21 Rosary Tattoos Making You Believe in Skin Art

The rosary is a means of addressing the God by methodic praying, it’s a good helper for a concentration. The prayer beads are used generally by all Christians, but the specific significance it has for the Catholic believers. If you see someone with a rosary tattoo, have no doubt they are passionate believers and have strong protection against the Evil.

Rosary Beads Tattoo Meanings

Generally, a rosary is inked to remind Christ’s anguish, his and St. Mary the Virgin’s lives. It’s a sign of ardent and loyal belief in God, a measurement of a person’s love to Him. But, according to the placement, such a tattoo can get different shades of meanings:

  • Loyal faith- putting your rosary tatt on your hand, wrist, or forearm characterizes you as a devoted believer. Popular are the tattoos with the beads winded several times around the wrist with a cross falling down the hand or a rosary scattered all over the forearm.
  • Luck in traveling- if you don’t like staying at the same place for long, ink your leg or foot with a rosary, this will be a powerful amulet while journeys.
  • Heart protection- carving your chest with the prayer beads can be a good idea if you want to protect your heart in a straight and figurative senses.

The Rosary Tattoo Symbols

A classical rosary consists of 55 beads and a crucifix at the end. However, at your tattoo it can be added by:

  • Inscriptions: name, quotation, memorial date, initials, credo. If you see such a tattoo, be sure that the person dedicated his life to the words written within his rosary tattoo.
  • Other religios symbols: Mother of God, praying hands, dove, Bible, cross, angel. Such a combination symbolizes the religiosity of the tattoo wearer. It is to say that his belief is not merely empty words, but something very deep, very important in his life.
  • Flowers: Rose, Orchid, Lily. Flowers carry loads of symbols in the tattooing, and in particular in the tattoos connected with religion. For example, Lily is a floral personification of the Mother of God, and the Rose means Jesus’ blood. No wonder, these beautiful flowers serve as a perfect addition to a religios

The Placement of Rosary Tattoos

According to the traditions of wearing a rosary, the most sensible places to wear a tatt are:

  • wrist;
  • around neck.

Other places to make your tattoo meaningful:

  • chest;
  • shoulder;
  • inner forearm

So if you are thinking of a rosary tattoo, you need to be a faithful Christian and be aware what spiritual significance the picture carries.

Rosary Beads Tattoos Ideas

Valuable Loyalty Tattoo on Inner Forearm
Incrusting her cross at the end of the rosary with big blue gems, the girl probably meant to say loudly and clearly: ‘Yes, my belief is my most valuable thing in the world.’ And the ‘be kind’ phrase at the side forearm could serve as a great life credo. Getting such an ink, one needs to be a loyal child of God, beautiful in his deeds and kind in his soul.
Real Belief Tattoo on Hand
Like little spots of light cover the small beads of this unbelievable rosary tattoo, our belief lights our lives up, makes them brighter. Like the rosary casts its shadow on the wearer’s wrist, our loyalty to the Creator lives its prints on our souls, makes us closer to Him. Putting the ink on her wrist, the wearer meant to show that her prayer is always next to her.
Brave Soul Tattoo on Shoulder
Though the church isn’t delighted with the tattoo art, in the twenty- first century there are still some people who express their religios and artistic personalities through this cool human invention. This man put his great tatt with crossing and winding rosary strings on his shoulder, one of the most noticeable parts of a body, and proved he’s not afraid to stay himself in any circumstances.
Blood- Red Tattoo on FootBlood- Red Tattoo on Foot
In the Christianity, the rose is believed to be Jesus’ blood, so carving one, together with a symbol of faith, is a very meaningful message.The tatts seem to say: ‘Let your life get embraced with the Gracios Hands like these beads are let to lie softly among the graceful petals of these divine flowers.’
Ardent Prayer Tattoo on Chest and Inner ForearmArdent Prayer Tattoo on Chest and Inner Forearm
These two tattoos on the chest and the inner forearm depict the rosary’s true purpose- help while praying. The hands are clasped tight together, the beads are squeezed, carrying the memory of the prayers already said and only going to be said. Such a picture is a stunning sign of a modern person with earnest faith for the God.
Meaningful Bracelet Tattoo on Wrist
Who wants his tatt be ordinary and boring? Add the beads with letters or words important for you and get an exclusive body modifier with an exceptional meaning.
Real Life Insurance Tattoo on Chest and Side
Good Heavens! Gee! My Goodness! Gosh! See an exclamation dictionary to find out more words to express your opinion on this awesome hyperrealistic tatt on the chest and the side.
This man insured his life by encircling his heart with those little shiny beads casting their shadows on his body.
Healing Cracks Tattoo on Inner Forearm

A long rosary with tiny beads, a big beautiful medallion, and an intricate cross is twining around a big stone cracking cross. The cross might be a symbol of the wearer’s life, full of suffering and losses, but softly embraced by the Higher Power helping it stand every bitter hit of the fate.

Loyal Fellow Traveler Tattoo on Ankle
Traveling is a very exciting activity, yet quite risky and sometimes even dangeros, that’s why world explorers often think of how to make their hobby more secure. The wearer of this feminine tit found a great solution- she got a beautiful sign of faith onto her ankle. Now she can be sure of being safe wherever she goes and whatever she does.
Cordial Tattoo on ChestCordial Tattoo on Chest
Where does our faith live? Inside our chests. The place where our warmest feelings get born and carried, the place where one of the most important organs is. Yes, a chest is a stunning idea to carve a rosary tattoo on.
Thorny Tattoo on Shoulder and Half-SleeveThorny Tattoo on Shoulder and Half-Sleeve
Worshiping, divinity- these are two of numeros meanings of the rose in the tattooing. Let such a great tattoo unfold on your body, revealing the pleasant scent of true faithfulness.
Fashionista’s Delight Necklace Tattoo
Long ago, the rosary stepped beyond its purely religios context and at the moment is pleasing the eyes of thousands of fashionistas. Nevertheless, you may hardly see a Buddhist or a Muslim wear such a jewelry, so it still stands its Christian ground. So, before getting such a necklace, think carefully about what it means to you and what would it look in different circumstances.
Permanent Beautifier Bracelet TattooPermanent Beautifier Bracelet Tattoo
Got tired of losing your rosary from the wrist on and on? We have a solution- ink one winded around several times, and it will be always next to your praying hands as a symbol of the passionate faith.
Declaration of Faith Tattoo on Inner ForearmDeclaration of Faith Tattoo on Inner Forearm
Different variations of inner forearm tattoos are also available. Why not express your affection to the people you idolize by putting their names into crosses on a rosary twisting along the forearm? Or get a laconic rosary tatt worshipping the Lord.
True Christian Tattoo Around Neck
Wearing a long rosary tattoo around the neck is a sincere affirmation of being a true Christian. However, if your confessor notices it, he may scold you for acting against the church. But we all know that the religion interpretations move forward and develop according to the believers’ generations, so if you’re an obedient Christian, live according to the Commandments, love your neighbor and so on, why not permit yourself such a pleasant and harmless thing.