Best Friends Tattoo – 48 Friendship Ideas

Best friend tattoo – is the original and cute way to show others friendship forever. You can apply the half of the picture, while your friend – the second or just make the same small tattoos on the same part of the body. This trend is very popular mainly among young people who want to emphasize that they will be always together.

Best Friend Tattoos Meanings

Friendship is a major meaning of the best friend tattoo. Thus, such patterns symbolize the strong bonds between people and are used to stress on the strength of their attachment to each other. In addition, these tattoos express:

  • sympathy;
  • tenderness;
  • devotion;
  • compassion;
  • self-sacrifice;
  • loyalty;
  • unselfishness;
  • trust;
  • common interests and hobbies;
  • patience;

There are some symbols that signify the value of friendship and can be used in tattooing:

  • Claddagh – Irish symbol that looks like two hands that are holding a crowned heart, denotes strong friendship and trust between the partners. Crown means loyalty and heart – love.
  • Th Celtic knot of friendship – is a heart in the background of a hard knot.
  • The Chinese hieroglyph – a special sign of eternal friendship. This tattoo is usually small and can be placed almost on any part of the body.

Friendship Tattoos Designs

There are three main types of tattoos for friends:

  1. the same simple images, reminding of friendship to all people:
  • bombs;
  • hearts;
  • flowers;
  • feathers;
  • ice-creams;
  • pizzas;
  • mirror balls;
  • Ginkgo Biloba;
  • leaves;
  • lightnings;
  • lotus;
  • geometric mountain;
  • colorful circles;
  • cherry;
  • foxes;
  • swallows;
  • constellation;
  • wings;
  • forceps;
  • triangles;
  1. own unique design unknown to others:
  • lettering;
  • phrases;
  • quote;
  • dates;
  • names;
  1. single composition, which becomes clear only when you’re with a friend nearby:
  • continents;
  • anchor with the boat;
  • star wars;
  • dog and bone;
  • pine tree;
  • sun and moon;
  • hands;
  • zero and cross;
  • the part of the whole;
  • paper boat and ribbon;
  • game console and books;
  • island and ship;
  • rocket and planet;
  • owl and tree;
  • girl and boy.

The best friend tattoo can be very simple and small or include different designs, sizes and color solutions like:

  • dot work style;
  • geometric elements;
  • watercolor patterns.

Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

Can you imagine map without Africa or Australia? And three friends with tattoos of continents, cannot imagine their life without each other.

The anchor and ship are integral parts, the red ribbon unites them in this wrist tattoo showing the continuity of two people.

The tattoo of red and blue weapons from a popular movie is an outstanding way to express the friendship between girl and boy.

Two bombs ornament on the heel is a super choice for energetic people, whose relationships are full of bright emotions.

The heat is a famous symbol that denotes not only partners’ love but also tender feelings between friends.

The wrist decoration in the form of floral infinity is a highly symbolic choice, which reminds of friendship that will last forever.

What can be more expressive than the quotation that unites two people and indicates their strong cooperation? The shoulder suits great for it!

This gesture of two little fingers combination is familiar from our childhood: they symbolize the wearers’ desire to live in peace.

If you associate friendship with easiness, the feather tattoo is exactly what you need. Its image will look harmonic on the calf.

The men take more restrained and brutal tattoos like this geometric flower on the arm with numerous patterns inside.

Sweet presentation of a dog and bone on the wrists create a wonderful and not primitive union of two people.

The ice-cream induces the sweetest memories from childhood and can serve as a marvelous wrist tattoo with your old, trusted friend.

The girls like flowers for their beauty, especially if they are performed as a continuation of the mutual picture on the shoulders.

The funny pizza design with laurel wreath expresses deep devotion to friendship and inspires inexhaustible faith in victory and good fortune.

The small feather painting is quite popular among girls: light, exquisite pattern – the excellent variant for the best friend tattoo!

A friend is a person, who share your interests and lifestyle, thus, this mirror balls on the wrist denote fun and enjoyment.

Is your relationship as unique and precious as rare ginkgo? Then, you should try this plant tattoo on the arm.

These fresh and bright wrist bracelets can compete in the originality even with jewelry. The trendy girls will appreciate them!

Despite the tiny size, these lightning images on the wrists can belong only to confident people, who know the value of friendship.

The women’s beauty is always compared with flowers, so it is not surprising that girls ink florets in honor of their sympathy.

This ankle tattoo represents the sun and the moon, which are like Yin Yang – complete opposites that can not be separate.

Everybody wishes to have a friend with pure thoughts and soul: all these features are implied in this tiny ankle tattoo.

These amusing patterns of two halves are proposed for inseparable friends, only completing each other they are one whole.

The flowers in blue color are a rarity. Their black ornaments enrich the composition on the forearm and add creativity to the image.

The game with cross and zero is designed for two people and this wrist tattoo can be shared only with the close person.

The mountains in geometric ornaments introduce interesting variant for a best friend tattoo. This forearm image suits both sexes and symbolizes lofty sentiments.

Who says that our fingers are only for rings? You can ink letter tattoo with special meaning, which will be unknown to others.

Bring happiness to your life with this colorful tattoo on the forearm. The friendship is full of bright emotions like these circles!

The moon radiates magnetism but when it is accompanied by marvelous blossoms, it creates a picturesque pattern on the ribs.

The dates tattoo gives a perfect chance to capture the significant event, while the pictures will be nice additions.

The cherries on the fanny are an intimate and seductive tattoo for girls, their simplicity is combined with the idea of solidarity.

This massive forearm ornament confirms that there are peoples that are ready to give their life for a bestie.

Books and game console open us the fictional world, where we live a thousand lives but is there a place for your mates?

The island is as needful for a ship in the sea as a friend that can help you in difficult situations.

The rocket that is flying towards the planet is an appealing choice for matching tattoos with tiny colorful images on the wrist.

How meaningful the owl and tree look separately but together they are combined in a glorious combination of wisdom and reliability.

Despite the uncolored picture, these foxes look fabulous on the forearms, emphasizing playfulness and sexuality of the holders.

The cross embodies religious side of life, taking this sign on the ankle with your mate, you show the connection with God.

Do you and your friends want to catch the luck? It is very simple with this amulet of a swallow on the wrist.

One of the meanings of the anchor is faith and dedication – this spiritual and emotional component became the basis for this wrist tattoo.

The constellation of zodiacs contains something special and magical. These astrological signs on the arm are full of weirdness.

Here the phrase “eternally” is complemented with zodiac symbols, indicating the girls’ deep affection they want to carry through life.

The simplicity of wildflowers charms and brings the feeling of freshness. Their presentation with geometric elements seems outstanding on the thigh.

Do you feel like a bird with one wing without your friend? Then, pay attention to this forearm tattoo for friends.

Like two parts of forceps, your friendship will continue many years with such incredible, tiny pattern on the wrist!

This ornament on the wrist from “Harry Potters” is rich in mysterious meanings. But you can bring your own sense in it.

To have a friend is a real gift and this composition of two funny characters teaches us to treasure such relationship.

The wave personifies life, the force of changes – the fortunate choice for young people, who are looking for ways to express their devotion!

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