Teddy Bear Tattoo

Meaning of Teddy Bear Tattoo

A lot of people adore the bears tattoos. Realistic bears have been noticed in the list of the most popular tattoos ever. These animals have different meanings in different cultures. Native Americans, inter alia, suppose a bear to be a symbol of freedom, spiritual things and the life energy. In Japan, a bear implies wisdom, strength, and patience. Chinese people believe that these creatures are connected with the Yan energy, in other words, with power, masculinity, and supremacy. Thus, if generalize all the cultures, we can assume that bears tattoos are the signs of the highest degree of domination, danger, and might.
Well, there is another side of the Moon. The bears can be as cute, as the fluffy kittens, and as adorable, as our playful puppies. Little cartoon bears look docile and friendly – in contrary to the real ones. Tattoos with such cuties soothe those, who see them and made everyone smile. Who might not like such images? They usually imply childhood, children, and optimistic lifestyle. A Teddy Bear tattoo does not mean that their owners are childish, windy and frivolous – they usually just want to cheer up their friends, have a good sense of humor and remember the young ages.
Angel Teddy Bear Tattoo
This a little bit sad Teddy Bear can touch even a bulletproof soul! The bright cyan bow-tie makes a colorful accent, and the purple wings are totally ready to fly. Such an image can imply a baby of the tattoo owner and always remind about the fact that children can feel uncomfortable and sad.
Cute Teddy Bear Tattoo Designs
If you want to hide a Teddy Bear tattoo – make it on a foot! We guarantee that this warm picture will cheer you up every time you notice it. By the way, pink flowers add a feminine hint to the bear’s message, so, girls, do not be shy to get such a tattoo with a perfect mood for each day.
Emo Teddy Bear Drawing
Persons with the high degree of empathy often suffer from deep feelings, that exhaust them. Several years ago a lot of such people formed the subculture called “emo”. Even today, when the number of this group participants is decreased, the emo flow still remains a significant time of one’s life. If you respect the way they think or live or used to be a part of this subculture, you can make a Teddy Bear tattoo – a little animal will soften the tragic emo message.

California Bear Tattoo on the Sleeve
Me to You Bear Tattoo Designs
Once “me to you bears” have created a real boom on the Internet. Probably, everyone sent at least one message with this soft bear to the beloved person. Now they can be met rarely, but still are images of true cuteness and kindness. Tattoos with these bears are even rarer, however, they can raise one’s mood as if they were really fluffy cuties.
Pictures of Baby Teddy Bear Tattoos
Outline tattoos can be different: for example, this baby bear looks a bit sketchy and this perfect negligence gives an image a special charm.
Small Cartoon Bear Tattoos
This fatty looks so adorable, in spite of the tattoo style that was chosen! The skillful tattoo master filled the eyes of this Teddy Bear with emotions, making the colorless image alive.

Tribal Grizzly Bear Tattoo on the Back
Teddy Bear Tattoo Ideas
Do you remember a Teddy Bear you had in the childhood? The owner of this tattoo will certainly remember every amusing thing that is connected with the toy because this image is full of home coziness and sweet memories.
Teddy Bear Tattoos with Names
Parents, who adore their children in the highest possible degree, often want to depict the names of their babies in the form of a tattoo. This one is made in realistic style: we see, how sophisticatedly the master painted the shadows and how cool the chosen font of a child’s name matches the whole ink picture.
Teddy Bears and Balloons
What can be better, than a Teddy Bear tattoo? A Teddy Bear tattoo with the balloons! We believe, such a choice is a double shoot for really optimistic persons. Moreover, here balloons play an important role: there are the babies’ names and their dates of birth. What a lovely way to show the love to the children!
Zombie Teddy Bear Tattoo
Well, there are a bit serious and even thrilling Teddy Bears among different cuties; but just look at this sophisticated and amazingly detailed work! It is another creative interpretation that is worthy of attention. Keep this cool tattoo far from the children, otherwise, they would be really surprised because of the unusual look of their favorite toy.

Small Taurus Tattoo on the Hand