25 Must Try Sexy Nail Designs

Any party or informal event requires the best look to impress everyone there. And in most cases, this look should be not only beautiful but also sexy. Of course, your outfit can express your sexuality, but it won’t be enough without a manicure as it always makes your look complete. So, what are the best ideas about sexy nail art designs?

Talking about woman’s desire to look sexy, the point is to use the most passionate colors and hues. The most popular combination is red and black, of course, as it expresses all the gamut of feelings. The red color itself will never go out of style, the same as pink. Blue, purple and gray are rarer but still quite popular especially in mixture with other colors. Don’t forget about gold and silver, as the sexy look is the loud look. Want something more? Then take rhinestones, 3D decorations and decals into account.

What is the best length for a sexy manicure? The answer is simple – long pointy nails, stilettos and long coffin nails. But don’t worry if your nails are short, you can also decorate them with some eye-catching designs!

And the last point is to go for some really sexy patterns as decorations. Animal prints, like the leopard one or 3D snakeskin, would be great. Also remember about laces, negative space and fishnets on your nails.

Combine the colors, add decorations and jewelry, play with patterns and remember – you will rock if you choose one of these sexy manicures!
Long stiletto nails look super sexy with the combination of negative space technique and matte pink color. Rhinestones festive the nails and make them look really luxurious!

Sexy nail designs
Black dotted negative space reminds sexy women’s stockings so that you won’t miss choosing such a nail design. Dilute it with the sparkling pink design and rock!

Sex nail art
The snakeskin effect on the nails looks awesome if done on the cat eye polish. With such a wild mixture of designs, you will be the sexiest woman in the Universe!

Sexiest acrylic nails
Having a date? Then you will blow your man’s mind with this design! New word in the French manicure designs where you encapsulate pure love and lust into the nails. Gorgeous!

Sexy French tip nails
You will never go wrong with the red color! The sexiest color on your nails will charm everyone! Add studs and crystals to make the nails look absolutely stunning.

Sexy nail ideas
The burgundy color, black nails with jewels and encapsulated glitters create a fabulous set that you will fall in love with! Pay attention that such a design would look better on long pointy nails.

Sexy nail styles
Nothing can be more attractive than long coffin nails with negative space design. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some saturated color, like the coral red one. Now you are awesome!

Sexy nail images
Drive everyone crazy with such a deep merlot color! Long square nails are perfect for such a nail design. One more important thing to look flawless is to use some shiny jewelry. Go ahead!

Sexy nails pics
One cannot deny that a sexy pedicure is a neat pedicure. Smooth toenails covered with a feminine maroon color is the best way to show the beauty of your feet!

Sexy pedicure designs
With long pointy nails, the woman looks like an enigmatic character who charms everyone around her. Try out this smooth ombre using different burgundy hues and be perfect!

Sexy red nail designs
French manicure with black tips will stand you out! But don’t stop and apply fishnet as a base and add some red color in the middle. Really sexy and attractive!

Sexy gel nails
Highlight your acid pink nails with gold! This combination will go well with some mini outfit for a hot party!

Sexy gold and pink nails
Black and gold set looks great at any event. That’s why go for a wild mixture of negative space, matte and glossy black, gold glitters, rhinestones and caviar to impress every person you will meet!

Black and sexy gold nails
Spruce up your nails! Matte gray nails will look astonishing if you add some stripes on them. Some silver glitters also won’t be extra if you apply them on some random nails.

Sexy pointy nails
Wanna extra sexy nail art design? Then check out this one! Bright purple will catch people’s eyes, roses speak for themselves and a lace technique in white color expresses passion!

Sexy purple nails
Just unreal! Although every nail is black, it is done in different styles which make them look so catching! Negative space and matte top coat are really good for a sexy image.

Sexy black matte nails
Black and red are initially the colors of passion and lust. No wonder that men’s attention will be yours with a combination of black and red, 3D acrylic roses and a few crystals on your nails.

Black and sexy red nails
The trend is to paint every nail in a different color and apply different pictures. Why not to try it then? Different shades of pink, heart pictures and the gray color go well with almond nails.

Pink and sexy gray nails
Such calming yet sexy manicure can be reached with the blue color. Heart negative space on the ring finger nail and the inclusion of white on other nails are awesome!

Blue sexy nails
3D effects are really popular on nails, so be fashionable and try it out! Nude and pink ombre will create a sweet image and shiny glitters and rhinestones will make the design wild!

Sexy glitter nails
Talking about sexy image, we can’t help mentioning leopard pattern. But don’t go too far with it! It’s better to combine it with some clear color, like the red one.

Sexy leopard nails
Stiletto nails are not for elegance. They are sexy and wild as the shape is long and pointy. In order to make them louder, add metallic polish and big rhinestones. You rock!

Sexy stiletto nails
Who said that short nails can’t look sexy? They can as long as your creativity works! Apply two different pink hues to create a contrast and add sparkling details like gems, crystals and caviar.

Short sexy nails
When you think about sexy things, red color comes to the mind first. Use this color on your nails combining it with the white one, with a matte top coat and red glitters. Looks extraordinary!

Sexy red and white nails
These stiletto nails won’t be unnoticed. Long nails, pink color, heart decorations and holographic design – can you add more for a sexy look?

Sexy pink nails