Powerful Taurus Symbol Tattoos and Its Meanings

In many cultures, the bull has been a symbol to worship due to the meanings of power, spirituality, and protection. Nowadays the Taurus is an inspiration for many people, both men and women, due to the emotions that they evoke. Let’s see the meanings and designs

What Is the Taurus and What Are the Designs?

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the Bull. Actually, there are a lot of designs applicable for your tattoo idea depending on your mood, wish, and life position. Here are some of them:

  • Taurus glyph tattoo.
  • Celtic Taurus design.
  • Raging Taurus image.
  • Tribal bull tattoo.
  • Bull skull design.
  • Constellation symbol.
  • Mandala ornaments on the Taurus tattoo.
  • The floral design of the Taurus tattoo.
  • Geometrical bull’s head.
  • Charging Taurus tattoo.
  • 3D and realistic designs of the Taurus tattoo.
  • Outlined Taurus tattoo or a skeleton image of the Taurus.

Taurus Tattoos Meanings

The best tattoo ideas always have the meanings that fit the personality who is going to ink it.
The Taurus tattoos are not exceptions. The above-listed designs exhibit the following:

  • Power;
  • Spirituality;
  • Provision;
  • Protection;
  • Stubbornness;
  • Strong-willingness;
  • Reliability;
  • Hard-working person;
  • Belonging to the Zodiac sign;
  • Stamina;
  • Sensuality;
  • Loyalty and richness.

As you see, there is a plenty of designs and its meanings. As a rule, men mostly opt for raging and charging design; women choose floral aspects and glyphs. The Taurus tattoos can be black and white or may involve the deeper colors and shadings. Because of the passion and power, the red and black are often chosen for the bull tattoo depiction, the blue one stands for loyalty, the yellow – for richness, but sometimes the last is used to highlight the mystique features of this animal. Often the Taurus is accompanied by other symbols, such as Venus or Scorpio. Venus is added with the message of love and long relationships. Scorpio or any other Zodiac can be carved with the Taurus to indicate the best friend’s or partner’s sign. The Taurus tattoos are perfect to ink on a shoulder, back, wrist or chest. If you wish to make it visible, choose forearm and leg location.
Try to imagine the Taurus image on your body, look at the below-listed examples and go the ink master!
3D Taurus Tattoo on The Forearm

3D Taurus is a good sign for a strong-willed person! Black and white looks great on the forearm.
Cancer And Taurus Couple Tattoo Idea

A nice concept for a couple! The zodiac signs of cancer and Taurus are carved on the personal places of the wearers and can be hidden if it is necessary. The cancer sign means love, intuition, and imagination, but the Taurus stands for reliability and determination, accordingly, they are feminine and male symbols.
Black Celtic Taurus Sleeve Tattoo

A very masculine type of Taurus tattoo design! It is located on the man’s sleeve in the form of the Celtic ornament. Just looking bull, one can see the power in every muscle. This tattoo depicts a total power, for sure.
Cool Taurus Tattoo on The Forearm

A forearm location of the Taurus tattoo works well! Here you can see not big, but not small design and it is absolutely enough to illustrate your hard-working and determined nature
Cute Taurus Tattoo on The Shoulder

Minimalistic choice! It is a perfect option for the girl’s shoulder to express your Zodiac and characteristics which are connected with it. A Taurus constellation looks simple but still cute!

Best Male Symbolic Tattoo Ideas
Feminine Geometric Taurus Tattoo on The Forearm

Damn pretty! The bull’s head is pictured by a geometrical design Honestly saying, it is not so easy to ink all the features proportionally, but this one is made masterly and symmetrically. Got to the best ink master!
Girly Mandala Taurus Tattoo on The Back

Sooooo gorgeous! A mandala Taurus tattoo blows magnetism and mysticism. Thus symbolizes a girl’s belonging to this sun sign. The back location just emphasizes the magnetism of this girly tattoo.
Pretty Lined Taurus Skull Tattoo on The Leg

Good job! The bull’s head is outlined in bold black with a pretty sun sigh between horns. It can serve as an amazing symbol for those who were born from 21st April thru 21st May.
Sexy Lined Taurus Tattoo on The Forearm

A cool option for a prosperous and stubborn person. The lined Taurus is etched along the forearm in a rather sexy way. That will work especially well for men!
Simple Taurus Horoscope Tattoo on The Back

A simple Taurus image exhibits a horoscope symbol of the wearer. The bull`s image is inked only by means of black curves, but it feels so pretty! The back location of any Zodiac symbol is always personal and intricate place.

Catholic Cross and Rose Tattoo Design
Small Taurus Tattoo on The Hand

A small concept of the Taurus tattoo so cutely rests on the hand between the thumb and the pointer finger. There is no use of other colors, only the black one, but it fits well to small tattoos like this. It is a nice sign to depict the spirituality.
Black And Gray Taurus Tattoo on The Forearm

A wonderful realistic masterpiece! The texture of the bull’s head is depicted in black and gray, but the special power centers around richly black eyes. The eyes describe a bearer’s fierce and anger in a moment when he is upset or feels aggrieved.
Little Taurus Tattoo Idea on The Arm

It seems a little idea but includes so many details such as intricate lines and the full moon image on the head of the bull. Such company describes the wearer as a sensual, sociable and ambitious person but sometimes a little bit materialistic. A great inking for male!
Taurus And Libra Back Tattoo

Both Taurus and libra are ruled by the love planet Venus, and it is a great sign of the love of material excess and sensual indulgence. Taurus and Libra are only compatible if you compromise much in the life. It is a rather big tattoo design, but the prevailing details are in the location on the shoulder blades.
Taurus Bull Tattoo on The Forearm

It`s a great thing done by the artist. The curved lines on the bull` head imitate the short wool of the animal. The Taurus and cube reflect the wearer’s firm position on the ground that keeps him out of the trouble.

Sugar Skull Tattoo Designs
Taurus Chest Tattoo for Men

A fantastic look of the Taurus on the man’s chest! The head of the Taurus is edged by the floral ornaments, and this ornament cutely merges into the head. The above-pictured tattoo is associated with a free-spirited and trustworthy person.
Taurus Constellation Tattoo on The Arm

Stars and lines give a brief offer of the bull imagery. A cosmic constellation tattoo could be a really good way to ink on the forearm. The person with such sign has deep feelings; he/she is emotional and sentimental because this astral sign is linked to the earth and the spring.
Taurus Sign Tattoo Idea on The Forearm

This glyph sign is a classic circle fitted with horns. A simple and small look of the Taurus tattoo allows the bearer to keep the message personal. Take it for your new tattoo!
Taurus Star Sign Tattoo on The Shoulder

The Taurus image and the shoulder location run well together and create a tiny look. This astrological tattoo can motivate you to be stubborn in plans and wishes as you in a close contact with this sign.
Cherry Blossom Taurus Symbol Tattoo on The Back

The cherry blossom inked on the whole glyph calm slightly the stubbornness of the wearer. The Taurus symbol helps to seek security and enjoy pleasures in the life. An amazing idea for girls! Look at it and do it!
Dot Work Taurus Tattoo on The Half Sleeve

A trio dot work consists of the Taurus head, human face and the snake. It represents a sophistication and materialism. An attractive half sleeve piece!

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Geometric Taurus Tattoo for A Female under The Knee

It is a kind of rash! The geometric Taurus is inked under the knee and is always moving when you walk. It can speak about a new life or some changes in your life due to your strong-willingness.
Taurus Sleeve Tattoo for Girls

OMG! It`s a real masterpiece! A realistic Taurus is depicted in the yard of flowers in a very beautiful style. The details of the petals, leaves and the bull itself impress deeply. Take it as your symbol of power regardless you are a feminine.
Taurus Tattoo on The Side for Men

A realistic and muscled Taurus is pictured as if it goes along the path and the path is lighted by the sun. The side location allows carving all this idea in full details. Opt for it, and you will be satisfied if your strength has no bounds!
Taurus Tribal Tattoo Upper Chest

Celtic knots are interlaced inside the sign of the Taurus. It is popular design among Celtic ancestors and among men who are really tireless and strong.
Little Taurus Wrist Tattoo for Girls

You are viewing a tiny Taurus tattoo that looks so pretty on the wrist of the girl. But the significance does not change whether it is big or little, this tattoo stands for energy and outrage
Taurus Zodiac Tattoo on The Back

It is a popular back design among the most Taurus men. A glyph indicates a masculine power and strength, If you have a nature of Taurus, this design will look damn sexy on the back!

Sam Winchester’s Tattoo on the Chest
Taurus-Scorpio Tattoo Together on The Forearm

A combination of the Taurus and Scorpio symbols is inked in different techniques on the sleeve, but they create a stunning look! Two symbols could represent the Zodiac signs of the close relatives, friends or a loving couple. The combination is a kind of unity despite different characters.
Unique Bull Shield Tattoo Idea on The Arm

Here we see a tremendous meaning of power, loyalty, family crest and defense. The shield is detailed richly and the yellow and a little bit of red and blue colors make this tattoo really eye-catching!
Black Taurus Tattoo on The Forearm

A black charging bull`s head is inked so coolly due to a good job of shading. The charging traits are the direct indications of the fearless and may be a short-tempered person. Sometimes guys go for the Taurus inkings to show their membership in the sports teams.
It is really cool, isn`t it?
Black Ink Taurus Tattoo Idea on The Forearm

An awe-inspiring black ink! The face of the Taurus is painted on the forearm very realistically, the dot work and the lines are imitating the bull’s hear. The eyes are gazing at you with the message of warning: « Be careful, I am a powerful guy! ». The fierce look is softened a little by the ornament around.
Shaman Bull Tattoo Idea on The Arm

The bull has been an icon to worship in many cultures as it is a sign of provision, luxury, and stamina. Sure, if you believe in shaman’s power or you are such, this interesting tattoo can be your talisman.

Unique Crescent Moon Finger Tattoo
Black Dot Work Bull Tattoo on The Forearm

Absolutely creative piece! The bull has the contour of the triangle, and there is a forest idea on the head. It`s all about power and freedom
Bull Skeleton Tattoo Idea on The Arm

Only the skeleton of the bull is inked on the biceps, but the animal is still raging, It could speak about the great stamina and protection. The black skeleton image of the bull is advantageously the men’s option.
Mandala Taurus Tattoo Idea on The Forearm

The tattoo ideas with the mandala design are always luxurious. The forearm location of the Taurus head is an effective variant to show your «never back down» position to the World. Nice option for both, males and females!
Geometric Bull Tattoo Idea on The Hip

A cute performance of the bull image! The geometric lines are united together with floral leaves that indicate the natural instincts of the wearer. You could ink this variant at any place, but the hip is enough to describe the design in full.
Taurus And Flowers Tattoo Idea on The Back

Oh! Gorgeous! The black Taurus head and the colorful flowers symbolize life and prosperity in Native American folklore. A full back piece really attracts so much!

Tribal Quarter Sleeve Tattoo
Black Ink Taurus Tattoo Idea on The Arm

The composition with the Taurus idea fills up the muscled arm of the guy and his strong nature. Here is an important indication of the date which is known only for the wearer. One can add any date to the symbol which plays a great role in his/her life.
Celtic Taurus Tattoo on The Back for Men

The eyes of the Taurus are inked so real that the skin crawls. Celtic Taurus designs depict the connection with the strong spirits of Mother Nature. You will be proud of such unique piece on the back!

Floral Sternum Tattoo for Women