Meaningful Roman Numeral Tattoos

Going deeply into the history of Roman Empire the numbers that we habitually call Roman numerals are commonly used in the numbering of book chapters, timepieces, parts of film sequels etc. This ancient letters-alike numerical system has become adopted in tattoo art due to many reasons among which are its mysterious and catchy look, elegance and simplicity. Every person is somehow connected to some numbers and dates. Therefore, getting inked with a Roman numeral tattoo is a nice way to celebrate, to memorize or to indicate a special event in your life which is important or meaningful.

Roman Numeral Tattoos Symbolism and Meanings

As to symbolism, it’s hard to single out some specific meanings of Roman numerals because they commonly hold personal significances to each tattoo bearer. We can only give you some tips on what dates and numbers you may like to depict on your body.

  • Your birthday or the birthday of your parents/ friend/boyfriend/girlfriend etc.
  • Anniversary date
  • The death date of your beloved one
  • Wedding date
  • Any dates that are significant to you

For those of you who find numerology and astrology interesting, we’ve rounded up some of the fascinating meanings of Roman numerals and what celestial bodies associated with them:

  1. I – stands for independence and leadership; the Sun
  2. II –peace, love and sensitivity; the Moon
  3. III – creativity, inspiration and optimism; Jupiter
  4. IV – pragmatism, stability and strength; Saturn
  5. V – energy, freedom, openness; Mercury
  6. VI – sympathy, lovability and compassion; Venus
  7. VII – luck, intelligence, wisdom and intuition; Uranus
  8. VIII – balance between material and spiritual, the number of success and infinity; Mars
  9. IX – humanism, love and sophistication; Neptune

Roman Numeral Tattoos Design Ideas

You can ink Roman numeral tattoo as a separate piece and with some complementing images as well. Here are some of the most common designs that go together with numbers:

  • Clock
  • Flowers
  • Animals
  • Celestial bodies
  • Quotes, Bible verses, Names of people
  • Ships, boats
  • Geometric figures
  • Feathers and Birds
  • Monograms
  • Arabic numbers
  • Star signs
  • Infinity symbol, words ‘Always’ and ‘Forever’
  • Beads, bracelets

If you know what Roman numeral you want to get inked with, think of the tattoo font for it. Apart from the classic ancient Roman tattoo fonts, there is a dime a dozen of other fonts to satisfy any desire. After the font has been chosen, decide where to place your Roman numeral ink and the spot depends actually on the size and your preference. As for the tattoo style, here you have a few options:

  • Linework
  • Lettering, Script styles;
  • Dotwork
  • Geometric
  • Realism, Traditional, Old School (if your tatt goes with the image)

For more ideas and inspiration, take a look at some incredible Roman numeral tattoos that we found for you.
Let’s be honest, that we are rather used to Arabic numbers than to Roman. However, in this tattoo, the clean letters that are forming Roman numeral for 26th of May 1989 look more eye-catching!

Fine 1989 Roman Numeral Tattoo Idea for Men
A spine is one of those body spots that are perfect to get inked with a Roman numeral tattoo especially if you place the numbers vertically.

Elegant 1993 in Roman Numerals Back Tattoo for Girls
Instead of the classic bold black color of numerals, try leaving some white spaces so that the Roman numeral tattoo would look more voluminous.

Voluminous 1995 Roman Numerals Collarbone Tattoo for Men
This small, simple Roman numeral tattoo looks feminine and innovative as well. This girl decided to ink the year on the one leg and the day and month on the other.

Interesting 1996 in Roman Numerals Tattoo on the Left and Right Legs
You may ask yourself: “What does that Roman numeral tattoo mean?” but the answer is more than simple. It’s the year 1996, probably the birth year of the tattoo bearer. Looks cool, ha?

Cool 1996 Roman Numeral Tattoo

If you want to depict some important date or dates, the month commonly goes first, but not necessarily. Here we can see two dates – April 23, 1932, and March 19, 1998 – the years of the life of a loved person who passed away.

Memorial Tattoo with 1932-1998 in Roman Numerals
This slightly chaotic Roman numerals tattoo, inspired by the font commonly used in comic books, stands for the 1998 year and finds its place on the forearm.

Fun 1998 Roman Numeral Tattoo on Arm
Some solid black simple lines that are stretching the arm elegantly complement the tattoo with someone’s name and the Roman numeral date tattoo.

Amazing Roman Numeral Tattoo for Guys with Fine Lines
The tattoo master’s clean job made this alluring Roman numeral rib tattoo possible. Nice option for the very first tattoo but be careful, this one is the mirror image, so you have to count from right to left.

Sexy Back Roman Numerals Tattoo Going to Body Side
Let us assume that this charming Roman numeral inner arm tattoo with a touching lettering ‘Our Love Our Life’ is dedicated to some important date, probably, the day when this person met his true love.

One of the Best Roman Numeral Tattoo on Inner Forearm

Tattoos especially those done in solid black ink require the touching up a few years down the road. Nevertheless, in the long run, such meaningful Roman numeral tattoos will never be out of fashion and will look sexy.

Touched up Roman Numeral Tattoos of Birthday Dates
This cute ancient Roman script inner arm tattoo presents these numbers 7.4.67 on the bicep. It’s quite painful to get though.

Classy Black Inner Arm Roman Numerals Tattoo Design
This terrific black and gray piece shows a pocket watch with clockwork images and some Roman numerals falling apart from the clock. Altogether, it may symbolize the transience of life and remind to live it fully.

Classic Style Roman Numeral Clock Tattoo
To avoid simplicity in a tattoo image, try inking some complementing details to your date tattoo. For instance, this nice and clean Traditional rose with a banner.

Traditional Classic Style Roman Numerals on a Rose
If you are wondering about the best placement of Roman numeral tattoo, that would be a collar bone. As a proof of our words, take a look at this gorgeous Roman numeral collar bone tattoo performed in cursive font.

Gorgeous Roman Numeral Collar Bone Tattoos for Girls in Cursive Font
The full-ragged ship with music notes and Roman numerals indicating pieces of time on a clock create some insanely cool-looking colorful abstract tattoo.

Astonishing Colorful Abstract Roman Numerals Tattoo for Boys
No matter how sophisticatedly the Roman numerals look, it’s more convenient for a modern person to read Arabic numerals. Still, the combination of these two numeric systems creates some truly wonderful birthday inner arm tattoo.

Super Cool Roman Numeral Tattoo Design with Arabic Numerals
A cursive font is a pretty cool idea for depicting a small Roman numeral on your body. Unlike more familiar printed font of Latin letters that serve as numbers, these have a softer design.

Fine Cursive Roman Numerals Tattoo Design
This intricate inner arm tattoo design consisting of triangles, circles and cursors that are complemented by the Roman numeral looks stunningly!

Creative Roman Numeral Tattoo in Minimalism Style with Geometric Elements
We can only guess what the Roman number XII means to the bearer. Aside from the meaning, this Linework wolf head tattoo with some Geometric figures that outline it look flawlessly.

Matchless and Creative Roman Numeral 12 Tattoo Under the Wolf Head
Many people see feathers as some kind of messages from loved ones who passed away. Considering this meaning, a small memorial Roman numeral in a feather tattoo on the ribs is a real special piece.

Significant Cursive Roman Numeral Tattoo on a Black Feather
Despite the obvious importance of this small feminine Roman numeral tattoo to its wearer, it looks very attractive visually since it is placed on the ribs.

Sexy Female Roman Numeral Tattoo on Ribs
People may choose numeral tattoos for different reasons. It may be the lucky number, the wedding date, the date of your or someone’s birthday or any other significant event in life. Whatever it is, you can be sure that this exact date or number will look flawlessly in Roman numerals.

Refined Female Roman Numerals Tattoo on the Belly
No wonder that nowadays many people choose to get tattooed with their wedding anniversary dates. We think it’s romantic to wear the tattoo with the date you made a commitment to love and take care of your soul mate.

Romantic Feminine Roman Numeral Tattoo
It’s believed that you can only get tattoos that mean something to you. What can mean more than a birth date of your loved one or one of your parents? Anyways, you can visually embody any meaningful date in a nice Roman numeral tattoo.

Fine 1974 Roman Numerals Tattoo on Foot
When it comes to a sexy tattoo, nothing can beat the tattoo on the ribs. This one consisting of fine, thin lines of the waning crescent Moon accompanied by Roman numerals is a great example.

Some Great Roman Numerals Tattoos Complementing the Moon
This nice black and gray Dotwork Roman numeral with roses arm tattoo is probably inked to immortalize the birth date 23 August 1917 of one of the grandparents. We especially like that cool image graininess.

The Ideal Rose Sleeve with Roman Numeral Tattoo for Girls
The coolest thing about tattooing Roman numerals is the mystery they add to your look. For instance, these delicate ultrathin lines that form the beauteous Roman numerals for 8-2-4-2 leave the question of meaning opened.

The sophisticated Image of Roman Numeral Tattoo in Traditional Font
You may ask yourself: “Why do people wear all those dates on their bodies?” If the date is too important to you, the tattoo depicting this exact date will bring all the memories back every time you look at it.

Some Important Dates in Roman Numerals for Girls
If you are not ready for real permanent tattoos, henna tattoos will come in handy. You may like to wear your wedding date in Roman numerals with words ‘forever’ and ‘always’ in henna first before getting it inked permanently.

Astonishing Henna Tattoos with Important Date for Couples
This simply outlined sleeve tattoo embodies an idea of a hare jumping through time surrounded by waves, mountains and pine branches on the inner bicep. Roman numerals indicating time slots on the clock look just perfect!

Truly Impressive Sleeve Roman Numerals Tattoos in Black
If you simply like the design of Roman numerals, stop seeking for the deeper meaning behind the tattoo you want to get inked with. If you want, just go for it!

Incredible Thin Roman Numeral Spine Tattoo
Here’s an interesting take on feather infinity symbol with birds majestically flying out of it, the word ‘strength’ and a Roman numeral indicating the date. Looks neat!

Magnificent Infinity Feather Tattoo with Roman Numerals
Once you got a tattoo, it would be hard to stop. The Roman numeral ink can be the very first of many and obviously favorite. All you need is to think of a number or a date that means the world to you and convert it into classy Roman numerals.

Intriguing Roman Numeral Inner Arm Tattoo
If you think that only women are sentimental about dates, you can’t be more wrong. Men pay attention to some significant dates as well. These clean Roman numerals can be a beauteous adornment and remind of some important date to you.

Fantastic Long Roman Numeral Forearm Tattoo
There are days that you just cannot forget. With some fine lines of an inspirational black Roman numeral tattoo, an important date will always stay with you.

Eye-catching Long Roman Numerals Male Tattoo on Shoulder
If you love someone to the Moon and back and you want to feel some special connection with this person, consider tattooing this person’s birth date or the date you met him/her in Roman numerals. Guess that this dope IV XXV MCMLXXXVII calf tattoo is exactly what we said before.

Unusual Roman Numeral Male Tattoo Idea on Leg
Did you know that the beauty hides in details? The tiny Linework tattoo with Roman Numeral X that is AV monogram as well is the best proof of our previous words.

Original Minimalistic Roman Numeral 10 for AV Tattoo Design
You may celebrate Mother’s or Father’s days with the nice parents’ birth dates in Roman numerals as these you can see on both wrists. We particularly adore this fantastic font for the lettering of words ‘Mama’ and ‘Tate’.

Thought-provoking Mom and Dad's Dates in Roman Numerals Wrist Tattoos
Due to this tattoo bearer, he had this tattoo inked in memory of his beloved grandpa who had just passed away. Now we can see that even the smallest and simplest tattoos can be special and truly significant.

Ordinary yet meaningful Roman Numerals Tattoo on Neck for Men
This circular arm piece consists of super clean lines performed in a classic font. It is simple, unique and evidently meaningful, in a word, these are the features any cool Roman numeral tattoo requires.

Impressive Original Ring-shaped formed Roman Numerals Tattoo
Having inked a Roman numeral tattoo is a great way to perpetuate the date that will always hold real value to you. This one is a simply beautiful Roman numeral tattoo with lettering placed on the arm.

The Perfect Roman Numerals Male Tattoo Idea
Do you have a quote that defines you and shows your attitudes toward life? This person does. The lettering ‘Dain is physical; suffering is mental’ in combination with the Roman numeral for a birth date tattoo obviously means a lot to the bearer.

Some Pretty Roman Numeral Tattoo with Moral Quote
As far as we know the Roman numeral IVI is invalid. There’s no way I can be placed before and after V. So be careful while converting the dates.  When I goes before V it shows one less than five – four, when it goes after – five plus one, so, it’s six. Thirteen on the other arm is correct though.

Lucky Roman Numeral 13 Tattoo on the Left Forearm
These delightful, clean thin lines that form a Roman numeral for 25 need a constant touching up but totally worth it.

Barely seen Roman Numeral 25 Tattoo on Finger for Women
Getting inked with a Roman numeral XX tattoo is a nice way to celebrate your 20-th birthday or whatever anniversary date it refers to.

Festive Roman Numeral 20 Tattoo on the Forearm
Or you may celebrate your 25th birthday with this awesome Linework Roman numerals XXV tattoo on the back of your arm.

Celebratory Roman Numeral 25 Tattoo Near the Elbow
This simple and tastefully inked Roman numeral III tattoo on the ribs is supposed to mean something important to the bearer. Among the whole variety of number three meanings, there are some general ones like the number of good fortune, Trinity and harmony.

Significant Roman Numeral 3 Tattoo on the ribs
Be careful with finger inks, because they are not welcomed with warmth by all of the employers. Anyway, if it’s not a problem for your career, a solid black Roman numeral V on a thumb will make everybody curious about your tatt.

Gorgeous Roman Numeral 5 Tattoo on Finger for Girls
The boldness of this Roman numeral VII ensures the attention from the passersby. The thing that you are the only person who knows the meaning of this small yet elegant tattoo makes it interesting.

Catchy Roman Numeral 7 Tattoo on the forearm
If tattooing a single date seems boring to you, take this refined bracelet with Roman numerals tattoo idea into account. Looks neat!

Splendid Roman Numeral Anniversary Tattoo in Bracelet Form
How do feel about tattooing all of your family members’ dates of birth so that they can always be with you? The fact that people almost don’t use Roman numeral in everyday life makes this upper shoulder tattoo special!

Special Roman Numeral Birth date Tattoos of All the Family Members
This fantastically clean fresh piece with Roman numerals on a slight curve line complements the name tattoo above that was done earlier. Nice way to show your love and devotion in a tattoo form.

Dope Roman Numeral Chest Tattoo for Men
While everything is more or less clearly with the dates, a single Roman numeral tattoo has a touch of mystery about its significance. This Roman numeral XI (11) foot tattoo might be the owner’s lucky number, who knows.

Enigmatical Roman Numeral Foot Tattoo
There’s something cool and mysterious in monograms. For instance, take a look at these matched tattoos with Roman numerals 10 that are AV type monograms at the same time.

Couple Roman Numeral – Monogram Arm and Neck Tattoos for Men and Women
Can’t say for everybody’s opinion but as for me, Linework is one of the best tattoo styles to depict flowers. If you have doubts, take a look at this super fine Linework piece with roses and Roman numerals indicating a birth date.

Flawless Roman Numeral Sleeve Tattoo with Black Flowers
Provided you have a scar; you can cover up it with some meaningful and stylish tattoo. This is the exact role of the huge black Arabic number 3 and roman numerals below.

Cover-up of the scar with Roman Numeral Styles Tattoo
If you have somebody who means more than the whole world to you, you can get inked with his/her date of birth to show your love to this person.

Delicate Roman Numeral Tattoo on Arm
Salinger’s words: “Just because somebody’s dead, you don’t just stop liking them…” are the first that spring my mind when I look at this touching tattoo with imprinted years of life of the beloved person.

Commemorative Roman Numeral Tattoo on Shoulder Among Other Styles' Tattoos
The wrist tattoo with Roman numerals for a bible verse point out on words front h holy writing that really have power and can fill your life the life with clarity.

Phenomenal Roman Numeral Tattoo on Wrist
This enchanting tattoo depicting the king of all animals in two tattoo styles Geometric and Realism has its fine complement, the Roman numeral XI (11) performed in a creative way.

Mind-blowing Roman Numeral in Creative Font with the Lion Head Tattoo for Men
Some people may say that it’s cheesy, but we believe that a tattoo with a star sign, Leo in this case, can say a lot about the personality. If you want your star sign tattoo to be even more informative, consider inking your birth date in Roman numerals.

Stylish Roman Numeral Tattoo with a star sign on the Inner Bicep for Women
There’s nothing permanent in this world and we know that. But if you want the memory about your close person who passed away to keep living, the tattoo with Roman numerals indicating years of life can be an option.

Inspirational Roman Numerals for years of life with String of Beads Tattoo on Body Side
The Roman numeric system was created from Latin alphabet, therefore, sometimes it can be hard to tell the name or word from the number. Here we see an interesting combination of the girl’s name and her birth date merged into one forearm tattoo.

Fascinating Roman Numerals Tattoo with the Name of Beloved
This Roman numeral collar bone tattoo is nicely complemented by the realistic rose that finds its place on the shoulder. As a symbol of love, the rose is probably dedicated to a close person whose date of birth is tattooed next to in Roman numerals.

Sweet Roman Numerals Shoulder Tattoo for Girls
Here’s another individual take on the Roman numeral tattoo along the spine line. Its’s a huge obviously significant piece indicates the date 12/5/2016.

Fantastic Simple Roman Numeral Back Tattoo
If you are 9 in Numerology, it means that you are full of love, humanism and sophistication. IX is the Roman numeral for Arabic 9 and it’s inked on the ring finger as an indicator of the personality.

Small Meaningful Roman Numeral of 9 Finger Tattoo
If you don’t like to go with a flow, you may get interested in inking the Roman numeral that is slightly slouchy and uneven as if it was scrawled on the wall.

Nice Small Slouchy Roman Numeral Tattoo on Arm for Ladies
This dramatic black Roman numeral III that corresponds Arabic number 3 is so eye-catching! Referring to the Trinity, this number may give divine guidance and protection.

Stunning solid black Roman Numeral Three Tattoo
If you look from afar, this fine Linework Roman numeral tattoo reminds a barcode. You might have noticed that the inner arm is by far the most popular body spot to be inked.

Cool Roman Numeral Fine with Thin Lines Tattoo Idea
A family is by far the most important thing in every person’s life. Thus, if you want to celebrate the birthdays of your children, getting inked with those dates they were born on is undoubtedly a good idea.

Touching Three children’s birth dates Tattoos in Roman Numerals on One Arm
The Roman numerals for the 1997 year on the inner part of arm look truly wonderful considering the simple yet delicate font and small size of the ink.

Cute Tiny 1997 Roman Numerals Tattoo for Women
Consider inking two matching tattoos to celebrate your wedding day on the ring fingers instead of real wedding rings. Personally, it’s so romantic!

Tiny Romantic Roman Numeral Ring Tattoos for Couples
These two simple yet cute tattoos depicting a Roman numeral II and a pine tree are tattooed in stick and poke technique. DIY tattoos actually.

Simple Tiny Unisex Roman Numeral 2 Tattoo
This huge Roman numeral for 9.7.90 that probably indicates the birth date finds its place on the back of the arm and looks fantastic thanks to the clean bold black lines.

The Unusual Font of Vertical Roman Numeral Arm Tattoo