Septum Piercing Ideas, Jewelry, Pain and Aftercare

The septum piercing has become a big trend nowadays. Some people do it to show their freedom in self-expression, getting in touch with their punk rock side. Other clients try to get something that is different from what everybody has. The septum piercing looks outstanding and unique with a right jewelry that can bring a bit edge to the everyday style.

The Septum Piercing and Its Procedure

The septum piercing came Asian countries like India, where it symbolizes a married woman or a girl of age to marry. This type of piercing is done through the very thin piece of skin, which is known as the “sweet spot” – it is a fleshy area below the nose cartilage. It is often called “bull septum piercing” due to its similarity with a nasal septum of domestic cattle.

The septum piercing procedure should be done only by the professional and experienced piercer. It includes the following steps:

  • to clean the nose with antiseptic;
  • to find the sweet spot and place the clamps on it and then clamp the septum;
  • to puncture the sweet spot with a needle, take the clams off and put the jewelry through;

The procedure ends with cleaning the nose of any blood and threading the ball on the jewelry.

The Septum Piercing Pain

The pain level differs from person to person. On the whole, the septum piercing is not agonizing procedure, about 3 on the 1-10 scale of pain. Most of the clients find it similar to regular nose piercing. Taking septum piercing, you pierce the thin area of skin but with a lot of nerves, which provides a strong pinch that makes the eyes water and you may feel the urge to sneeze.

There is a big risk to puncture an actual septum cartilage. In this case, you will experience a great pain; the piercing will hurt, bleed a lot and look nasty. If it happens, give your nose time to heal and go to another, more experienced piercer to try it again.

The Septum Piercing Aftercare

Generally, the piercing hurt for about three weeks after the perforation and then the pain should gradually subside. The healing process usually lasts 6-8 weeks, but it can be completely healed only within a year. During this period the pierced area is especially vulnerable to bacteria, which can lead to serious infection and stink. In order to avoid that, proper aftercare measures should be taken:

  • Don’t touch, rub or fidget jewelry, especially with unwashed hands;
  • Take “Ibuprofen” and “Paracetamol” to lower the pain;
  • Clean it 2-3 times a day: soak a cotton ball with salt solution (a pinch of sea salt in a glass of water) and press it to the septum. Repeat this process with cotton. Do this for 5-6 minutes daily.
  • Do not apply soap, creams, ointments or any other cosmetics directly to the piercing, as they can cause irritation or even infection;
  • The alcohol can promote inflammation, so it is better to reduce or completely avoid its consumption;
  • Do not smoke or minimize nicotine intake, because it slows down the body’s ability to heal;
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle: a good sleep, nutritious food, minimum stress speed up the healing process.

The Septum Piercing Jewelry

The range of jewelry amazes: the gold, silver pieces with exciting gemstones can serve as a beautiful decoration for facial piercing. However, you can wear them at least two months after the puncture, as they are not appropriate for initial piercing. The variety of starter septum jewelry is predominantly made from titanium or surgical stainless steel and comprises:

  • circular barbells;
  • septum spikes;
  • ball closure rings;
  • captive bead rings;
  • horseshoe rings.

The best initial jewelry gauge is 14 or 12 but it can also be 16 gauge – no smaller. The jewelry size is 3/8 inch, 7/16 inch, or 1/2 inch diameter.

All You Need to Know About Septum Piercings

  • You can hide the septum piercing. Some types of jewelry, such as retainers, can be flipped up and hidden, but in some noses, they can fall down like any other jewelry. It is quite easy to hide the However, it can hurt and a little bother, because this area is very sensitive.
  • The septum piercing can close. It is forbidden to remove the jewelry during the healing time, especially for a whole day. It can be quickly closed, and you will need to pierce it again.
  • The septum dangers. The improper aftercare and disinfection increase the risks of infection. Severe swelling, green or yellow secretion, pus or lump, dry and achy are important signs to consult the doctor immediately. The septum piercing can provoke more dangerous diseases, like hepatitis or AIDS, septal hematoma, which appears as a result of disruption of blood vessels.
  • If you remove the jewelry during the initial healing period, it will not leave any scars. If later, the small, almost unnoticeable to anyone scars can remain.
  • Stretching the piercing. It is not recommended to stretch the piercing, as it is a very painful process. It is better to ask the piercer to make a bigger hole.
  • The fake septum. It is not obligatory to puncture the nose to get a cool septum piercing. There is a great diversity of fake jewelry like cheaters or pincher rings, which you can wear when you want and take them out, without the worry of hiding them or losing a healing piercing.

The Cost of Septum Piercing

The price of septum piercing varies and depends on the salon, piercer and jewelry used for it. It approximately costs $40-$80. The price of jewelry is about $10-$30.
The big septum piercing is aimed at attracting a lot of attention to your personality. Here the ring makes a good composition with lovely earrings.

The gorgeous piercing with a big septum ring.
This steel septum clicker with two layers resembles a well-known bull ring. It is large, prominent, which looks a little bit exotic.

The bull nose ring piercing.
The wonderful trio of septum, medusa and nose piercings is presented in this work. This is a brave, cocky choice for young, confident girls.

The cute septum piercing.
This is one more example of a beautiful trinity of three different piercings. The orange septum jewelry with a spiky end is simple and convenient.

The nice female septum piercing.
Wow! The absolutely impressive look is created with the help of nose to ear chain jewelry. The double chain on both sides with a center in the septum is really fantastic!

The girl with a septum piercing.
The ball closure ring is a standard, worthwhile jewelry for your septum piercing. The steel material with a tiny ball in the front will emphasize your obstinate character.

The hiding septum piercing.
This sweet horseshoe decoration is both cool and elegant. It does not seem aggressive or extremely catchy, which is a big plus for everyday life.

The neat horseshoe nose piercing.
The horseshoe is the best option for those, who like minimalism in everything. Here the jewelry is enough little but still noticeable and fascinating.

The appealing little septum ring.
The male septum piercing is usually not as bright as women’s. The ordinary ring seems harmonious with two earrings. This is strict but trendy look for guys!

The male septum piercing.
Here the septum piercing with a golden, two layered jewelry is an integral part of an unbelievable, a bit wild man’s appearance. The union of dreads, tattoos and facial piercings work well!

The mens septum piercing idea.
The super elegant look is illustrated with a septum piercing. The sensual make-up with spring motifs ideally matches the refined, gold ring decoration.

The new septum piercing.
The girls with red hair are always in the limelight, but if you want to increase this impression, the septum piercing with a small horseshoe jewelry is a superb idea to try.

The gentle nose bull piercing.
The mix of numerous piercings makes this girl unique. The ball closure ring is taken for a septum piercing, which adds additional fascination with a slight feeling of wilderness.

The pretty septum piercing.
This guy wears small horseshoe jewelry, which is a perfect option in case you want to hide your piercing. The jewelry is flipped up, and nobody will know about your treasured possession.

The flipped up septum piercing.
This brutal man with a cute septum piercing produces a strong impression, doesn’t he? The long beard, mustache and barely visible jewelry look fabulous.

The septum piercing for guys.
The sweet horseshoe jewelry is used as a wonderful decoration for this young man with dreads and tunnels in the ears. The septum piercing perfects his bright appearance.

The male septum piercing.
The paired nostrils piercing with two diamonds and a gold ring for septum piercing create a marvelous view. The symmetry is a key moment of this composition.

The septum piercing on the small nose.
This septum piercing is one of the best examples of harmony. The sunny, red girl looks like one whole with a tiny, gold ring. It adds a little spice to this tender beauty.

The septum piercing through cartilage.
This septum jewelry is not too big, but at the same time, it is expressive enough. The ball closure ring will highlight your individuality and a desire to stand out.

The small septum piercing.
Do you see a septum ring? It is so thin and tiny that it is practically invisible. It suits modest people, who prefer moderate accessories in their image.

The tiny septum ring.
Most of the ladies give preference to some small and delicate pieces of jewelry. This horseshoe is an incredible variant for your septum piercing, which makes you feel stunning.

The septum ring for girls.
Do you want to look like a rock star? Then do not forget to enrich your image with a stylish septum ring. This girl illustrates how crazy and bold it may appear.

The bold septum piercing.
This girl creates her own style: trendy haircut, tattoos, perfect manicure and, of course, septum piercing. The jewelry with tiny gemstones will astonish everybody.

The feminine septum ring.
There is nothing special in this septum piercing. The simple steel ring, which does not strike a lot, looks splendid with the gray hairstyle. The femininity and grace are at the heart of this image.

The simple septum piercing for a woman.
This girl with very unusual appearance expresses complete freedom. Here the septum piercing with two layered jewelry is only a tiny part of this impressive look.

The female septum ring.
This septum jewelry and medusa piercing fit well each other. The quite big septum clicker with some ornaments on the tip is for enthusiastic, decisive people.

The bull nose piercing.
The lip piercings are combined with a septum one, creating a gorgeous symmetrical design. The choice of lovely, silver ring is very suitable in this case.

The silver septum ring.
The beautiful girl with a nice piercing is a dangerous mix! Look at this exciting septum ring, which is supplemented with numerous cute facial piercings.

The cool septum ring.
Here the septum piercing is an elegant decoration that you can wear every day. The sweet ring is not flashy at all, and this minimalism will find a lot of followers among piercing fans.

The minimalistic septum piercing.
The aim of any piercing is to bring exclusivity to appearance. This glamorous girl will never remain without attention with such septum ring or medusa and ear piercings.

The septum ring idea for ladies.
You should have a great imagination to try this unusual look. Here the septum jewelry in the form of a ring is combined with a long stick with feathers on both sides. It is awesome!

The amazing septum piercing for boys.
This lady shows a bright example of a fashionable style. The septum horseshoe is one the attractive details, which makes the look more interesting and memorable.

The little septum ring.