Ideas of Spider Bites Lip Piercing

The spider bites piercing is an exclusive and fashionable type of lip piercings. It resembles a bite of a spider that leads to this unusual name. Nowadays, there is a big increase in popularity of spider bite piercing among the young generation, because this type of body modification offers an appealing and unique form of self-expression.

What is a Spider Bite Piercing?

Spider bite piercing is also known as “viper bites piercing” involves two piercings. They are generally done at the bottom of lower lip with the distance between piercings less than an inch. Also, you can get the spider bite piercing at each side of the lips to create a complete set with four piercings in total.

Procedure and Pain

The first thing you should bear in mind before taking piercing is professionalism of the piercer and sterilized environment. The piercer must explain you the process and help to choose appropriate jewelry. The procedure itself takes 2-3 minutes and consists of several steps:

  1. The piercer properly sterilizes the area;
  2. The master marks entry and exit points with a surgical marker;
  3. A clamp will be used to hold the lip steady and also reduce pain;
  4. A hollow, sterilized needle is inserted beneath the bottom lip either from the inside or outside;
  5. The piercer inserts the jewelry in place.

In comparison with other kinds of facial piercings, the spider bite has a quite low pain rating. Still, the lip is a very sensitive area. Thus people with low pain threshold may experience a very painful feeling. To lessen pain and reduce healing time, it is advised to allow one piercing to heal before getting the second one.

Healing and Aftercare

The healing time usually takes 4-12 weeks, and aftercare plays a major role in this process. It is significant to keep spider bites piercing clean to avoid infection or irritation. It is possible only by following certain rules and advice:

  • do not touch the piercing without washing the hands;
  • avoid alcohol and cigarettes;
  • do not consume very salty or spicy food;
  • take Ibuprofen 2 to 3 times a day to treat initial swelling;
  • make a sea salt solution by using ¼ – ½ teaspoon of sea salt in a coffee cup of warm water. Gently apply solution using a cotton bud outside of the piercing;
  • use chamomile compresses twice a day for 5 – 10 minutes. And wash it in the end with a clean q-tip and cold water to wash off the dead cells;
  • rinse piercing with an alcohol-free mouthwash in the morning, at night and after meals;
  • use an antibacterial soap to wash the pierced spot;
  • avoid cosmetic products and any ointments;
  • brush the teeth with mild toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush;
  • dry the pierced region only with clean paper products;
  • include vitamin B and zinc supplements in your diet to speed up the healing;
  • eat frozen and cold food, such as ice cream or cold yogurt;
  • do not change or remove the piercing unless it heals.

Possible Infection and Complications

The initial swelling is a normal reaction after piercing, which usually lasts 2-4 weeks. However, if it does not disappear after certain time, it can be the first sign to visit a doctor. Even a proper care cannot guarantee the absence of any complications, such as:

  • infections (discharge of a thick and yellowish pus, fever, fistula, red and inflamed area, etc.);
  • damage to the teeth;
  • rejection;
  • migration;
  • gum erosion;
  • bleeding;
  • scars etc.

If any of these complications are noticed, you must consult the specialist as soon as possible to prevent serious consequences.


There is a big array of choices from ball closure rings, seamless rings and barbells, hoops to labret studs for spider bite piercing. Yet, labret studs are the most suitable for your initial piercing. They should be a little longer to accommodate for swelling. If you choose BCRs for the initial phase, take larger ones too. You may choose flat-backed labret studs and add various jewels, ball and spikes in 16 or 14 gauge.

Usually, the spider bites piercing presents the same type of jewelry on both holes to make a visual pair. But a mix of two different colors and styles are also possible. Black titanium body jewelry gets a serious and dark look, in their turn, bright colored ones, make you stand out, emphasizing your uniqueness.

The right size of the jewelry is essential, as it affects the healing time. The oversized jewelry can cause gum and teeth damage, while a too small piece may lead to infection.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Spider Bites?

The average price of the spider bites piercing is about 25-70$. It includes jewelry, taxes and sometimes cleaning solution. There are discounts in most piercing studious if you do both bites at the same time.
This nice circular barbell is an excellent option for your spider bite piercing. Actually, the barbell is almost hidden; everybody can see only two ends of it.

The cute spider bite piercing
This girl is keen on piercings that confirms an unbelievable composition on her face. The double spider bite piercing with snake bites are the best part of this amazing idea.

The double spider bite piercing with snake bites
The youth is a great time to experiment with your appearance. This spider bite piercing brightly complement the stylish look of a beautiful young lady.

The spider bite lip piercing
The combination of elegance and audacity is shown in this photo. The wonderful spider bites on the left side and only one piercing on the right look unusual with medusa piercing.

The spider bite piercing on one side
This sweet composition of spider bite piercing and septum emphasizes your eccentricity. It looks very natural without spoiling the girlish beauty.

The picture of spider bite piercing
Here the spider bites piercing is decorated with two black hoops. You may think that the jewelry is too bright for everyday life, but you only need to try them to fall in love!

The spider bite piercing with hoops
These 3mm genuine diamonds, set in 14k solid white gold is an original choice for dark-skinned people. They are small and incredibly cute.

The spider bite lip studs
Blue hair, burgundy lips, and gorgeous spider bites piercing create an image of an extravagant woman. Besides, a super combination of jewelry and lipstick, makes you spider bites look almost invisible.

The spider bite piercing hoops
These simple jewelry pieces are the perfect option for mature men. They do not strike a lot and at the same time completely represent spider bites.

The image of spider bite piercing
Have you caught sight of the spider bite piercing in this photo? The golden jewelry matches a sunny image of a red girl with numerous lovely freckles.

The golden spider bite piercing jewelry
The 14g double lip piercing with 4mm cz tops look highly serious. So impressive internally threaded labrets suit particularly well girls with chubby lips.

The spider bite piercing with huge studs
Do not ignore the spider bite piercing in case you want to get a badass look. Here two tiny pieces of jewelry bring an exciting detail to your virile appearance.

The fantastic spider bites on guys
If you desire to impress everybody, it is not enough to get only piercing, but in combination with cool, bright make-up and a nice spiral lip ring, you have all chances to achieve it.

The spiral lip ring for spider bites
This girl uses all creativity to create an unforgettable impression. Apart from purple lips, she has the stunning spider bites piercing with two studs in different colors.
The Multiple Lip Piercing Plus Spider Bites
Among numerous types of lip piercing, this mix of vertical labret and spider bites cannot leave you indifferent. Take into account this curved barbell with spiky ends.

The simple female spider bites piercing
Double piercing is a befitting variation of lip piercing art. Here there are two spiral pieces of jewelry on both sides of the mouth that appears a bit mystical.

The spectacular double spider bites dots
Despite the black color, two hoops provide a staggering impression. Wearing such incredible option, you show your wonderful sense of style and open-mindedness.

The spider bites hoop piercing
Two 16g titanium labret studs like two sparkling diamonds will serve as an eye-popping decoration. They should be taken in your collection of piercing!

The spider bites piercing on the left side
The tenderness and charm are two major features of this amazing jewelry composition. This cute stud with a ring will stress on your femininity and sexuality.

The unique spider bites piercing
Here two black spots near the lips illustrate a highly professional design of the spider bites piercing. What about adding such coquettish point to your image?

Black spider bites piercing
These lip ring hoops have a certain skater-girl allure, especially when worn within jewel-toned stacks. Blue and yellow rings are a quite interesting alternative to standard ones.

The colorful spider bites hoops
This magnificent spider bites piercing is for people, who want to feel free. What is more, the black studs resemble moles at a distance that looks very sensitive and delicate.

The female spider bites piercing
In case you desire to have something in common with rock stars, you will require these great spider bites piercings. Black jewelry will go well with various accessories like thorns.

The cool spider bites piercing
Have a look at this exciting spider bites jewelry made of silver! The gleaming dots in the background of dark skin are focused on getting everyone’s attention.

The silver spider bites dots
Are you interested in having some fun by means of your piercing set? Then try this captivating combination of the spider bites and septum piercing within a colorful artwork.

The spider bites with a septum piercing
This lady embodies the trendiest piercing variations, where a special place takes two spider bites on one side. The identically curved barbells are chosen for this design.

Two spider bites piercings
The double spider bites option is a part of this wide range of piercings. It is difficult to find something more graceful than this composition of the thin golden ring and curved barbell.

The best lip spider bites piercing
Here spider bites and make-up are combined in one impeccable masterpiece. The black studs perfectly complement this gothic image, adding some notes of mysticism.

The gothic spider bites piercing
The symmetrical design of lip piercings makes you look unique. The silver curved barbells with rings on both sides will become an unforgettable feature of your style.

Twosided spider bites piercing