Summer Outfit Variants

With the fashion weeks in London, New York, and Paris already over, some trends and stylish pieces have become significantly more popular than others. So, according to the tendency, 2017 is establishing itself as a bright season with both brand-new outstanding getups, and updated looks from last summer.

What to Wear on Summer

Let’s start with the trends that have settled themselves the most and have proven to be really sought-after. These are presented by:

  • Sailing inspired stripes
  • Khaki
  • Head-to-toe florals
  • Monochromatic super brights
  • Statement stripes
  • Bows (both on clothes and footwear)
  • Cut out/off the shoulder tops/sleeve slits
  • Voluminous architectural shoulders
  • Waist Cinchers
  • Trench coats
  • Fold over waists
  • Sexy sporting style
  • Robes
  • Boy Scout sash

When choosing another summer outfit, bear in mind how hot and humid it is in your country. Remember that utility and comfort are the main criteria – if you know for sure you’re definitely gonna feel sweaty, nothing in your clothing should bother or disturb you. For the same reason, you’d better pay more attention to the fabrics. Pick natural, light, airy, and breathable materials, which feel great, look great and are super durable:

  • seersucker
  • linen
  • silk
  • rayon
  • cotton
  • chiffon

Decide on the color and fit of your summer wardrobe also keeping your environment in mind: avoid dark and tight clothing, giving priority to looser items like harem pants, palazzo pants, loose dresses, and all that, if you have a traditional hot summer. While in more humid climate, these limitations are not necessary.

What to wear in summer for women? Make a note on these successful combinations:

  • Dress – It is probably the easiest way to look feminine, elegant, and combat the heat since they require only one piece (sheath dresses, shift dresses, skater dresses, bodycon dresses, wrap dresses, maxi, midi or knee-length dresses, etc.)
  • Skirt + top – Having skirts in your wardrobe allows for a bigger variety of summer outfits. Combine maxi skirts with either drapery T-shirts or tank tops, knee-length skirts with a tucked-in blouse and a thick belt, minis – with crop tops.
  • Linen pants – They can also be paired with various items like tees, long tunic-style tops, crop tops, etc.
  • Shorts + T-shirts – Always a win-win choice for any occasion.

As for men, such ensembles can work well:

  • T-shirts or short-sleeved button downs
  • Shorts (colored chinos or flat front neutral shorts)
  • Casual lightweight blazers
  • Pants (cargo pants, beach pants, chino pants, drawstring slacks)

We’ve prepared something really tasty for you in the gallery below. So, get comfortable and check it out!
The Best Summer Outfit
So light and airy, this fantastic patterned jumpsuit is the most comfortable, stylish, and versatile variant for summer ever.
Casual Summer Outfit for Women
Want something practical, but fashionable? Combine the current trends – ripped denim overalls, striped blouse, and fur sandals – in a gorgeous street style.
Cheap Summer Outfit Ideas
This lovely playful look is going to blow you away – just don’t afraid of mixing incompatible pieces of clothing, however, do it wisely.
Chic Summer Outfit Idea
So sexy yet elegant, this dress can make any guy crazy. With lots of spicy cutouts, it’s a must-have secret weapon for ladies.
Clothes to Wear This Summer
Lace bell-bottom pants and fantastic white off-the-shoulder top blend into a unique and beautiful romantic summer style for girls.
Comfy Outfit for Summer
Can the 90’s style look more modern than this? High-waisted flared skirt, simple top, socks under the sandals – everything’s in refreshing white.
Cool Summer Outfit
This playful coral maxi dress will make you younger. Wear comfortable heels, a burgundy broad-brimmed hat, and voilà – the world is yours.Cute Clothes for Summer
Casual look for rest and fun. Off the shoulder ruffled top, light denim jeans, and stylish Converse – simply but tastefully!
Cute Dressy Summer Outfit
Want something western? How about such lovely lace dress along with those cool booties and bold navy choker?
Cute Going Out Outfit for Summer
The denim dress is a core of this absolutely feminine and sensitive look. Match your bag with sandals color to complete the image.
Cute Outfit for Summer With Shorts
This nice little outfit with denim shorts and off-shoulder ruffled top won’t fail either on a shopping trip or at the barbecue party.
Cute Outfit to Wear in the Summer
Besides this striped dress is fashionable, it’s also perfect for staying cool. Play with a straw hat, espadrilles, and a necktie to rock it.
Cute Simple Summer Outfit
Besides being a part of a classic look, this midi skirt with a view of Paris can work for such fabulous romantic and sporty mix.
Cute Summer Dress Outfit
Here we go with a floral print that’s so trendy this summer. Throw a denim jacket over the shoulders, wear nude heels and choose a handbag to match.
Cute Summer Fashion
Show all your creativity with a baggy slogan T-shirt. By the way, statement clothing was also presented at the New York Fashion Week this year!
Cute Summer Look
The floral mini dress is good, but what if add a bright accent on the shoes? A pretty boater hat with a black band would be a catchy complement too!
Cute Summer Outfit for Girls
Summer is the best time to wear flirty tropical dresses without any obligations. Put on this pineapple printed item and enjoy yourself.
Cute Summer Outfit for School
Not too schoolish, but flirty-strict, this outfit will turn lots of heads! A retro schoolgirl with round kaleidoscope eyeglasses and red lips – hmmm… that’s gonna look hot.
Cute Summer Outfit for Women
This gorgeous flamingo dress is amazing! Long, loose, and airy – that’s what makes it so stunning and charming.
Perfect Cute Summer Outfit
A crop top, ribbon shorts, a waistcoat – and everything’s crocheted! And everything’s white! Together with metallic accessories all that look extremely fabulous!
Cute Summer Outfit With Jeans
Wow! That’s unbelievable – how a couple of scarlet highlights can turn an everyday street style into a glamorous and chic image!
Cute Summer Outfit With Shorts and a Crop Top
Torn denim shorts and open-toed booties add some notes of adventurism and freedom, while the V-cut crop top with long transparent sleeves balances the image with femininity and tenderness.Cute Lace Dress Summer Style
What can look more romantic and summer-like than a loose lace dress? Wear gladiator knee-high sandals, add your fav hat, and don’t forget about a purse or handbag.
Cute Summer Trends
So gentle and cute, this outfit reminds a fairytale princess. But if replace those sandals with high hills and remove the hat, you get an outstanding cocktail party look.
Cute Summertime Outfit
If you’re bored with dresses and skirts, this floral romper with embroidery in a magnificent blue will come in handy for some special occasion.
Cute, Swag and Pastel Summer Outfit
This flawless summer outfit is not your average bear – it’s definitely unique and the combination is just a pure perfection!
Fancy Peach Summer Outfit
Following this year designers’ advice about sticking to one color from head to toe, try this soft and classy look with the maxi peach dress.
Fashion Ideas for Summer
Despite most summer clothes are meant to prevent you from the “heat death”, in the evenings you want to wear something cozy – something like this elegant ensemble.
Fun Outfit for Summer
Hey, girl! Summer is high time to break the rules and have fun, so what do you think about this cool black camisole, white buttoned pants, patent leather shoes, and a playful red beret?Good Outfit for Summer With a Jeans Skirt
A bit sexy and a bit romantic at the same time is a win-win combination. Midi asymmetric skirt, off-shoulder top with amazing patterned design and stylish accessories – everything’s on point!
Good Mash-Up Summer Look
How can someone dislike this bright outfit? VS Shell Bikini top, a fur shaggy jacket that looks like wings, high-waisted shorts, an ally hat, and super comfy All Stars. Explosive and sexy, right?
Gorgeous Summer Outfit
These loose striped culottes give the image trendiness, while so low off shoulders top makes it more feminine, and well-fitted accessories add elegance and tastefulness.
Great White Outfit for Summer
Play with contrast. If you’re a brunette, try an all-white outfit this summer: wide leg trousers and crochet top – why not?
Hot Total Black Summer Outfit
Totally black outfits are not essentially boring, they can also be rather intriguing – like this one. This backless bodysuit is spiced up with leather details and accessories.
Latest Summer Fashion for Ladies
Meet another hot country-style: floor-length, lots of cleavages, tied choker, and taupe ankle booties – a good style for a bad sweet girl.Nice Little Black Dress Outfit for Summer
This halter dress for a black queen is an ideal summer resolution: no need to wear a bra – it’s loose enough and made of not-clingy fabric, besides the style is on point.
Outfit Inspiration for Summer
This one is an illustrious representative of so-called “sexy sporting style”, which is gaining momentum these days. Silk track pants and jersey are elegant and club-ready now!
Pretty Outfit for Summer
This weightless dress with laces is meant for romantic beach moments and sweet memories. Diversify your wardrobe with such a crochet maxi cutie.
Sexy Summer Outfit
Wow, that’s definite wow! If you’re one of those chicks with fantastic bodies, you cannot but try this cool outfit with a cropped top and denim slightly flared skirt.
Simple Summer Style
Nothing special, but so gorgeous! This style doesn’t require lots of preparations – just put on a playsuit, a hat, and choose some jewelry for fun.
Stylish Lace Dress & Denim Jacket Outfit for Summer
So popular today, embroidery is a true centerpiece of this cute white lace dress. Strappy dark sandals don’t distract from it but fit perfectly.
Summer Clothes Inspiration
Every single bit of this look from nude strappy sandals and a wide brim gray hat, to a stunning turquoise romper work together to enrich this getup, sexy and charming at the same time.
Summer Day Outfit Idea
What makes this outfit such a cute honey? A great color combo! White and light periwinkle palette of the main items harmonizes with dark brown details and the hair.
Summer Long Dress Ladies Wear
Classic cuteness in action: fantastic maxi ruffle dress with open back and an elegant hat are able to turn every girl into a graceful lady.
Summer Red Look for Women
Well… yeah! Women can conquer the world, especially when they wear such a breathtaking dress. Freedom, beauty, and passion meet together in this magnificent look.
Summer Outfit Pics
Casual style for everyday wear, but still super cute and subtle-sexy. This one is definitely comfortable – a kind of a killer for summer in a city.
Summer Outfit Picture
And stripes again! Now you believe they can become your best friends this summer? Combine them with shorts, find pretty flat shoes, a broad-brim, and admire your charming navy look.
Summer Outfit With Heels
Sometimes the key detail of the outfit is not a dress or a hat, but the footwear. When you put on platforms like these, there’s no point to worry about anything else.
Summer Party Outfit Idea
A stunning look for a glam queen. Don’t hurry to wear it on your usual day – better keep it for some special party event to stand out.
Sexy Summer Short Outfit
Cut off denim is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. It’s able to build all the range of images – from street styles to such gorgeous compositions.
Summer Time Outfit
If your creativity never allows you to wear mundane and boring outfits, this summer idea is gonna wake your inspiration for sure!
Summer Trendy Outfit
Natural stripes are not the only thing that makes this outfit so fashionable. The zest of this button down is a classic collar and wide exaggerated slit sleeves for added detail.
Super Cute Pink Summer Outfit
Pink trousers will come in handy for lots of summer occasions, especially when they’re checkered. Fulfill the image with monochrome nude tee and heels.
Things to Wear in the Summer
If a famous “little black dress” is that little, you’re gonna burn the party out!
Elegant Summer Look
True beauty is in simplicity. Wanna look feminine today? Here is a straight midi skirt idea for you.
Striped Summer Style
When you can’t choose between a dress and pants, sometimes you just need another option to solve the problem. Such striped matching set is a must for cases like this.
Nice & Simple Summer Look for Girls
When your vacation is an escape, you don’t want to dress up and wear makeup. If so, a comfortable two piece outfit is exactly what you need.
Satin Playsuit Summer Style
A satin summer playsuit is probably the best piece of clothing ever designed. It has everything you need on a hot day: comfort, breathability, and all that without sacrificing stylishness and perfection.
Cool Summer Look for Young Girls
Can’t decide what’s the brightest piece of this juicy summer look – those lace-up leather shorts, fantastic yellow top, or a lemon racing jacket! What do you think?
Sporty Night Summer Outfit
It’s well-known that street style is often a synonym of sporty style like it does here. Sexy inside, fashionable outside – a catchy combo for a night summer image.Summer Look for Modern Boys
Can classics be casual? Definitely yes! Leave a white shirt half-unbuttoned and crumpled, and tuck it into high-waisted jeans with white patch-pockets.
Classy Black and White Summer Look
When you have to go to the office all summer long, don’t deny yourself having fun. Rock your business suit make it hot and eye-catching.
Girly Summer Outfit
Tenderness and unrestraint – two entirely different camps, which do the same job for the sake of this amazing summer image for real fashion-hunters.
Super Simple Look for Girls
A cropped T and lace-up shorts at first glance look too simple, but remember that simplicity is ingenious, and in this case – even trendy.
Amazing White Look for Girls
All-white is so ravishing, and summertime is a good opportunity to experience all the advantages of this noble color.
Sexy Swimsuit Summer Look
In the case of a pool party or any beach event, you won’t do without a quality and beautiful swimsuit, which hides the imperfections and shows off what should be highlighted.
Gorgeous Summer Time Outfit
High soft pants and a striped bra top are waiting for summer to be worn. So, never miss that chance to do something new and a bit crazy.
Beautiful Floral Summer Outfit
This Sweetwater dress is a variation of a well-known boho style and perfectly does the summer job. If you come up with some incredible accent (like this fantastic hat), your look will certainly benefit.
Black Summer Outfit
An off shoulders maxi dress, a simple choker, a straw hat, and… white sneakers? Surprisingly, but it does work, so take a note of that.
Ethnic Summer Style
Check out this rather rear summer style with a long Marsala dress, accompanied with a beige turban. Add some jewelry and accessories you like to get a perfect outfit for YOU.