The Most Stylish Skater Skirt Outfits for All Occasions

Skater skirt is a kind if a short, high-waisted circle skirt with a hemline above the knee.
The first time, skater skirt appeared in kitsch & funky ’80’s and was inspired by the skating dancers’ styles. That’s why it often made of lighter materials to give the flowing effect that mimics the skirts of figure skaters.
There are 3 variants of skater skirts cuts:

  • circle – is a really flowy skirt cut, which makes skirt hangs smoothly from the waist and bound to fly with the wind;
  • pleated – is a skirt cut with fullness reduced to fit the waist by means of regular pleats (include box, knife, and micro pleats) or folds;
  • A-line – is a skirt cut with a gentle flare.

Skater skirts usually come in knee-length and shorter.
Today skater skirts are also popular and designed in many variations, which mean that they easily suit any style, for example:

  • elegant skater skirt looks;
  • cute skater skirt outfits;
  • modern skater skirt outfits;
  • grunge skater skirt outfits;
  • casual skater skirt styles;
  • Gothic Tree Branches skater skirt looks;
  • punk leather skater skirt outfits.

And of course you can style it for any occasion, for instance:

  • college black skater skirt outfits;
  • street style skater skirt outfits;
  • skater skirt outfits night out.

Also, skater skirt makes great matches with a wide choice of fabrics. For example, you can find:

  • lace skater skirt outfits;
  • denim skater skirt outfits;
  • leather skater skirt outfits;
  • velvet skater skirt outfits;
  • suede skater skirt outfits;
  • jersey skater skirt outfits;
  • cashmere skater skirt outfits;
  • cotton skater skirt outfits;
  • simple leather skater skirt outfits.

Today you can find a wide range of colors of the skater skirt outfits either solid-colored or multi-colored, for example:

  • white skater skirt outfits;
  • red skater skirt looks;
  • floral skater skirt outfits;
  • nude skater skirt looks;
  • gray skater skirt outfits;
  • striped skater skirt looks;
  • blue skater skirt outfits;
  • black skater skirt looks;
  • striped skater skirt outfits;
  • polka-dotted skater skirt looks;
  • neon skater skirt outfits;
  • beige skater skirt looks.

These skirts are the very versatile item and can be trendy for all seasons, for example:

  • skater skirt outfits for fall;
  • skater skirt looks for summer;
  • spring skater skirt outfits;
  • skater skirt outfits for winter.

Women of every shape and body types are looking gorgeous in skater skirt outfits.
They suit for:

  • long and lean;
  • curvy (hourglass);
  • petite;
  • fit and trim (athletic);
  • plus size;
  • reverse triangle;
  • rectangle.

What to Wear With a Skater Skirt

If we talk about what to wear a skater skirt with, then we should note that it easily teams up with different types of garment, for example:

  • skater skirt and sweater outfits;
  • skater skirt and crop top outfits;
  • turtleneck and skater skirt outfits;
  • skater skirt and crop top outfits;
  • black skater skirt and white blouse outfit;
  • strap top and black skater skirt outfit;
  • skater skirt with baroque elements outfit.

And also with different types of footwear, for instance:

  • with high heels;
  • with open-toe shoes;
  • with ballet flats;
  • with sneakers.

How to Wear a Skater Skirt

#1. Elegant Skater Skirt Look

Go for classic glam by pairing a black skater skirt with a brownish sweatshirt. Complete it with amazingly beautiful brimmed hat, boots, scarf, nice gloves, matched purse, and cool sunglasses.
Elegant Skater Skirt Look

#2. College Black Skater Skirt Outfit

Mix styles and combine plain black skater skirt with a checked shirt, worn under a bright red sleeveless pullover. And add shoes and a cute hat for a fun and unique look.
College Black Skater Skirt Outfit

#3. Cute Skater Skirt Outfits

For a casual, breezy spring look, go for a yellow with little hearts skater skirt and combine it with stripped black and white sweatshirt. Add big black lace shoes for fun!
Cute Skater Skirt Outfits

#4. White Skater Skirt Outfit

Make your crispy white skater skirt more fun and casual with a cute light blue denim jacket, black baseball cap and a pair of nice sneakers. It set looks harmoniously with a backpack.
White Skater Skirt Outfit

#5. Red Skater Skirt Outfit

You can’t go wrong when wearing a combo of red and black. So try this set of red skater skirt and stylish black leather skirt. Complement it with black tights and heeled black leather ankle boots for a smart fall look.
Red Skater Skirt Outfit

#6. Simple Leather Skater Skirt Outfit

Go for super simple with a leather skater skirt and a sparkly gray sweatshirt. It looks just fine with heeled pumps or flats.
Simple Leather Skater Skirt Outfit

#7. Floral Skater Skirt Outfit

Make a plaid sweatshirt infinitely chicer by tucking it into a charming floral skater skirt. Team up this look with heeled sandals, decorated with bows.
Floral Skater Skirt Outfit

#8. Skater Skirt Outfits for Winter

Try some serious layering by pairing your short black skirt with a cozy black knit sweater, worn atop checked shirt and white lace ankle boots. It looks perfect with trendy leather backpack and sunnies.
Skater Skirt Outfits for Winter

#9. Denim Skater Skirt Outfits

Do you want to add some French chic to your summer wardrobe? Then team up denim skater skirt with striped white and black sweatshirt. Complement this look with a traditional black beret, little purse, white socks and black shoes.
Denim Skater Skirt Outfits

#10. Gray Skater Skirt Outfit

Combine hooded pale mint sweatshirt with your favorite gray skater skirt for a very cool, casual look. Complete the image with a pair of white sneakers.
Gray Skater Skirt Outfit

#11. Street Style Skater Skirt Outfit

Add a black leather jacket with a combo of pied-de-bullets black and marsala skater skirt and matching a colored top for a very cool outfit. Pair it with black lace ankle boots.
Street Style Skater Skirt Outfit

#12. Skater Skirt and Crop Top Outfit

Pair a satin black skater skirt with a long sleeved black textile crop top for a cute, summer look. Complement this set with a purse, suede ankle boots, and sunglasses.
Skater Skirt and Crop Top Outfit

#13. Striped Skater Skirt Outfit

Balance this eye-catching striped black and white skater skirt with fun white t-shirt, cool hip hop cap, black tights, and laced black shoes. You can always team up it with a jacket in case of chilly weather.
Striped Skater Skirt Outfit

#14. Skater Skirt Outfits Night Out

Pair a crispy white skater skirt with a three-quarter sleeve green blazer and chic accessories (like mirrored sunglasses, big purse, etc.) for a night out appropriate look. Add a pair of cute heeled sandals.
Skater Skirt Outfits Night Out

#15. Black Skater Skirt and White Blouse Outfit

Make your plain black skirt fancy by pairing it with a glam long-sleeved white blouse. Add comfortable shoes, matching white (or black) purse for an appropriate work look.
Black Skater Skirt and White Blouse Outfit

#16. Blue Skater Skirt Outfit

Wondering about casual and comfortable yet bright spring outfit? Combine blue skater skirt with a knitted milky white sweatshirt and heeled black sandals. Finish the look with a cool little purse.
Blue Skater Skirt Outfit

#17. Modern Skater Skirt Outfit

For the fall or spring, pair your plane black skater skirt with an abstract colored blouse and pied-de-bullets black and white cardigan. Finish this outfit with a hat and a pair of black ankle boots. So cute!
Modern Skater Skirt Outfit

#18. Grunge Skater Skirt Outfit

Combine cool rock black T-shirt with a short black skater skirt for a super grunge image. Also team up it with black tight, socks, shoes and knitted sweater (in a case of a chilly evening).
Grunge Skater Skirt Outfit

#19. Velvet Skater Skirt Outfit

A black and red is a classic combination for an eye-catching look. So pair a bright, red, velvet skater skirt with a more neutral black sweatshirt and shoes. Add brimmed black hat and tights to end up the look.
Velvet Skater Skirt Outfit

#20. Skater Skirt with Baroque Elements Outfit

Make a skater skirt with baroque elements tougher by wearing it with a rock sweatshirt and black cardigan. Add few bright accents to this set with a burgundy scarf and stripped tights.
Skater Skirt with Baroque Elements Outfit

#21. Strap Top and Black Skater Skirt Outfit

Make unusual and an attractive look with this cool combination of white with leather straps top and black skater skirt. It looks pretty cute with a knitted hat, black shoes, and mirrored sunnies.
Strap Top and Black Skater Skirt Outfit

#22. Casual Skater Skirt Style

Pale pink hooded sweater and black skater skirt look truly gentle and comfortable. Add a pair of your favorite sneakers to finish this cute casual outfit.
Casual Skater Skirt Style

#23. Plus Size Leather Skater Skirt Look

Crispy white top tucked in black leather skater skirt looks awesome. You can always complement this look with tights and shiny flats, or leather jacket and heels for your taste.
Plus Size Leather Skater Skirt Look

#24. Gothic Tree Branches Skater Skirt Look

Do you want to try to wear something gothic this spring? Make a go-to outfit of gothic tree branches skater skirt and cute loose black top. Finish this look with gray ankle boots.
Gothic Tree Branches Skater Skirt Look

#25. Punk Leather Skater Skirt Outfit

That’s a perfect combo what features a classic black satin shirt paired with a black leather skater skirt. Complete the look by adding an amazing wide leather belt.
Punk Leather Skater Skirt Outfit

#26. Gold Skater Skirt Look

This cool fancy spring look consists of cropped long-sleeved milky white knitted sweater and beautiful golden skater skirt. Team up it with fun sunglasses, original purse and a pair of flats.
Gold Skater Skirt Look

#27. Beige Skater Skirt Look

This gentle and soft light beige knitted sweater and skater skirt combo are a must-try look for this fall. Add a pair of suede ankle boots and matching purse to end this image.
Beige Skater Skirt Look

#28. Cute Skater Skirt Style

If it’s quite cold outside, then try this combo of burgundy shirt tucked in black skater skirt. Complete the look with black suede ankle boots. Simple, laconic and cute!
Cute Skater Skirt Style

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