Snug Piercing – The Gorgeous Adornment for Your Ears

The snug piercing is an exciting type of ear piercing, which due to its unique location became one of the favorites among piercing lovers. It is a super option to add to your current gathering of piercing! The snug piercing is a good idea for creative people, who wish to possess something outstanding.

What is Snug Piercing?

The snug is a part of the middle ear, above the anti-tragus and halfway down the ear’s outer rim. The snug is a highly sensitive area with thick cartilage, which makes it one of the most difficult parts of the ear to puncture. The exact location differs from person to person and depends on the shape of the individual ear. The snug piercing is also known as “anti-helix piercing”.

Two types of snug piercing are distinguished:

  1. Double snug piercing -two piercings are done on the antihelix.
  2. Faux snug piercing – is a mix of outer conch piercing and lower helix piercing.

The Preparation and Procedure of Snug Piercing

Before doing snug piercing, make sure that you have well-defined and prominent antihelix ridge to be a candidate for it.

Taking into account the untypical place of piercing, you need to find the best, experienced piercer, who has already successfully practiced this kind of piercing. Secondly, take care of sterility! Clean your ear twice a day 5-6 days before going to piercing salon, as this area has big risks of bacteria spreading.

The standard piercing procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. The disinfection of ear and all instruments including jewelry.
  2. The piercing artist marks the entry and exit points with a surgical marker.
  3. Some piercers administer an anesthetic injection to the snug to avoid pain.
  4. The master with a sterilized needle penetrates the cartilage and immediately inserts the jewelry into the pierced region.
  5. The piercer cleans away possible bleeding and disinfects the pierced part.

The Healing and Aftercare

The snug piercing is regarded to be one of the most painful ones, because of the thickness of the cartilage and very delicate part of the ear. The healing process is painful as well and may last 6-12 month. Some people experience swelling in a year or even two after getting the piercing.

Below are the significant points to consider and follow for proper aftercare:

  1. Do not sleep or lay on the piercing.
  2. Use sterile saline or sea salt soaks twice a day (4 teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt to 1 gallon of distilled water).
  3. Don’t use any tea tree oil, soap – antibacterial or not, alcohol, iodine, etc., as they are too harsh and can dry piercing out and irritates it.
  4. Do not apply antibiotic ointments, creams, moisturizers or makeup.
  5. Take anti-inflammatory tablets to diminish swelling.
  6. Use natural soap with lavender in it, such as “Bronner’s”.
  7. Avoid swimming and applying sunscreen near snug – it will definitely provoke infection.
  8. Do not wear ear buds or headphones and take your phone away.
  9. Do not play with your jewelry and wash hands with anti-microbial soap before touching it.

The improper care during the time may end with an infection. The characteristic features of an infected piercing are constant swelling, redness, tenderness and irritation. If you feel “warm” or have red rings around your piercing, you see brown, green or deep yellow discharge – these are important signs to see a doctor immediately. He will help to find the source of irritation or safely remove the jewelry, but do not try to do it yourself because it can lead to serious complications!

The Jewelry and Price

The choice of jewelry is very important, as your final shape of the piercing directly depends on the jewelry used. There are numerous jewelry variations: silver buds, steel ball rings, hoops, circular cone bells, gold plated snug piercing bars or bar shaped like an arrow or key. Use high-quality material to prevent infection (preferably stainless steel). Keep in mind that the smaller in both gauge and the overall size the ring is, the better. The piercing artists usually use a curved titanium barbell with a 1.6 mm (14 gauge) size for initial piercing.

The total price of snug piercing is about $35-$60. The cost of the session in the piercing salon and the chosen jewelry are included in it.
#1. Golden Snug Piersing
Golden Snug Piersing
#2. Simple Pierising in the Ear
Simple Pierising in the Ear
#3. Snag Dots Piersing
Snag Dots Piersing
#4. Snug Piersing With Diamonds
Snug Piersing With Diamonds
#5. Male Snug Piersing
Male Snug Piersing
#6. Snug Ring Piersing
Snug Ring Piersing
#7. Iguana Snug Piersing
Iguana Snug Piersing
#8. Ear Piersing for Boys
Ear Piersing for Boys
#9. Silver Female Snug
Silver Female Snug