Short Hairstyles With Bangs

Talking about fashion, not only outfit comes to the mind. Women also think about hairstyles. Nowadays hairdressers offer a huge variety of hairdos featuring all the lengths and colors. And one of the most daring and sexy hairstyles of nowadays is a short hairdo. Among others, you can find graduated bobs, sleek crops, pixies and undercuts. However, you can take your short cut to the top of fashion with the help of bangs!

Bangs have been always popular among women. At least one time in the life a girl should get a fringe to freshen her haircut. So, even if you have decided to get rid of your long hair, there is a chance you will want to have bangs in order to look trendy.

Short hairstyles are famous for that you don’t have to spend a lot of time to style them and every day you can try a new image. A combination of short hair and bangs will help you to look attractive no matter what event you will attend. Whether it’s a hot party or a nice date or even a prom, short haircut with a fringe will make you the most fabulous person!

Among bangs, we can highlight heavy and wispy bangs which are so easy to style. We can name blunt bangs for those who like the sophisticated look and choppy bangs for those who are rebels. Side-swept bangs, asymmetrical fringes, parted bangs and micro fringe – these are a few options that you will definitely find appealing!

Check these cool ideas about short hairstyles featuring bangs, get your inspiration, waste no time and go to the salon!
African American Short Hairstyles with Bangs
Asymmetrical long bob is perfect for round faces as it makes them slimmer. Side combed bangs will give the impression of more voluminous hairstyle and an unusual color will stand you out!
Black Short Hairstyles with Bangs
Gorgeous rounded bob which features a heavy fringe. It looks more attractive when the bangs are side-swept as it makes the look really sexy!
Celebrity Short Hairstyles with Bangs
Rihanna has chosen the extremely short haircut with asymmetrical bangs. Such a style is for those who like experiments and want to look wild and sexy!
Cute Short Hairstyles with Bangs
Long bangs look great when they are styled messily. Add the zest to your image dying your hair in an unusual color and make two buns on your head. Nice and sweet!
Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair And Bangs
When looking for the ways how to diversify quite a common short haircut, you may come up with the idea of extremely short chopped and uneven bangs. A wild contrast!
Hairstyles with Short Bangs
If you are a lucky owner of straight, thick hair, you may want to get this haircut done. The awesome textured French girl’s bob with a micro fringe will turn you into a real chic!
Medium Short Hairstyles with Bangs
What can be better than a medium length bob with a flat fringe? Front locks which are cut in rounded shape smoothly transiting into the bangs create an awesome elegant look.
New Short Hairstyles with Bangs
We bet you have never seen such a hairdo! It’s not so easy to get a bowl haircut, that’s why you can leave the blue hair under and cut the top hair in the bowl shape. The point is the play of the colors, so, go ahead!
Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair with Bangs
A fabulous pixie with heavy bangs will make you feel comfortable if you don’t want to lose all the hair length. Short undercut and the long front side will create a great balance!
Short Blonde Hairstyles with Bangs
The best thing about short haircuts is that you can style them any way you like. This pixie with side bangs is so neat and nice that you will need minimum efforts to style it!
Short Bob Hairstyles with Bangs
Natural black color, sharp edges and high heavy bangs are everything that you need for an elegant and sophisticated image.
Short Bob Hairstyles with Bangs – Back View
Inverted bob with a side-swept heavy fringe looks amazing when you have dense hair. Add a right blue shade on your natural black color, and you will be impressive!
Short Bob Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs
A good choice for relaxed hair! Asymmetrical bob will help you to accentuate your face and side swept bangs will create an image of a sweet girl. Pink ombre will fully complete the look.
Short Brunette Hairstyles with Bangs
If you are the owner of a long face, then don’t hesitate and try out a rounded fringe! Shoulder length bob smoothly transiting into the rounded bangs is a great idea for brunettes.
Short Choppy Hairstyles with Bangs
Wanna sassy look? Then tapered pixie is definitely for you! Short choppy bangs hidden under the textured hair and cold hues will make your day!
Short Curly Hairstyles with Bangs
Do you have curls from nature? Then there is nothing easier than to have a short haircut leaving your curls as they are. Add a few blonde locks for a fabulous contrast!
Short Hairstyles with Bangs for Oval Faces
Asymmetrical bob for the oval face is a nice idea as it outlines only the best parts of your face. Add a slanting fringe and a bit of a blue color for a more showy look!
Short Hairstyles for Wavy Hair with Bangs
An extraordinary idea for black women – a short blonde haircut. Get heavy bangs done and slightly curl the locks all over the head. Rihanna look is guaranteed!
Short Hairstyles with Bangs And Layers for round Faces
It’s bob time for you! A common bob hairstyle is always trendy, but you should add a few outstanding features like the side swept heavy bangs for more volume and beautiful burgundy ombre for an unusual look.
Short Hairstyles with Bangs for Black Women
Some kind of a bowl and pixie haircut with a curled fringe is a perfect choice for black women. Adding some red curls on the top will make a great contrast with a natural black hair color.
Short Hairstyles with Bangs for Fine Hair
Such a cute and lovely pixie undercut is definitely for fine hair. Try out these long bangs to soften the look. By the way, you can style them however you want!
Short Hairstyles with Bangs for Men
Men’s haircuts with bangs are coming back in fashion! Short taper fade wouldn’t look so interesting if there won’t be such an extraordinary angular fringe.
Short Hairstyles with Bangs for Thick Hair
You are lucky if you have thick hair, aren’t you? Bowl haircut with longer back locks and a bit of cobalt blue is everything that you need for an eye-catching style!
Short Hairstyles with Bangs for Thin Hair
A wild look! What is the best thing about fades? You can style them as you want. Textured bangs will help you in creating a crazy image. Lavender gray color will be a full completion!
Short Hairstyles with Blunt Bangs
Blunt bob for relaxed hair creates a cool image. In addition to it, you can have heavy bangs curled up on one side. Simple but attractive!
Short Hairstyles with Full Bangs
For a sweet hairstyle try out this lovely short pixie with side bangs. Isn’t enough? Well, insert some dark blonde locks into the natural color!
Short Hairstyles with Long Bangs
For some unusual evenings, you may want to have a different hairstyle. A lavender color can become one of the components. One more thing to impress everyone is to lose some locks which will look like long bangs.
Short Hairstyles with Side Bangs
Lovely undercut pixie with side swept bangs will become a great decoration to your sexy look. Leave your roots dark and dye the rest of your hair blonde for the more interesting image!
Short Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs
Simply textured bob for relaxed hair is a common way to freshen your hairstyle. With such a hairdo, you should definitely go for sharp bangs swept to the side.
Short Layered Hairstyles with Bangs
Thick texture together with the layered haircut will create a voluminous style which is definitely worth trying. Correctly cut bangs will draw attention to the beautiful eyes.
Short Layered Hairstyles with Bangs for Fine Hair
Edgy haircut looks rebellious especially when you style long choppy bangs into a wild-looking Mohawk. Pure white and acid pink colors will definitely make you a rock star!
Short Pixie Hairstyles with Bangs
A short pixie haircut won’t give you an opportunity to wear some trendy ombre, yet you can highlight your beautiful face with the help of dual coloring. Just make a lighter accent on your curly bangs!
Short Shaggy Hairstyles with Bangs
Elegance and wildness in one hairstyle are possible. Just combine a shaggy haircut with layered heavy bangs which will create an interesting transition from the main hair to the fringe itself.
Short Stacked Hairstyles with Bangs
Blonde edgy bob is a new word in fashion for black women. Create a bomb-looking hairstyle with heavy bangs which make the whole image really sassy!
Short Weave Hairstyles with Bangs
Undercut pixies are really popular among black women. No wonder you may pull off the pixie with layered bangs adding some hot red color on the top hair.
Very Short Bob Hairstyles with Bangs
A great idea for the owners of straight hair! An extremely short bob features heavy bangs which are slightly swept to one side. Such a hairstyle outlines all the facial features.
Fashion Hairstyles with Bangs
Even with a short hairstyle, you can have a bun on the top featuring short smooth bangs. By the way, don’t forget about the color accent – gray would be a cool way to accentuate your hairstyle!
Medium Pink Hair with Bangs
Buns on the top are fashionable and are very simple to do. Grab attention with the help of edgy, sharp bangs and a light pink color.
Short Blonde Hair with Short Bangs
Textured pixie turns to be a good idea for black women with blonde hair. Short bangs styled in a messy way create a playful look.
Short Afro Hair with Bangs
Looking for a different haircut for your afro hair? Look at this one! Short pixie with edgy bangs looks awesome on black hair.
Red Short Wavy Hair with Long Bangs
Short pixies shouldn’t be boring! Try this one and make sure it’s true! Cool contrast between the undercut and the top hair combining a gorgeous red color and layered bangs. Awesome!
Bob Cut with Front Bangs
An easy way to lengthen your hair is to get an asymmetrical bob done. Long locks in the front and short hair in the back match greatly with smooth, heavy bangs.