make cute and comfortable autumn look. Complete the outfit with matching purse, cozy boots, and a good umbrella.

The key to successfully navigating this changeable spring weather is investing in light pieces that can easily be combined and layered. So try this mix of a classic checked jacket, beige trousers, and hooded pink sweatshirt.

This hooded long-sleeved dress looks super extraordinary and stylish with a pair of classic pumps (not the best footwear for a rainy day, but some days just require them) and beautiful purse.
Wondering what to wear on your kids on a cloudy day? Combine warm sweatshirts, skirts, jackets, sweaters, etc. If you think that it won’t be enough then you can add tights, scarfs, and hats for extra warming.

The rainy day outfits not only can help you to get through the cold day but also can be so cute! You just need to add some cool elements to your ensemble.

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