Semicolon Tattoo Meaning and Designs

What hides behind this simple yet strong punctuation mark tattoo? It is not just another trend in the tattoo industry that can easily fade away with time. The semicolon tattoos are being inked all over the world in order to raise awareness of mental health illnesses. Those who suffer from self-harm, depression, anxiety, addiction are going through a tough battle each day, and their stories need to be told and need to be heard.

What Does the Semicolon Tattoo Mean

The non-profit Project Semicolon was started by Amy Bleuel who struggled with suicidal thoughts after her father had taken his own life. This faith-based project was launched to honor Amy’s father but become the global movement that inspires and encourages all the people who have the same problems to fight and to live. According to the Project Semicolon website: “A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you, and the sentence is your life.” Thus, by getting inked with a simple punctuation mark like this (;), you get a daily reminder that there are words need to be said in your own story of life. Even if you are not the one who faces depression, you can have the semicolon tattoo done so that people who battle depression can see your support and understanding. The semicolon ink can be tattooed in memory of someone close to you who unnaturally left this world. And what is most important, the semicolon sign unites people and show them that they are not alone in this problem.

Semicolon Tattoos – Possible Designs and Interesting Features

By combining semicolon with another element, you can enrich the symbolism of your tattoo. These are the most common variants to complement semicolon:

  • Butterfly
  • Wings
  • Flock of birds
  • Landscape
  • Shell and wave
  • Feather
  • Flowers
  • Heart
  • Heartbeat line
  • Infinity sign
  • Cross
  • Arrow
  • Umbrella
  • Smiley faces
  • Different inspiring words which contain the letter “i” replaced by semicolon
  • Encouraging lettering and quotes
  • Watercolor splashes etc.

The semicolon tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body thanks to its simplicity and predominately small size, yet the most tattooed body spots with this design are fingers, ankles, wrists and behind the ear spots. It’s only up to you to choose a simple black version of this punctuation sign or more stylized one with the color background. As far as the styles, there are no strict rules for the semicolon tattoo but here is the list of the most popular ones:

  • Blackwork
  • Watercolor
  • Linework
  • Old School
  • 3D
  • Geometric

So, if you are interested, check out some of the nicest and most inspiring semicolon tattoo ideas below.
Interesting colon tattoo for boys

Boys may opt for this interesting semicolon put inside of two superimposed triangles that point in different directions and mean harmony.
Simple comma tattoo on finger

It is a really good idea to have the simple black semicolon tattoo done on some visible place like a finger so that you could have an everyday reminder that your story needs to be continued.
Eyecatching 3D semi colon symbol tattoo

Thanks to the soft gradation of gray values, white highlights and that little trick with shadow this semicolon tattoo has three dimensional effect and reminds a water drop than a semicolon rather.
Colorful semicolon butterfly tattoo

If to look at this charming tattoo from a distance, a comma reminds a butterfly’s body and a dot looks like its head. What a clever idea to combine the butterfly and the semicolon in one tattoo design because both represent hope.
Lovely semicolon with birds tattoo picture

You can start a new chapter of your life story with this lovely semicolon breaking into birds tattoo which is the permanent reminder not to give up and continue fighting.

Cool Tramp Stamp Tattoo
The best semicolon project tattoo

We are blown away by this awesome black and gray illustrative semicolon tattoo project on the leg. Bet you couldn’t have even imagined that something so small and simple as a semicolon can be transformed into the super detailed tattoo with the landscape, sea waves and a whale.
Inspiring semicolon sign neck tattoo

You probably won’t be able to see your semicolon tattoo too often, if you place it on the nape of the neck, but sometimes it is enough just to know that the tattoo is there to help you to go through any obstacles in life.
Powerful semicolon tattoo behind ear for ladies

The first and foremost reason why people get inked with semicolon tattoos is to raise awareness about the problem of suicide. It can be hard to believe at first, but this elementary punctuation mark unites people all over the globe with the purpose to help those who are struggling with depression and other mental issues.
Creative and cool semicolon tattoo idea

For those who wonder whether it is possible to have a semicolon tattoo inked so that it wouldn’t look directly like a semicolon, we have found these colorful shell and wave images that are forming the awesome semicolon tattoo.
Meaningful semicolon tattoo on wrist for men

Good tattoos don’t have to be big and flashy to be strong and symbolic yet vice versa quite often meaningful tattoos are small in size. Just like this tiny black semicolon tattoo that stands for suicide prevention.

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Old School suicide tattoo on arm

Of course, a tattoo like this semicolon hanging in a knot can remind to stay strong and keep fighting yet you have to reach out to your friends, family or get professional help. A body marking will not solve your problems completely, it can just help to cope with some part of them.
Simple suicide awareness symbol on hand in black color

The best way to get the semicolon tattoo that could express your support and love to all of those who are going through the tough time is to make it simple and bold like the one in the picture.
Strong suicide prevention tattoo design on ankle

This mental health awareness tattoo that nicely sits on the ankle rather looks like two moles than the semicolon but, even being that small, it still can give you strength to keep fighting.
Beautiful semicolon tattoos with arrows behind the ear

The matching semicolon tattoos behind the ears of these two girls are accompanied by crossed arrows that represent true friendship.
One of the best semicolon tattoos for women

This stunning fine lined tattoo of the antique quill pen ending with the semicolon perfectly embodies the idea of you as the author of your own story of life.

Cool Wrist Tattoos for Women
Cute colorful semicolon tattoo with paw print

In case you want to distract attention from a semicolon, you may place it inside some bigger and more eye-catching design like this watercolor cat paw print tattoo.
Cool semicolon tattoo with blue ink spot

The solid black tattoo of Project Semicolon placed inside watercolor baby blue spot stands out on the skin thanks to the contrast between these two colors.
Fantastic creative semicolon tattoo with flowers

If you don’t like simplicity in such things as tattoo art, check out this fantastic intricate outline tattoo of the sunflower surrounded by geometric elements and semicolon on beneath.
Overcome depression with semicolon tattoo on face for boys

Personally, we think that face tattoos should be well thought twice before you get them, however, when it comes to tattoos that need to serve as reminders, it is hard to imagine a better place than a face. You can start the new chapter of your life with the semicolon tattoo that will be a reminder to continue your path.
Unusual heart and semicolon tattoo for girls

Here we can see one more example of how you can play with the semicolon design so it would suit you in the best way. For a more interesting look, try replacing the usual dot in the semicolon with the heart.

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Hopeinspiring heart and semicolon tattoo on arm

It would be hard to find some more life-affirming and hope-inspiring tattoo design than this beautiful heartbeat line with the semicolon inside the teal heart. This is an amazing illustrative interpretation of how the Project Semicolon sees this punctuation mark and explains its symbolism.
Amazing heart semicolon tattoo in watercolor style

The tiny outline heart tattoo with the semicolon piercing it on the one side is delicately complemented by soft watercolor background of pink, yellow and purple colors.
Breathtaking infinity sign with semicolon tattoo on wrist

We love this idea to combine semicolon and infinity sign in one beauteous wrist tattoo. Firstly, it looks quite original, secondly, it is very symbolic. It represents person’s never ending thirst for life and readiness to overcome depression or some other mental issue.
Inspiring black semi colon image on wrist

Those who have been struggling and won are here for those who are struggling now just to show that there is the way out and no one is alone in this fighting. Get the semicolon tattoo and show your support, love and understanding!
Expressional watercolor semicolon butterfly tattoo on the back of the shoulder

Look at this expressional watercolor butterfly as the symbol of new beginning and hope with the semi colon inside that represents a continuation of the story. Along with the inspiring lettering below, this tattoo will definitely help you in the darkest times.

Quirky Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn Tattoo
Delicate semicolon and cross tattoo for ladies

Have faith and keep fighting every single day because life is a gift and we are very lucky to have it. Having the cross and semicolon inked on your wrist can help to appreciate your life more.
Flawless semicolon drawing with bracelet tattoo on wrist

Super clean heavy black lines that create the wrist bracelet tattoo brake with the semi colon mark right in the middle. Very creative idea to incorporate the semicolon into other design.
Good semicolon finger tattoo for black people

Grammatically, a semicolon is more often used to join two independent sentences into one. Considering the usage of the semicolon in writing, people choose it as a tattoo design so that they could start the new sentence in their life story without finishing the previous sentence with a period.
Intricate semicolon flower tattoo

The longer you look at this charming tattoo, the more you see. Starting from negative space semicolon that hides inside beautiful outline flowers and finishing with the crescent moon and sleeping eyes.
Fine semicolon outline tattoo on forearm

An arrow, if inked alone, usually means that a person knows where he/she is going to. Sometimes having the goal and understanding your path, that can lead you to this goal, can get you out of depression and inspire new hope.

The Lace and Butterfly Tattoo on the Back
Positive semicolon quote tattoo on arm

This tattoo shows that the life goes on just like the sentence that could’ve been ended with a period but is continued with a semicolon.
Lifesaving tiny semicolon tattoo for guys

This semicolon tattoo is almost invisible, but the point is that you know it is there. Even being such tiny tattoos, they are life-saving.
Refined matching semicolon tattoo ideas for men and women

In most cases, semicolon tattoos are being inked in order to spread the awareness about mental issues that people are struggling with and for suicide prevention. However, this tattoo can also unite two people who want to commemorate their friendship.
Delicate semicolon white ink tattoo

Even though white ink tattoos don’t last too long, they are very subtle and delicate in appearance. They are very personal as well because the white color doesn’t stand out of the skin. So, if you want your semicolon tattoo to be just for you, consider inking it in white ink.
Cute semicolon tattoo with wings on wrist

You can get a semicolon tattoo in a show of solidarity or if you want to tell people that you have been at the bottom and have made positive changes in life. The tattoo of a semicolon with wings perfectly works either way.

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Interesting semicolon tattoo with words

A semicolon is a punctuation mark in that is applied when you wanted to end the sentence but agreed not to do this and continued writing. Regarding this, it is not surprising that the semicolon is often tattooed with different encouraging quotes, phrases and poems.
Out of the ordinary small semicolon tattoos with umbrellas

If you think that there’s no way the semicolon tattoo can be out of the ordinary, these matching semicolon tattoos with umbrellas for best friends will prove you just the opposite.
Truly unique semicolon tattoo design on the wrist

For many people semicolon tattoos are more than just tattoos – they are constant reminders that they have made their choice to keep living and fighting with their demons. The same is with this colorful negative space semicolon tattoo on the wrist.
Innovative warrior tattoo with semicolon instead of i

Another way to get tattooed with the semicolon design is to incorporate it into some inspiring words that contain letters “j” or “i” which can be replaced by the semicolon. Here’s the list of the most popular words: warrior, let it be, just breathe, fighter, survivor, continue, believe etc.
Motivational simple semicolon tattoo idea

Even the most ordinary black semicolon symbol tattoo can inspire you and awaken the inner strength. Remember there is no such situation from which you could not find the way out. Just keep fighting, keep dreaming and keep going forward.

Classy Watercolor Peacock Tattoo
Lovely tiny forearm tattoo of semicolon

The original idea of the semicolon tattoo was to help people who suffer from mental illnesses to get understanding, feedback and help, however, many guys like showing off this design just to get more attention. Remember that this is a big deal so take this idea seriously and do not manipulate with it.
Touching and meaningful semicolon ankle tattoo

If it isn’t you who has become the victim of depression, you can get tatted up with the simple and small yet very meaningful semicolon tattoo in order to express your understanding and give hope to people who really need it.
Unusual square semicolon tattoo design for men

What do you think about the more masculine design of semicolon with the bold black squared shape of a dot and a comma? As far as the design, it is very creative.
Interesting horizontal semicolon tattoo on the wrist

Project Semicolon gave the voice to millions of people all over the globe. Overcoming depression is challenging but those who did it share their stories with those who are still fighting to show them there are so many positive things worth to live for.
Very attractive unisex semicolon tattoo

You may like to opt for a more stylized version of the semicolon tattoo with the filigree wave instead of comma and shell instead of a dot. This wondrous tattoo doesn’t even look like the semicolon at first.

Feather and Bird Tattoo on Arm
Popping semicolon butterfly tattoo in Watercolor style

Here’s another beautiful watercolor tattoo of the butterfly with the semicolon as a substitute for its body. The rich black on butterfly wings and body nicely contrasts with purple and blue background and makes the tattoo pop off the skin.
Outstanding bright semicolon tattoo idea with watercolor background

It seems as if somebody just took an ordinary brush and sprayed some paint onto the skin. The perfect technical application of the watercolor background along with the creative incorporation of the semicolon makes this tattoo on the wrist really stand out.
Loveinspiring matching butterfly semicolon tattoos

If any of your relatives or friends suffer from depression, anxiety or addiction, you can express your love and support through matching semicolon tattoos with butterfly wings and watercolor splashes. In this way, the person will always feel needed and loved even if you are not near.
Colorful flowers semicolon tattoo

We are truly stunned by the beautiful color play in this bright watercolor tattoo of flowers with the negative space semicolon. If you feel a lack of bright colors in your life, get them tattooed on your skin.
Encouraging semicolon and cross tattoos on fingers

Sometimes things can get really hard to take but no matter what troubles are knocking on your life door, remember that you are strong enough to overcome everything. The semicolon tattoo on your finger won’t let you forget that.

Meaningful Ankle Pattern with Names
Nice rainbow semicolon tattoo near the ankle

A rainbow is one of those things that brings a smile on a face when you see it. The smile and positive emotions, in general, are necessary when it comes to such problems as depression, thus, depicting the outline semicolon tattoo on the ankle in bright rainbow colors is surely a good idea.
Inspiring funny matching semicolon tattoos

Depression can hit anybody and those who know what it takes to get out of depression can certainly tell you that it is really important to feel help, understanding and positive attitude of someone dear. That’s why positive winking smileys with a semicolon instead of eyes can make great matching tattoos.
Cute semicolon ear tattoo

People with bad eyesight may not even notice such a subtle semicolon tattoo on the ear. But this is the whole point of symbolic tattoos. Sometimes the only person who needs to know about an ink is you.

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