Satanic Tattoos with the Diverse Meanings

Satan Tattoos Meanings

They have a wide range of symbols and concept that there is no way to ignore them. The Baphomet is a popular choice among the followers of occultism. Both sexes prefer to ink the goat-headed creature mostly in traditional and realistic styles. Such design will reflect one`s self-consciousness, an interest in occultism, and a wish to stand out from the crowd. You can add any satanic symbol or some suitable citations with the image as well. Actually, Satan brings evil, temptation, and seducing human beings into the ways of sin. So, the devils, signs of black magic, fire tongues are often depicted as a representation of Satan. A pentagram inverted upside down means the rebellion or supervision of man and is known as «sigil of Baphomet». The inverted cross directly dishonors the Christ and presents an opposing force. An eye inside the pyramid personalizes Satan saying that people are divine and do not need God. The most known sign in Satanism is the raising serpent. It carries the meaning of the kundalini force. A hexagram reflects a power of darkness. The Lucifer symbol with all-seeing eye means overall control, hell and no judgment. An upside-down question means the Deity of God. A horned hand represents the recognition among those in the Occult. A she-devil has a tempting and alluring outlook as a rule. These images mean a seductive nature of the females, their interest in magic and occult. As you see there is a variety of options to impress, to stand out, and to position yourself.

Often these inks are chosen because the image is overwhelming, and not because they have a satanic meaning. In this case, Satan tattoo can be carved in a colorful design to shock the observers. Actually, Satan tattoo can also mean an internal struggle, passion, power, and unwillingness to conform.

What place should be chosen for Satan tattoo? If you are on a lookout to impress others, the hands, forearms, and head are the best variants. If you want to display your thoughts and beliefs, it`s better to choose chest, thigh, leg, back, and etc.

Check out Satan tattoo ideas below and make your choice freely!
An antichrist cross tattoo on the head of the animal

The tattoo looks like graphics. The inverted cross on the head of the rhinoceros highlights a devotion to Satan.
A demonic symbol tattoo on the wrist

The effect of the ripped skin with stitches makes the tattoo extremely unique. This symbol is used to conjure up evil spirits during rituals. The wrist location allows any option you want: to show or to hide the demonic symbol.
Devil worship tattoo for guys

The dagger through hands represents a devotion that someone would literally die for, i.e. worship to the Devil. The idea is the option for guys as they are fearless and adore chest tattoos. The symmetry is clearly seen at this location.
The evil satanic tattoo on the chest

That’s slightly badass! Here we see a struggle between the angel and evil, i.e. good versus bad. Maybe the tattoo signs a leaving of the demon behind and being saved by the angel.
A night Satan tattoo image

An ancient idol, Baphomet, stands for an interest in magic, occultism. An unusual outlook in the form of the card really impresses. A sleeve location lets others know what you are about.

The Variations of Thigh Tattoos Ideas
Satan tattoo picture with the wings

The winged Satan is really striking! Shadings of the black and grey ink reflect the atmosphere of the dark forces well.
A satanic goat head tattoo for men

A sick idea for men! A goat signs at the origin of the cult of the phallus and represents the god of the sex, the devil. An interesting peculiarity is described on the head of the goat. A church on fire symbolizes a negation of Christianity.
A satanic hand tattoo idea

This is LaVeyan Satanism symbol to adore a founder of the satanic church. An all-seeing eye says: «I see every time everywhere».
A satanic tribal tattoo with the mandala

A goat head embraced by the mandala ornaments is a symbol of masculinity and strong sexuality, not only the darkness. View the idea mentioned above for your next inspiration!
A Satanism tattoo

A spectacular line job! The presence of an inverted pentagram on the goat head carries the satanic value. The whip between horns possibly signs the wearer’s effort to control his wildness and aggression.

Gothic Cross Tattoo with Wings
The sleeve tattoos are from the devil

I fell in love with a female demon tattoo with horns. A simple sharing of black and white colors makes the eyes striking. A sleeve piece looks mysterious.
A sitting Satan sleeve tattoo

A sitting Satan looks awesome and catches the eyes in an instant. Every sign that rounds the Satan has a special symbolic meaning. An upside-down question marks a complete power; a satanic «S» was the weapon of Zeus, also means power over others. It`s a strong bro`s option!
Satan in a mirror tattoo on the thigh

A detailed frame of the mirror creates an atmosphere of luxury! But Satan inside characterizes the bearer as being under the influence of Satan. The mirror is also a symbol of the spiritual realm. A thigh art is top personal as it is not visible to the publicity.
A threeeyed Satan tattoo

Sometimes such tattoos symbolize supervision and protection. Three eyes see all and everywhere. That is a nice idea to include crescent moons that repeat the shapes of the horns. A cute design for those who want to ink the influences of the unconscious mind!
Satan girl sleeve tattoo

A satanic girl on the sleeve is a really fascinating work that is dedicated to the evil. Different satanic symbols decorate a crown of the devil girl and intensify the meaning. If you love a visual impact and the attention of observers, get this tattoo on the visible part of your body.

American Traditional Wolf Tattoos
Satan sign tattoo idea

Maybe this idea means a warding off evil that is contradictory to its outlook? The image also describes a magical elixir of life and immortality. But it`s up to your personal feeling.
Satan head tattoo

WOW! Just astonishing! A black Baphomet marks a dark side! The details in the form of snake`s tongue, metallic pin, and dog tooth add the meaning of an extra great power.
Satan in a monsters mouth tattoo

Satan in a monster`s mouth creates a double effect of the dark side. The black art works well on such design. No matter what anybody says, but the tattoo is fascinating!
A female Satan tattoo design

A cute concept! A female Satan image is rather kind and funny! It seems she is manipulating, luring, and tempting! Hm… like all women. These demonic deeds represent self-indulgent and self-satisfying actions.
Satan tattoo on the leg

Do you really worship Satanism? The idea presented above is a cool and detailed tattoo to represent your beliefs. A black is a traditional color for such ideas; moreover, black and white tattoos stand out on the pale skin.

Penguin Tattoo Designs and Meanings
Several Satan tattoo variations

Here are the classic tattoo designs that never go out of style. A black cat, a cat with the crow, and cat with the goat`s horn display a daring attitude to the devil. The white eyes carry a power of black magic and affect deeply.
A red skeleton of Satan tattoo

A bright idea! The red color marks blood in a skeleton of Satan, and it exudes «devil may care» and «never say die» attitude master towards the life. Depending on your wish, the coloring can be anyone. So, work closely with your tattoo master.
Satan tattoo with flowers dotwork

A stunning option for women! The flowers delicately frame the Baphomet, but black and white lines create vivid satanic symbols in the background of the goat.
A cool tattoo of Satan
A smiling Satan tattoo

An unusual representation of Satan with a smile tampers and tempts. The body and the fingers indicate the goat as a female one. Be careful; the wearer can allure you and steal your soul.

Nala and Simba Tattoo
A satanic tattoo in the classic style

A classic tattoo directly represents your opinion of the Christianity, i.e. denying. The contrast of black and red colors builds up an overwhelming art effect.
A sketch of Satan tattoo

A unique «sketched» appearance of Satan! You love it on your body! Make an appointment to the tattoo saloon a.s.a.p.!
The 3D Satan tattoo for girls

The 3D optical illusion of Satan on the girl`s chest is mind-boggling! Well, it`s crazy and creative!
Satan tattoo in a classic style

Holy shit! The tattoo is carved on the hand, and it shows your position towards Satanism free-for-all. A dude combination of the skull, mandala wheel, and satanic sign works well in black and white colors. Red insertions add the vividness to the job!
A colorful Satan tattoo

An intriguing and sick design! The pictures exhibit the moments of Satan actions towards the people. If you hate the rules and want to live by your own ones, that idea is up for you!

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A rock Satan tattoo

Satan is drawn as a cool rock-star on the skateboard. Such tattoo idea is very personal, and a horned conveys a participation of the owner in the occultism. No doubt, this Satan ink will grab the attention!
A realistic Satan tattoo for men

A Satan`s portrait is so realistic! I get shivers up my spine while gazing at this artistic piece. Just look at the wrinkles, horns, and eyes! They are greatly done!

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