Steampunk Tattoos – Fabulous Elements and Designs

Steampunk tattoo is an artistic presentation of the Victorian era where cogs, gears, steam and scientists have ruled. Nowadays this direction mixes various designs such as tribal, classic or old school and is not limited to machinery.

Steampunk Tattoos Elements

If you consider having a steampunk tattoo, take some of the most stylish elements and designs for your masterpiece:

  • Fractured or broken skin or flesh;
  • Built-in gears and cogs;
  • dirigibles, balloons or any sort of transport;
  • Clocks and pocket watches;
  • Valves and tubes;
  • Measuring gauges;
  • Uncommon patterns of the machinery;
  • Pin-up women and gentlemen;
  • Mechanized animals and insects;
  • Floral elements;
  • Skulls;
  • Music tools.

Steampunk Subculture – The Significances of the Tattoo

If have already chosen the element or complicated pattern of the steampunk tattoo, you should know the significant items of them:

  • No restriction with reality, rebellion;
  • Self-confidence;
  • Great power;
  • Transformation;
  • Wisdom and knowledge;
  • Love and beauty;
  • Mystery;
  • Technology and science;
  • «Other» World;
  • Dedication to the steampunk subculture;
  • Adventurous spirit.

Steampunk Tattoos Designs and Colors

The steampunk tattoos are always fabulous! Steampunk recognized metallic elements of iron, copper, and brass are common features, both for period-accurate pieces and cool steampunk interpretations. That is why brown, yellow and of course, black are the main colors in this direction. The monochrome, like grayscale or brown, looks so fascinating and emphasizes the photography during the Victorian era. Of course, the steampunk tattoo inked in colors is more impressive. No doubt that the steampunk is a world of advanced technology, so it is perfectly reasonable to use vibrant colors and complicated machine-made elements. The options of location are endless, but at any case, it is your personal choice. But the most men prefer the sleeve or forearm tattoo when the steampunk tattoo includes gauges, cogs, and gears. The 3D or biomechanical will look fabulous on shoulder blades, chest or back. The smaller sorts, as pocket watches or mechanical patterns, can be located on the wrist, ankle and even on the finger.

Take a glance at these outstanding steampunk tattoos. They are beyond creative and should give you the world of ideas and designs!
A stylish art creation! A clock in a steampunk design looks eye-catching notwithstanding with the peculiar elbow location. The figures and the hands are carved in golden color that creates an additional magnetism.clockwork tattoo designs
A mysterious raven is portrayed in a metallic guise with blue areola. When a person gets such tattoo, he’s ready to stand by for anything to happen! That is a preferable design for men.steampunk tattoo
The tattoo masterly immortalizes the female image. It turns the arm into a masterpiece and gives you the extra rocking look!steampunk arm tattoo
Imagination is reflected in this work. Here the body provides a place from where to transcend onto the world of machines. Red framing around the tattooed mechanism creates a sense of the virtual platform.steampunk biomechanical tattoo
The details are mostly depicted in yellow metals, i.e brass, because of the antique nature of steampunk design. A bird consists of metal mechanisms and thus is the best way to show a melding of nature and machine.steampunk bird tattoo
The black cat represents magic and mysticism and can bring good luck to the wearer according to the Native Americans believe. The detail in this art is amazing from the intricate work on the beads up to the glasses resting over the cat’s eyes.steampunk cat tattoo
The tattoo combines steampunk cogs and Native American’s feathers on the man’s chest and displays a sheer power and beauty. One part of the tattoo is totally black and the other one is shaded by red and purple colors. There is a heart inked inside this colored part and it is not occasionally. This is the left side, that is also a real heart1s location and the red color stands for love and passion.steampunk chest tattoo
It’s been said that time is the most valuable thing a man can spend in his lifetime. The complex idea consisting of the tree, clocks and inner gears is beautifully crafted on the man’s sleeve. The symbolism of this perfect idea is the importance of every moment in our life!steampunk clock tattoo
This is a half-sleeve design. The dragon looks a little bit strange but the fantasy allowed the tattooist to make a cute art piece. Some components, the horn, and the eyes are colored in green and produce an impressive look.steampunk dragon tattoo
The gears are made in a traditional steampunk style; the colors are reflecting the cooper. When the metallic patterns go with lily it may inject the motion of love and beauty. An awesome design for girl’s forearm!steampunk flower tattoo
If you are thinking about getting a tattoo that will truly make people’s jaws drop, this is the style for you. This full sleeve ink is done in the classic steampunk style with the peculiar colors to it: red is for copper, yellow is for brass, gray for metallic.steampunk full sleeve tattoo
A really fascinating steampunk tattoo design because of its complexity and originality. The two images are oppositely inked on the forearm. One image displays the scientist and the second – the human creature with the mechanism inside the chest. The modern world is becoming more and more mechanized and this tattoo can display this fact to the surrounding world.steampunk gear tattoo
The shadings are made so artistically that it seems the heart burning so hard that it could melt the chest of the wearer. It is a cute option to display the unity of heart and love.steampunk heart tattoo
I love the badass splash of colors on the man’s sleeve tattoo! The owl being seen traditionally as the wisest of all birds, so the common message of this ink is a wisdom and knowledge. It can be worn by both, men and women.steampunk owl tattoos
A cool tattoo idea for man’s sleeve! The men choose the above-mentioned design to resemble their fantasy woman or girlfriend. It is outlined in black ink but involves green and red shadings and intricate detailing by the wrench.steampunk pin-up tattoo
So cool idea! The steampunk tattoo carries the engine and the speedometer gauge. It is a great option if the racing is in your blood.steampunk shoulder tattoo
The shadings have made a great work with certain lines. Looks great on the man’s body!steampunk skull tattoo
This is a creative idea for today’s funky and cool generation. A picturesque design displays the different elements in a cute steampunk style. The key is a sign of secrets and mystery, the heart stands for relationships and the roses renders the love.steampunk sleeve tattoo
This sample is made in a rational steampunk way with yellow shadings. A gear symbolizes cooperation, i.e. very gear must work together to make something great! Such ink can serve as a message to the people around to cooperate!steampunk tattoo art
A creative tattoo idea of a gorilla with the steampunk styled hat! The gorillas are quite peaceful primates, and generally only aggressive when provoked. So, this ink can portray the wearer.steampunk tattoos for men
A realistic portrait of the woman with steampunk details looks eye-catching on the woman’s half-sleeve. We are all parts of a larger whole and every «cog» has its value and goal. In this idea, the woman is one of the main cogs that keeps the family running.steampunk tattoos for women
A cute performance of the steampunk ink carved on the back. It is a deep meaningful sign of the wholeness.steampunk tribal tattoo
The mechanism in the form of the heart moves the wings. The above-pictured tattoo is a vivid mark of the love that gives us wings to fly.steampunk wings tattoo
The portraits of a woman and man of a Victorian era are combined with the heart at the bottom of this tattoo and look just beautiful! As to our mind, the primary importance is the diversity of colors masterly inked on the leg. Opt for it and you will look stunning!victorian style tattoos
A finely colored ink on the girl’s sleeve is a special mark! A phonograph is made in a steampunk design and symbolizes a modern life of cars, gadgets, and mechanisms of all kinds, but the dancing girl is a classic ballerina in a pink dress who is wishing to live by her own rules.steampunk tattoo for girls
A dragonfly is spiced with Victorian accessories and is skillfully carved on the forearm. The wings are so pretty colored in pastel tones and create a real and an airy view. It is a nice variant of not big but cunning steampunk ink, isn`t it?!steampunk dragonfly tattoo
A design is rare to see but makes this tattoo truly unique. A coloring with dark blue and brown makes every detail to stand out. The tattoo lies masterfully on the shoulder blade.steampunk skeleton tattoos
A tattoo portrays a woman`s face with the mask with the deep meaning of being yourself in any occasion. Every pattern is dark and well shaped, except for the blue eyes on the mask that make the tattoo seems mysterious.mask steampunk tattoo
An arm almost disappears and only the frightening image remains due to a good job of the tattooist. A metal and dark bird in a steampunk style seems to be gazing at you!black and gray steampunk tattoo
A poignant idea! A gas mask is the main detail in this piece of art and means the wearer` s belief for a hypothetical apocalyptic future.steampunk tattoo on foot
The plague` doctor mask is a creepy symbol of death and the unknown. But here the tattoo means the opposite thing: «Do not be afraid of anything as the birds do.steampunk tattoo on thigh

A mechanically inspired design of the eye tattoo captivates the imagination. The almost real looking appearance of the eye is achieved due to the play of blue and black colors. steampunk eye tattoo
A cool sign of your activity and daily work! The more components you add, the more attractive the tattoo becomes. The frame is smudgy with the message of the endless possibilities in the Universe. Take it as your inspiration!steampunk half sleeve tattoo
The wearer` favorite animal is spiced up with Victorian accessories, such as hat and glasses. This watercolor fox look rather distinguished as a gentleman of the Victorian Era.steampunk fox tattoos
The head is a bold choice for a steampunk tattoo. But it only emphasizes your appreciation of a steampunk subculture.steampunk tattoo on head
A vintage and Victorian phonograph on the forearm is a classy tattoo for any lover of music or vinyl enthusiast. Switching to color, this vintage phonograph conveys a great sense of texture, form the metal horn to the wooden base.vintage steampunk tattoo
A lovely lady is a steampunk version of the Victorian girl. She is accented with a red scarf and some wonderful green highlights both on her body and behind her. The colors really give this piece some flare.steampunk girl tattoo

Amazing colors combine gears and the Roman numbers in this steampunk ink. It is an extravagant option for a male art ink lovers!color steampunk tattoos
An octopus will help you to surpass all the challenge that you have to face in the modern world of technologies and machines. The color combination of black and red rocks!steampunk octopus tattoos
A combination of futuristic techniques with vintage imagery makes a mind-blowing look! An owl is an often sign of the steampunk tattoos and means wisdom and patience in Western culture. The red-colored strip and the bowtie and monocle emphasize the details of the Victorian era on the tattoo.steampunk tattoo on side
There is an excellent collaboration of the airy feather pen and mechanical parts inside. This tattoo is romantic enough to inspire the inked nostalgic people. The classic design is a good idea for your forearm!steampunk feather tattoo
Your thigh is the perfect place for this cool and funny steampunk tattoo to rest. You can hide it or show. It is for fun cause!fun steampunk tattoo
How cute! This tattoo includes the centerpiece cupcake with blue frosting, a peacock feather, and a pocket watch. All three sign evoke happiness whether it’s out of nostalgia, a love of food or just beauty.cupcake steampunk tattoo
This is a cute tattoo to estimate the value of every single moment of time. The colors and the styles speak about the Victoria era. Nice accessory for your ankle!steampunk tattoo on ankle
Small gears are cutely located on the finger. The dots are symbolizing the continuation of the movement which is very important in our lives.steampunk tattoo on finger
If you’re looking for a tattoo that covers a lot of symbolic territories, then the ship together with octopus tattoo may well be the motif you are looking for. It is a fabulous sign to show your dedication to the adventures and your inner power.steampunk ship tattoo
OMG! This is an awesome tattoo with the frog consisting of mechanical parts! The location of such tattoo on the arm is more effective.steampunk frog tattoo
A skilled tattooist is able to transform a tattoo in an alive machine from the other world. The tattoo is all about England of 19-th century when the chimneys of the plants were belching out smoke everywhere. Combining machine outlines with watercolor splash can produce gorgeous results like this one.watercolor steampunk tattoo

The details and line work are strong as hell. The meaning of the above-described tattoo is uplifting, achievement and love. The last one is strengthened by the red inked rose.traditional steampunk tattoo
Mechanisms are common figures in steampunk imagery. This piece is also an incredible example of 3D tattoo work. The on/off indication truly completes the piece. Take it for your inspiration!3d steampunk tattoo
The beetle tattoo looks like a jewel on skin. It is worth getting due to beautiful colors and variations of the wings.steampunk beetle tattoo
This biomechanical back piece nicely unites the central steampunk patterns of machinery and gears. If you are ready to try out something new and innovative should go for biomechanical tattoo design pictured above! steampunk tattoo on the back