The Awesome Snake Eyes Piercing Design

The tongue piercing is the highly popular type of piercing all over the world. If the standard tongue piercing became quite common nowadays, the snake eyes piercing, in its turn, does not lose its position in the rating of the most unusual ways of self-expression. This piercing gives the chance to show your uniqueness by adding a viper look to your tongue.

What Is Snake Eyes Piercing?

The snake eyes piercing, known as venom piercing, is done horizontally across the tip of the tongue. It got this name due to the similarity with real snake eyes. It seems that there are two separate piercings on both sides of the tongue. Actually, two balls of the bar create this unbelievable impression.

The Tips for Snake Eyes Piercing

  1. Choose the professionals! In order to avoid any serious complications, go only to professional piercer with big experience, who will examine your tongue before doing the piercing. The thing is that only the owners of the thick tongue can afford it. So, you need to check either your tongue suits for this type of piercing or not.
  2. Sterility! The good piercer knows and follows all the rules to reduce the risks of infection and inflammation. Using the surgical marker, the master marks the entry and exit points, then inserts a big gauge hollow with a sterilized needle by dint of a clamp. After that, the jewelry is passed through the holes and the piercing is regarded to be finished.
  3. Take longer barbells! It is recommended to take a bit longer barbells for piercing procedure than ideal ones. It diminishes the chances of inflammation, and the healing process will pass quicker. After two weeks you need to come to your piercer to put the barbell with an appropriate size.

The Snake Eyes Piercing: Pain and Aftercare

The pain tolerance differs from person to person. However, the majority of clients admit that it does not extremely hurt and compare this pain to the biting of the tongue. The bleeding, swelling and difficulty in talking (lisp) are normal reactions that start immediately after piercing procedure. The healing process usually lasts 4-8 weeks, during this period, it is strongly advised to comply with these rules:

  1. The first two weeks do not eat solid, hot and spicy food.
  2. Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke.
  3. Take small chunks of ice to melt in the mouth.
  4. Drink a lot of water, especially cold one.
  5. Take “Ibuprofen” or “Advil” about 30 minutes before doing piercing and then every 4-6 hours during the first two days.
  6. Gargle with salt water 4-6 times a day and rinse your mouth after eating.
  7. Do not touch or clean the piercing with unwashed hands in order not to provoke infection.
  8. Prop yourself up in bed so the tongue would be above the heart rather than level with it.

If after two weeks of healing the swelling does not disappear and you begin noticing the new signs and symptoms, namely: redness, red streaks, bleeding, discoloration or discharge, you must immediately visit a doctor. The infected tongue may lead to unpredictable consequences!

The Risks and Complications

Unfortunately, the complications are the usual things for horizontal tongue piercing. The tongue consists of two muscles, after piercing they are almost pinned together and this connection limits the natural movements and function of the tongue. Other unpleasant problems include:

  1. Slurred speech.
  2. The destruction of enamel and gums, cracking or chipping of the teeth.
  3. The structural damage of the tongue caused by tearing, migration or rejection of the jewelry.
  4. Increased drooling.
  5. The blood poisoning, a blocked airway, toxic shock syndrome can happen in the most dangerous cases due to infections.

The Snake Eyes Piercing Jewelry and Price

The stainless steel straight or curved barbell with two balls on both ends is typical and the safest option for snake eyes piercing. The rings cannot fit into this piercing, so do not experiment with other types of jewelry.

It is essential to choose the right size of the jewelry to avoid possible discomfort while eating or speaking. Very thin barbells may increase migration; it is recommended to take 14 g barbell for the initial piercing. Later, it is possible to have 12 g (2.0 mm) or 10 g (2.4 mm) or even 6 g (4.0 mm) barbells to minimize the stretching stage.

The snake eyes piercing does not have standard cost, it can vary between $30-$65.
#1. Snake Eyes Piersing
snake eyes piersing
#2. Snake Eyes in Tongue Ideas
snake eyes in tongue ideas
#3. Male Snake Eyes Piersing
male snake eyes piersing
#4. Mouth Piersing
mouth piersing
#5. Snake Eyes in Tongue Piersing
snake eyes in tongue piersing
#6. Snake Eyes Under the Lips
snake eyes under the lips
#7. Horisontal Tongue Piersing
horisontal tongue piersing
#8. Simple Snake Eyes Piersing
simple snake eyes piersing
#9. Silver Snake Eyes
silver snake eyes
#10. Asymmetrical Snake Eyes Piersing
asymmetrical snake eyes piersing
#11. Multiple Tongue Piersing With Snake Eyes
multiple tongue piersing with snake eyes
#12. Metal Snake Eyes in Tongue
metal snake eyes in tongue
#13. Snake Eyes Piersing Bars
snake eyes piersing bars
#14. Cool Snake Eyes Piersing
cool snake eyes piersing
#15. Snake Eyes Dots With Nose Piersing
snake eyes dots with nose piersing
#16. Double Tongue Piersing
double tongue piersing
#17. Snake Eyes on Tongue Piersing
snake eyes on tongue piersing
#18. Black Snake Eyes Piersing
black snake eyes piersing
#19. Dual Tongue Piersing for Girls
dual tongue piersing for girls
#20. Triple Tongue Piersing for Men
triple tongue piersing for men