Taper Fade Haircuts For Men

Taper fade haircut can undoubtedly be named one of the most popular, iconic, recognizable and trendy hairstyles ever. It has been popular among men for years so that it is a great choice for formal and casual situations, giving you clean but masculine look. Such a hairstyle adds a zest to your image thanks to the gradual transition from long hair on the sides and in the back to short.

Technically, taper and fade hairstyles have a slight difference between them. Having a tapered haircut means a slow transition from the longer hair on the top (starting with 2-4 inches) to the shorter hair on the sides and in the back while a fade hairstyle features longer hair on the top smoothly going down to the extremely short hair or even without-hair sides and back. Usually, a taper is done with the help of scissors and fade implies using clippers. Despite these differences, the idea stays the same – from long to short. That’s why taper fade styles often go together inseparably.

Today’s barbers’ creativity and imagination can offer you endless variations of taper fades. There are some classic taper fades which are known all over the world:

  • low taper fade, featuring cutting hair in short an inch above your natural hairline;
  • short taper fade which actually means that your hair goes shorter starting on the ear line or a bit higher;
  • temple taper fade that is about hair length transitions which are abrupt and more outlined;
  • high taper fade which implies leaving your top hair quite long to style it;
  • taper fade Mohawk deals with increasing hair length from top to bottom and leaving long top hair so that you can arrange it in a Mohawk style.

However, taper fade hairstyle has become so popular that you can diversify it as you want. For example, you may have bald taper fade, pompadour fade, side part haircut, drop fade, comb over taper fades or high top taper fade style. It depends only on your taste and imagination. As there are really a lot of taper fade variations and it can be difficult to choose what hairstyle is the best, we have selected the greatest ideas about taper fade haircuts for you to get inspiration and give it a try!
A zero taper fade is a kind of taper fade hairstyle when your hair decreases in length going down the head. Although this haircut needs visiting a barber quite often, the style outlines top hair which can be combed back to look showy.

Zero taper fade
An extremely popular variation of a Low or Mid Taper Fade which is appealing to black men mostly. The outstanding feature of this hairstyle is that hair transition between lengths is sudden and needs to be skillfully done.

Temple taper fade haircut
Tapered sideburns are another way to have a cool and fresh hairstyle. Just have a look how smoothly this haircut fades down to the skin at the sideburns. Totally worth trying!

Taper fade with sideburns
For those who don’t want to go short, there is a great option to make a taper haircut leaving long hair on the top. Style top hair to the different sides and you’ll get a wild and striking hairstyle.

Taper fade with long hair on top
A more textured look can be achieved when you have so called Scissor Fade. Using scissors instead of clippers will give you the same tapered fade look but with longer hair. Decorate your sides with shaved designs and be unique!

Taper fade with lines on the sides
For black men who have dreadlocks, a taper fade is a cool variant. You can even start with #0 clippers moving up and creating eye-catching designs on the sides!

Taper fade with dreads
Always find something new and stylish! Such a taper fade is a nice way to grab people’s attention and to show how cool common haircuts can be!

Taper fade with designs
When it comes to curly hair, most men just want to cut it short. However, you may be a bit more creative and go for a sharp taper fade with long curls on the top. Sassy!

Taper fade with curly hair
Have you ever seen a perfect taper fade? If not, enjoy! Every inch of the hair is so neatly cut that you just can’t take your eyes off this masterpiece! Flawless textured taper fade!

Taper fade with comb over
A taper fade offers a great variety of variants how to style your hair. In this case, the taper fade is quite unusual featuring long hair on the top which is so professionally braided.

Taper fade with braids
Impressed? Then try out this extraordinary haircut which smoothly transits into the beard and mustache! A close fade with a separating line will go well with a rocking messy Mohawk!

Taper fade with beard
Classics! A common taper fade with angled sides and a short fringe will give you a neat and classy look.

Taper fade with bangs
Stand out of the crowd! Pull off a common taper fade but add some spice to it dyeing your top hair in a blond hue.

Taper fade with a part
Being a lucky owner of dense hair, you may like such a variant of a taper fade. A clean faded neckline perfectly matches combed back top hair.

Taper fade straight hair
The clean, neat and sculptured hairstyle is everything you need nowadays. The faded taper will help you to reach the image of the rock star if you don’t forget about a Mohawk!

Taper fade spiky hair
Perfection is real! Every line is neatly outlined, every hair is carefully clipped, and the hairline also deserves attention. With such a haircut you will have a really fashionable look.

Taper fade short hair
Don’t be taken up with the only one variant of a taper fade. This classic haircut with designs can be diversified with long hair on the top which is so easy to style in a rocking Mohawk!

Taper fade Mohawk
How to get an incredible look? You can start with a taper fade haircut and finish with perfectly textured top hair which adds the unbelievable volume to the whole haircut.

Taper fade haircuts for guys
What an unusual look! For blonde hair, it is a good choice to go for a zero fade undercut with long hair on the top. Get with it and try some extravagant styles like arranging your hair back with the help of gel or wax.

Taper fade haircut for white men
This man is wearing a mid length hair fade which is slightly tapered. With long top hair combed to the side, this haircut looks dramatic and can become a great way to show off!

Taper fade haircut for men
This hairstyle is really popular with black men having kinky hair. While the top curls are styled up, the hair on the sides and back is faded. That creates a neat look.

Taper face haircut for black men
Best friends forever can express their friendship through the hairstyles! Zero taper fades can look different, but the “friendship cardiogram” should be the same through two heads. Very unusual!

Taper fade haircut afro
Sometimes kids also want to follow the fashion and get some really nice haircuts. Here is an idea how to reach this goal – get a taper fade with a spiky Mohawk and festive colors!

Taper fade for kids
For black men, it’s quite a usual hairstyle that refers to retro. You can start with a hair faded from the back and sides to the high flat top. Thanks to the hair structure it doesn’t need styling at all.

Taper fade flat top
Hesitating between long and short haircut? Get both! Start with a bald taper fade and leave mid length top hair for a wild faux hawk!

Taper fade faux hawk
For thick spiky hair, a taper fade can become the best variant for men willing to look trendy without any efforts as the hair structure will do everything instead of you.

Low taper fade
Taper fades aren’t strictly stuck to any shape rules and it’s great! You can create your design on the sides and jazz up your Mohawk slightly separating it into two parts.

Taper fade blowout
You can leave mid hair length on the top to show a natural hair beauty and ask your barber to taper the back and the sides.

Taper fade for black male
Can’t help admiring such neat and clean works! Especially when the barber can pull off styling a perfect haircut and a beard. This mixture of a skin fade and a beard looks awesome!

Taper fade and beard
When you want something new in your haircut, you experiment with it. And you succeed when you get unusual cuts like this one with an outlined “crown” and a skin taper fade.

Skin taper fade
This low taper fade will need no time to style it as it is cut short and clean. With a perfect hairline and sharp lines on the temples, it will definitely stand out!

Shadow fade high taper haircut
Faded sides and back will be a great addition to the pompadour comb back. Just use a little hairspray to fix your top hair.

Pompadour taper fade
Looks great, doesn’t it? If you choose a high taper fade, put an accent on the top hair. Curls would be a cool idea being in the spotlight.

Perm taper fade
A lot of men try to combine a calm style with something wild. Here is the example how you can do this by getting a taper fade and a textured comb over.

Perfect taper fade
Sometimes men get bored with common haircuts like taper fades even if they are perfectly done. In this case, you can go for dying your hair, therefore, making the cut brighter.

Nice taper fades
Natural curls are the pride for black men. No wonder, often they don’t want to get rid of them totally. Then consider a taper fade which you can start from #0 clippers.

Nappy taper fade
If you are not a big fan of fashion and great changes but want to refresh your hairstyle, a mid taper fade with a sharp hairline will give you a cool look.

Mid taper fade haircut
Looking for perfection? Check this medium taper fade out! Perfectly clipped on the sides and back, sharp lines and lift-up front work well for a flawless style.

Medium taper fade
With this haircut, you will be ready for everything in your life. It seems like nothing is interesting in a simple low taper fade, but properly styled top hair will change your mind!

Low cut taper fade
For afro hair, it’s a good idea to ask for a sharp rounded line behind the ears and a light fade on the neckline in order to highlight the natural hair structure.

Light taper fade
Sponge hair is a real adornment for men who choose a zero taper fade on the sides and back in a mixture with a high flat top. It’s so easy to maintain this that you will be nicely surprised.

High top taper fade
People always follow trends and want to add something new. Why not try this awesome taper fade then? Really smooth faded transition goes well with a professionally styled quiff. Well done!

Fresh taper fade
Classic taper fades can be spiced up by cool designs on the sides. To add even more zest to the cut, comb the top hair to the side!

Fade taper haircut styles
Drake haircut always includes a fade on the sides, a buzz cut, and a sharp hairline. However, you may play with designs and have a line in the front. That will be catchy!

Drake taper fade
A haircut that has become so widespread that almost every black man wears it. However, a good barber will take all the client’s features into account and while cutting he will outline every little detail!

Dark taper fade haircut
Excellent work! Thanks to the sharp lines and really neat taper fade this haircut can be called one of the best taper fades!

Cut taper fade
Fond of geometrical figures? Then have a look at this really extraordinary haircut. It can be called as a layered taper fade as it features a couple of layers that are put on each other. Daring choice!

Cool taper fade haircuts
When it deals with a smart look and style, you would probably go for classics. Blurry fade for a clean look and you are ready to wear a smart suit!

Clean taper fades
If you like everything new, you can combine two haircuts. Start with hair on the neckline, move up and taper it. As for the top, leave longer hair there and style it sweeping to the front.

Caesar taper fade
Burst taper fade has become quite popular since 2016. This style means tapering hair only on the sides and leaving longer hair on the back in a round shape.

Burst taper fade
Icy perfection! A great way for brutal men to show off. A clean taper fade with an icy quiff combed to the side will make your image really gripping.

Best taper fade haircut
Bald taper fade with a sharp hairline can be completed with a dense beard. Together they look brilliant and definitely deserve attention!

Bald taper fade haircut
To make a vivid contrast on your hair, you can get a faded haircut which will show your natural color leaving longer hair on the top which can be dyed in blonde.

Back taper fade
A usual taper fade can become a real masterpiece if you go for dying hair in an unusual color. Lavender hue is just what you need!

Asian taper fade
An extraordinary hair structure is very important to take into account. In this case, these tiny curls are greatly highlighted and work well with a taper fade.

360 waves taper fade
Textured top hair is always in vogue especially when it is professionally arranged. Together with a taper fade this quiff looks awesome and creates a cool image.

White guy fade