Spider Tattoo Designs with Meaning

The heart beats faster, blood runs cold, the hands tremble – all these feelings you experience bumping into the spiders.

The spider is the eight-leged creepy-crawly with the sharp vision which is hated by people in real life but extremely popular among tattoo-lovers. in each culture, this creature has its own spiritual significance and symbolism. Let’s take a look at the most prominent and well-spread meanings.

  • In Europe, the spider was connected with the hatred, death and malice, while it was a vector of the plague and infections.
  • The African tribes, as well as the Slavic folks, treated the spider as the protective mascot against the negative vibes and dark forces.
  • In India and ancient Rome, the spider with the web accepted as luck harbinger and a symbol of prosperity and fortune.
  • The Maya tribe and the Native Americans believed that the spider was a patron of the infants, young children and pregnant women.

 Spider Tattoo Meanings

Infinity and cyclicity: Such symbolical meaning appeared due to the fact that the spider has eight legs and eight eyes, and the number 8, as we know, is a symbol of infinity and eternity.

Feminism, Seduction, Struggle, Independence:  The legendary Black Widow Spider – notorious for its ability to devour her male- is get inked by the ardent feminists who want to show off their strength, sexuality and independence from the male’s dominance.

Wisdom, Harmony, Tranquility: In the Indian mythology, the wise men were illustrated in the image of the enormous spiders, besides, the Indians accepted this insect as the symbol of harmony, well-being and peace.

Diligence, Creativity: The Greek needlewomen inked the spider on the shoulder to enhance their creativity and craftsmanship.

Aggression, Ferocity: The Italians believed that Tarantula’s bite made people crazy, aggressive and ferocious.

Imprisonment, racism: Many criminals apply spider as a reminder of the years of imprisonment. The skinheads use also spider tattoo to emphasize their racist attitudes.

Spider Tattoo Ideas

The spider tat is an impressive sign with a myriad of interpretations and design variations. The spider inked on the neck highlights the owner’s rebellious and authoritarian nature, the spider in duo with the cross conveys power and protection, the spider with the web serves as an amulet and lucky charm, skull and spider tac symbolizes fearlessness. Look through our gallery and pick up the best one!
Crawling 3-D Spider Tattoo on Feet
Get rid of arachnophobia by doing this 3-d black widow tat crawling across the male’s feet. with such true-to-life spider tattoo, you have all chances to ward off all your enemies and foes.
Nifty Black and Gray Spider Legs with Skull Tattoo on Chest
The brutal black and gray skull image complemented with the spider’s legs decorates the lad’s chest. This creative tattoo piece points out that in front of you is a well-balanced and patient person who has no fear before death and obstacles.
Captivating Black Widow Spider Tattoo on Shoulder
To get this super realistic black widow image, the tattooist brought to perfection all key elements: coloration, detailing and shading, and the result surpassed all expectations. This spider is symbolic of the persistence, independence and courage.
Cool Old School Spider Tattoo on Neck with Blood Splashes
You will be surely in the spotlight with such jaw-dropping spider tac made on the neck in Traditional style. This bloody meticulously-done spider, depicted with the blood splashes, accentuates the bearer’s hot temper, vigor, boldness and aspiration for leadership.
Cute Monochrome Spider with Dotwork Roses Tattoo on Arm
This monochrome spider and rose arm piece is targeted at those who set a high value on the aesthetics. The Dotwork rose, portrayed in all its beauty, blends well with the black spider climbing the web. Such duo outlines the peaceful and harmonious state of the owner.
Great Realistic Spider in Web Tattoo on Half Sleeve
The onlookers will cringe definitely at the sight of this realistic spider in web ink. Due to the top-notch detail work and spectacular color combo, the creepy-crawly looks absolutely natural. This image reminds us that we weave ourselves our web of life.
Minimalistic Small Spider Tattoo on Wrist in Black and Gray
Put aside the bold lines and colors, and do this minimalistic black and gray spider tat on the wrist. in a short time, good luck in all your businesses is guaranteed!
Exclusive Lined Spider with Broken Heart Tattoo on Hand
Can’t explain your feeling in words, then express them through the tac like this man did: the lovely broken-hearted spider tattoo, performed in the linear technique on the palm, signals about the drama in the private life of the wearer.
Mind-Blowing Spider with Human Eyes Tattoo on Neck
It’s hard to be unnoticed with this out-of-the-box spider image mixed with the human eyes, nose and lips. This enigmatic piece sitting on the neck is interpreted as a symbol of enlightenment and wisdom, and serves as a lucky charm.
Vibrant New School Spider & Web Tattoo on Knee
Many folks honored the spider with its web and accepted it as a harbinger of good news. Decorate your flash with this vibrant New School spider in the web tattoo, and you will get only good news.
Terrific Tarantula Tattoo Design on Shoulder
The tacs made in the black and gray technique looks not less realistic than the vividly-colored ones, and the tintless tarantulas spinning the web tattoo on the shoulder proves our words. These scary creatures are intended for the ferocious, fearless and adventurous people.
Amazing Traditional Spider & Dagger Tattoo on Forearm
Here is an amazing traditional spider image on the forearm accompanied by the deadly-sharp dagger. This tandem represents the bravery and loyalty and tends to frighten off the negative vibes.
Bewitching Tribal Spider with All-seeing Eye Tattoo on Arm
This fancifully-patterned tribal spider with the All-seeing Eye and a drop of venom extends over the man’s arm. with this tat-mascot, you will be under protection against the evil spirits, ill-wishers and bad luck.
Fab Barbed Wire with Spider Design on Foot
The next foot piece, encompassing “Blackwork” spider hanging on the barbed wire, is used to be inked by the prisoners, but nowadays, such design is in demand among tattoo enthusiasts who want to emphasize their will of power, strength and ability to overcome all the hurdles on the way.
Hair-Raising Tarantula Tattoo in Black-Gray Realism on Arm
The compelling tarantula tattoo carved on the arm looks so realistic that the hair stands on end when you glance at it. The Tarantula ink is chosen primarily by the ambitious, goal-oriented personalities, tending to break the mould.

Fuzzy Dark Spider with Stripes Tattoo on Chest
The marvelous detailed spider piece made in black ink fits in greatly on the guy’s chest. It’s an ideal variant for the creative individuals, while the spider is considered to be the hallmark of creativity, artistry and an overactive imagination.
Jaw-Dropping Asian Spider with Red Sign Tattoo on Head
If the eccentricity is your alter ego, then this black and gray Asian spider tattoo with the red sign is invented especially for you. with such spectacular arachnid, it will not take many efforts to startle the onlookers and express your originality.
Nice Colorful Neo-Trad Spider Tattoo on Shoulder
Here is one more tattoo idea for the flamboyant and extraordinary people: the appealing neo-traditional spider in the web made in the eye-popping colors and with lots of details looks like a true piece of art.
Mysterious Spider with Eye Tattoo on Neck
The superstitious people will appreciate this mysterious neck spider tattoo design with the inserted eye. Each of these symbols are the strong amulets in themselves but in tandem they have a double protective power.
Blackwork Spider with Webbed Legs Tattoo on Chest
The epic Dotwork spider tat with the webbed legs beautifies the heart of the chest. This image inspires self-confidence and courage in the owner and makes him less vulnerable to the negative influence.
Girlish Long-Legged Spider Tattoo in Black on Neck
No any other sign can convey the women’s sexuality, independence and femininity better than this jet-black spider tac engraved on the girl’s neck. Due to the black and gray realism, this ink looks so impressive and striking.
Astonishing Dark Spider Tattoo on Male’s Shoulder
This is one more tattoo design of the spider with the watchful eye inked on the shoulder. What fascinates most of all in this piece is the awesome shading work and elaborately done detailing.
Rad Big Colorful Spider with Heart Tattoo on Chest
You can’t help but like this overwhelming big spider tattoo crafted in purple-orange shades on the chest. A zest of this motif is the realistically-displayed heart instead of the body which indicates that someone has left a print in the wearer’s heart.
Neat Old School Pretty-Faced Girl Spider Tattoo on Foot
The lady portrait tattoo combined with the spider image is an on-point tattoo design signifying beauty, contentment with life and temptation. This Old School tat has a bit gothic look but it doesn’t make it less attractive.
Head-Turning Big Patterned Spider Neck Tattoo
This glorious black and gray spider tattoo covers up the head and the neck of the wearer. The intricate geometric and floral patterns make the monochrome insect incredibly beautiful and showy. As a rule, such design accentuates the inscrutability and aloofness of the owner.
Wonderful Geometric Spider Tattoo on Arm
Tattoo in geometric style is always a treat for the eyes and this geometric black and gray spider with the crossed legs ink isn’t an exception. The piece is tattooed on arm, but it will look as well cool on the leg or chest.
Sensational Spider with Web and Wire Tattoo on the Shoulder
The sensational dark spider sitting in the web surrounded with the barbed wire flatters the man’s shoulder. The bearer of this terrific pattern informs the onlookers about his criminal past.
Impressive Dotwork Spider Skull Tattoo on Foot
To recreate this artistic spider& skull tattoo motif, you need to find a genial and experienced tattooist. Complex patterns, a load of details and skillful shading make this tattoo unique and unforgettable.
Sweet Healed and Settled Spider Tattoo on Arm
The sweet traditional spider tattoo in coal-black sits on the male’s arm. This wonderfully- detailed arthropod will pack you with the positive energy, bring good fortune and remind of the cyclicity of our life.
Small Lined Spider with the Flowing Legs Tattoo on Chest
The lady has preferred to adorn her chest with the single dark-colored spider with the flowing legs. This tattoo design is aimed to highlight women’s strength, boldness, seductive power and liberty.
Alluring Spider with Rose Back Tattoo on Forearm
The smokey spider with the rose on its back makes up a lovely arm tattoo design. The ink points out that the bearer’s heart is filled with the hope, harmony, tenderness and love.