Star Wars Tattoo Designs Every Fan Should See

It’s impossible to underestimate the great impact that Star Wars saga has had on different aspects of culture. Starting with thematic comic-cons and ending with living organisms that were named after the characters, it seems that Star Wars have left a mark almost everywhere. Of course, the influence of this iconic space saga couldn’t pass by the tattoo industry.

So what about the symbolism of Star Wars tattoos?

Quoting Marshall Eriksen from HIMYM: “… The only people in the universe who have never seen Star Wars are the characters in Star Wars. That’s cause they lived the Star Wars…”. Fair enough. While doing the research, we found it hard to make an ultimate list of all symbolic meanings of Star Wars tattoos, however, here you can find some common reasons why people choose Star Wars inspired images to get inked with:

  • Any Star Wars tattoo shows your dedication and love of the films;
  • The Princess Leia image may represent the victory of good over evil;
  • Han Solo and Chewbacca or C-3PO and R2-D2 tattoos often stand for a strong friendship bond;
  • The image of Han Solo and Leia is symbolic of love;
  • Master Yoda signifies wisdom;
  • Luke Skywalker is an epitome of bravery and strength;
  • The image of the Death Star or Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, General Grievous tattoos show that you are on the dark side;
  • The Millennium Falcon tattoo is a reminder of not giving up;
  • The Rebel Alliance logo, known as a Starbird, the Galactic Empire logo or Jedi Order logo tattoos are perfect for those who want to pay tribute to their favorite film.

Star Wars tattoos Design

Apart from quotes, the outer space, cool spacecraft and multiple secondary characters you may add some other complementing details to your tattoo like these:

  • Banners with lettering;
  • Geometric figures;
  • Ornamental patterns as the background;
  • Mandala;
  • Flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, peonies, etc.

Star Wars tattoos go in all the possible styles, shapes and sizes. Everything depends on your preferences. From sleeves capturing the battle of spacecraft to cute small Ewok inks, you have plenty of designs to choose from.

For a true fan, there’s nothing more inspiring than everything that happened in a Galaxy far, far away. So, turn on The Imperial March and get ready to look at the best Star Wars tattoo designs ever!
Truly awesome Star Wars tattoos on the forearm

Since 1977, when the very first episode was released, Star Wars films have continued inspiring thousands of people all over the globe. If you are one of them, don’t miss this insanely beautiful black and gray tattoo composition of Star Wars spacecraft.
Not that bad Star Wars tattoo of C3PO

Though this C-3PO outline tattoo isn’t the best, technically it’s done right considering the texture of hand palms. If you want your palm tattoo to heal and age well, it should be as simple as possible. And this C-3PO is a great example.
The best Star Wars tattoos on feet

What is the best possible design to accompany Darth Vader? The Imperial Stormtrooper it is. Just look at how nicely they complement each other. Super cool Star Wars matching tattoos.
Really cool Star Wars R2D2 tattoo in color

You’ve probably seen a bunch of cool R2-D2 cosplays on annual comic-cons, but have you ever seen such a beautiful color R2-D2 as a casino machine tattoo?
Splendid Star Wars couple tattoos

Two hypnotizing matching tattoos of the Rebel logo with galaxy views inside perfectly fit a couple that shares the same interests and both are passionate about Star Wars.
Amazingly cute Star Wars tattoo of Princess Leia

Using the facial features of your better half in the portraying of one of the characters from Star Wars is a brilliant idea. It’s a creative way to say how much you love your significant other and, of course, Star Wars. This Leia with a blaster Traditional tattoo shows you how a good tattoo should be done.
Jawdropping Stormtrooper and Imperial logo tattoo

Maybe they rarely hit the target, but the armor of Stormtroopers is one of the most distinctive Star Wars tattoo designs that you can get. This overwhelmingly hyper-realistic Stormtrooper helmet tattoo along with the Empire symbol shows directly which side of the Force this girl prefers.
Fantastic Imperial symbol tattoo in red hues

Another beautiful take on the Imperial symbol with partly visible Darth Maul face is depicted on the wrist. The tattoo artist used black and red to highlight the horrendous power of the Dark side of the Force which powered the Galactic Empire.
Mindblowing Jedi tattoo

When you hear the word ‘Jedi’ who is the first one that springs to your mind? We bet, this is Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Knight whose bravery and pilot skills have no limits. This color realism tattoo portrait of Luke Skywalker is the true work of art.
Astonishing Millennium Falcon tattoo

We really like the concept of prevailing red and yellow in this Star Wars tattoo. Composition-wise, all the elements work together in the best way. The Millennium Falcon and the Rebel Alliance symbol create the beauteous background for two inseparable droids-friends C-3PO and R2-D2.
Simple contrasting Star Wars Princess Leia tattoo

Considering countless main and secondary characters in Star Wars, you have more than enough options to choose from. However, there are only a few protagonists whose portraying is the most common. Princess Leia is one of them. A high contrast between solid black and negative skin areas makes this Leia tattoo really eye-catching.
Cool simple black Star Wars symbols as tattoo ideas

The two bold black Star Wars tattoo bangers on both thumbs may stand for the eternal battle between good and evil which is portrayed through the emblems of the Empire and Rebellion.
Cool small American Traditional tattoo in Star Wars style

This Traditional lightsaber piercing the skin tattoo is super cool. The red color of the saber, which probably belongs to Darth Vader, makes it clear which side of the Force the tattoo bearer has chosen.
Charming Star Wars TIE Fighter arm tattoo for girls

Accompanied by beautiful tender pink roses, the TIE Fighter tattoo nicely sits on the forearm. This lady definitely knows how to pay tribute to one of the most iconic spacecraft of the Imperial fleet.
Symmetrical Star Wars Empire and Rebel tattoos

Decorated with intricate ornaments, the black tattoos of the Rebel Alliance emblem and the Empire cog sit symmetrically on both calves. Very clever way to show the balance between good and evil.
Beauteous black and gray full sleeve Star Wars tattoo

If you are a die-hard fan of Star Wars saga and want to get a tattoo, why don’t you go big? Instead of inking small emblems of the Empire or the Rebel Alliance, think of a full sleeve based on Star Wars. Combining different scenes and characters in one beautiful tattoo either color or black and gray is a perfect way to show how crazy you are about these films.
Knockdown Star Wars half sleeve tattoo

This Star Wars half-sleeve tattoo is exactly what we call ‘one in a million’. We are in love with every little detail of this flawlessly executed color realistic tattoo of a bounty hunter Boba Fett that adorns the shoulder of this lucky guy. Killer piece!
Classy Star Wars Old School tattoo

For Star Wars aficionados the space saga is much more than just sci-fi films. These days when everybody seems to have tattoos, it would be a crime not to get this outstanding Traditional tattoo of Darth Vader’s mask pierced by a lightsaber and decorated with saturated red roses.
Impressive and fun Star Wars Stormtrooper and Darth Vader tattoos

We appreciate the sense of humor of this Star Wars devotee. Symmetrically placed on both biceps, the tattoos of Stormtrooper and Darth Vader’s masks have some fun complementing elements like the braids and the bowtie.
Feminine Star Wars symbol tattoo

The Last Jedi, which is the second film in the sequel trilogy of Star Wars, will be released this December and we all are thrilled about that. While you’re waiting, something as beautiful and feminine as this Linework peonies with a negative skin Alliance Starbird tattoo will brighten up your expectation.
Interesting Star Wars Millennium Falcon tattoo art for girls

Han Solo once referred to Millennium Falcon: “She’s the fastest ship in the fleet!”. No wonder why girls love this spacecraft so much. The ship is a lady. Shown at an interesting angle, this Millennium Falcon tattoo fascinates with its detailing.
Cool cartoonish Disney Star Wars tattoo for kids

Here’s a cool colorful Disney take on the Star Wars rivalry scene in which Obi Van Kenobi portrayed as Mickey Mouse faces off Darth Maul depicted as Scrooge McDuck.
Badass Traditional Star Wars tattoo on the ribs

We’ll just leave it here. The Traditional Darth Vader tattoo is so awesome that it doesn’t need any comments. Use the Force, Star Warriors!
Phenomenal Dotwork TIE Fighter and Death Star tattoo

Two of the most recognizable Imperial spacecraft, the Death Star and the TIE Fighter, create this phenomenal Dotwork Star Wars tattoo. Did you know that the actual sound of the TIE Fighter engine was the mix of an elephant and a car? Pretty cool, ha?
Breathtaking 3D Star Wars Darth Vader tattoo idea

From the time when Anakin Skywalker was seduced by the Dark side of the Force and become Darth Vader, his dark black mask stroke fear into the hearts of many. Of course, a tattoo that depicts Dark Lord of the Sith has to reflect his might. This 3D shoulder tattoo surely does that.
Badass Star Wars head tattoo

This badass saturated color piece on the head depicts one of the Ewoks, little furry inhabitants of Endor. By the way, the word “Ewok” itself wasn’t said out loud in the films.
Astonishing Star Wars outline tattoo

These are probably just contours of the future Star Wars thigh tattoo, but the design already looks astonishing. Bold and clean, the tattoo depicts Stormtrooper and Darth Vader’s masks pierced by the lightsaber and surrounded by roses.
Dope WuTang and Star Wars collaboration tattoo

We didn’t expect this coming. Portraying a Stormtrooper as a rapper is a really cool way to show your interests and to become a happy owner of a badass hand tattoo.
Just the perfect Star Wars tattoo

If you are a perfectionist, this Dotwork portrait of Darth Vader is definitely on the top in the wide range of Star Wars tattoo variants. Considering quite a small size of the tattoo, the detail in it is impressive. Plus the tattoo shows some serious devotion to the imperial forces.
Impeccable Star Wars tattoo with fire

Darth Vader finds your lack of Star Wars tattoos disturbing. Don’t upset the Sith Lord and get a tattoo with his image in it. You may take as an example this impeccable comic style Darth Vader tattoo that is shaped in a rhombus.
Outstanding Star Wars chest tattoo in Dotwork style

What do the Stormtrooper have in common with a mandala? Well, both look exceptionally beautiful since composed in one Dotwork Star Wars tattoo on the chest.
Flawless Star Wars Yoda tattoo

Master Yoda once told Anakin that fear was the path to the dark side. Unless you want to join the Sith, don’t be afraid of showing your love and devotion to Star Wars with the help of a nice tattoo. Get inspired by this flawless colorful Yoda ink.

Not only that the Star Wars characters have become common nouns for some kinds of behavior or personality, but different expressions like “May the Force be with you” are an inevitable part of today’s lexicon. This cool colorful Neo Traditional tattoo captures the moment when Admiral Ackbar says his famous phrase: “it’s a trap!”.
Eyecatching Star Wars XWing tattoo in black and white

For those of you who don’t like ordinary things, we’ve found this unusual X-Wing tattoo. Super clean and bold, the ink really catches the eye thanks to heavy black and flawless line work.
The most impressive Star Wars legsleeve tattoo

We must set aside all the differences about which trilogy is the best and just admit that Star Wars is the culmination of awesomeness in the whole cinematography. And this super bright saturated Star Wars leg sleeve is streets ahead of all the other tattoos that have ever been done.
Damn cool evil Darth Maul Star Wars tattoo

The Darth Maul’s terrifying appearance was inspired by the famous Rorschach test. The result of playing with black and red paint was pretty awesome and gave the Sith Lord his recognizable look which many fans use to design their Star Wars tattoos.
Cool Star Wars Watercolor tattoo

The Force is strong with this guy. The lightsaber tattoo is so cool that we almost can hear the sound of the lightsaber battle.
Clean bold black tattoo of the symbol of Star Wars

The creative skills of the tattoo master, who came up with this simple and at the same time intricate tattoo of Millennium Falcon and Alliance Starbird fused in one, deserves applause.
Fantastically detailed Millennium Falcon tattoo on the calf

The detail and line work in this Millennium Falcon tattoo is something out of this world. All of these fine lines, circles and tiny elements rather remind a blueprint than a tattoo.
Awesome Star Wars symbol and flowers tattoo

When it comes to Star Wars symbols, you have plenty of options for a tattoo. Instead of just depicting a symbol, consider adding flowers to the design like in this awesome American Traditional Rebel Alliance insignia tattoo.
Nice and cute Star Wars tattoo of Darth Vader mask

Fans often love expressing their devotion and admiration by tattooing Star Wars characters both heroes and villains. One of the most popular choices is Darth Vader tattoo, the main Star Wars villain, whose iconic mask in red hues we can see in the picture.
Awesome black and white Star Wars tattoo

Every Star Wars nerd on the planet will appreciate this awesome black and gray bicep tattoo of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.