Snake Tattoos in Traditional Style

Why many people get snake tattoos? These creatures have had a strong role in the Creation story. In Christianity, snakes mean the bad rap as Adam and Eva were tempted to eat from the tree of knowledge by a serpent. But the serpent was also seen as a cord to Mother Nature. In this case, the snake was described lying on its belly close to the Earth. One can etch this creature as a symbol of the link between human being and nature. In Hindu and Ashanti cultures, the snakes have been used as an infinity sign to represent a repeating cycle of life. It is well known that snakes can shed the skin and get a new one. In this particular case, the snake renders rebirth and healing.

Every unique tattoo might mean something different to the person who has been tattooed. But the meanings of traditional snakes tattoos are more complex and fascinating than many originally thought. Let`s see them:

  • Protection;
  • Nobility and wealth;
  • Choleric and violent person;
  • Inner strength, and defense;
  • Female energy;
  • Conflict between wild and holy;
  • Renewal, transformation, and cycle of life;
  • Wisdom and intuition;
  • Temptation, sexuality, and fertility;
  • Genuine love.

The tradition snake tattoo designs are diverse as their meanings are. The dagger and snake tattoo is a universal sign of medicine and healing, but nowadays it can be interpreted as a mark of renewal and transformation. Women often go for rose and snake tattoo to represent temptation. Paired skull and snake stand for death and rebirth similar to the symbolism of Ouroboros. A rattle snake tattoo is the most extravagant as it is a lethal creature. In some cases, its venom can turn life towards death. Obviously, such tattoo can be regarded as a powerful and protective totem. A cobra has been a great and royal symbol of pharaohs in Egypt. Due to this historical fact, a cobra tattoo means wealth and nobility. If you want to represent the contrast, i.e. the struggle between Good and Evil, it`s better to choose an eagle and snake tattoo. The outlook of their conflict is always tremendous and the meaning does not lose this battle. Such combination will exhibit your wild nature versus morally right side. The placement is something that you should think over, keeping in mind size, style, and colors. Black and white design can include ornaments, mandala flowers, and other geometrical objects to make the tattoo to stand out. The colorful designs of the snakes do not need extra patterns inside as the colors work well enough. The moving effect will look great and magnificent on a bigger part of the body, i.e. sleeve, chest, shoulder blades, and stomach.

Do you need the life-size samples for your inspiration? Then look through the traditional snake tattoos pictured below.
It seems the snake is climbing out of the man’s sleeve. The reptile has nice colorful details that are good looking in the foreground of the black work. Here it is associated with power and masculinity.

American traditional snake tattoo on arm
One can easily see two shapes of this combination even for far away! Thought versus Action! Such tattoo will add character to guys! Overall, it is brilliantly done!

Traditional black and white snake tattoo for guys
The black ink is absolutely stunning! The sharp teeth and funky-forked tongue draw the eyes! This sleeve piece is an intense symbol of protection.

Black neotraditional snake tattoo
The gray hues and deep shadings reflect the reptile’s skin very well! The snake tattoo describes the wearer as a brave guy.

New school snake tattoo in the gray hues
OMG! The colors and lines are clean! The chest piece signifies wealth and nobility.

Old school snake tattoo on the chest for men

Thigh Tattoo for Women – 49 Sexy Ideas for Girls
So sick! The tattoo symbolizes the unity of the opposites: love/purity versus evil/ hate.

A snake and rose tattoo in black
Bright colors and spectacular detailing make this traditional snake tattoo an outstanding! The red fins highlight the blue colored skin of the sea serpent. A cute sign of duality: life and death!

Bright sea snake tattoos
A dose of inspiration for women! An elegant snake with the female hand represents beauty and innocence. I like the snake twirls around the hand!

Snake half sleeve neo traditional tattoos
A traditional image of the snake’s head looks fascinating due to the perfect coloring. Such idea can be a cute symbol of longevity and fortune for those who born under the sign of the snake.

Traditional snake head tattoo on the arm
That’s jam! A cobra with long serpentine of the tongues is undoubtedly the most poisonous and dangerous among the snakes. Love is dangerous too! Here is a cute presentation of this fact in the form of heart with two cobras inside.

Traditional cobra tattoo on the hand

Cheshire Cat Tattoo With Quotes
A universal symbol of healing and medicine is carved in the traditional style. The quote personalizes the meaning of the tattoo and adorns the male’s forearm. If you are a medical professional, you might get this tattoo idea!

Traditional dagger snake tattoo
An attractive battle between the eagle and snake stands for the conflict of our wild nature and our morality, i.e. Good and Evil. The yellow and red colored elements contrast well with the black work. A really powerful tattoo!

Traditional eagle and snake tattoo
The traditional rattle snake twining around the knife is a preferable option for the fearless person. It seems as if the wearer says: «Do not tread on me».

Traditional rattlesnake tattoo with a cool knife
A dude idea! The forearm piece is symbolic of fertility. The blood drops make the tattoo more effective.

Traditional snake and dagger tattoo
The combination of the skull and snake represents death and rebirth. A powerful totem of this cycle will be the best idea for the neck location.

Traditional snake and skull tattoo near the neck

American Traditional Wolf Tattoos
A black and red snake head looks traditional but at the same time extravagant. The classic pattern describes the bearer’s wisdom and might.

Traditional snake head tattoo
Top! Perfect lines and shading indicate the person as a very wise one. He has an ability to control himself like a snake.

Snake and flower tattoos on the ribs
Best of the best! A mind-bending snake performed with mandala flower and all-seeing eye fits both, men and women! Such tattoo will help you to balance the energies!

Best snake face tattoo on the leg
A bright tattoo idea for creative guys! A snake crushing the bamboo images is an assertive power! This tandem hots up each other. The bamboo symbolizes endurance to overcome bad fortune and obstacles a person faces in the lifetime. The snake is courage! Invest your time to create such a bright tattoo idea!

Snake crashing bamboo tattoos
Two snakes winding around the skull point out the cycle of the Universe. The skull is very nicely shaded. The tattoo is worthy of good comments! It`s gorgeous!

Two snakes and skull tattoo

Black and Grey Buddha Tattoos
Not gonna lie, that’s actually pretty cool! The shadings seriously make it! The skull is livened up with the cat and snake images.

Cute traditional snake tattoo with a cat
An impeccable use of colors works fine on this pattern. The duo tattoo reveals the struggle between wisdom and passion and the win over the dark-minded nature by the high souled one. A badass tattoo for your chest!

Old school snake tattoo on the chest
A traditional body art shows that you do not trust anyone and you are not an easy victim. This is so sick on the sleeve! Are you curious how it looks on the other part of the body? Ask the tattoo master for advice!

Hand and snake traditional tattoo
The spots on the snake are really sick! A snake wrapped around the dagger represents the wearer’s connection to the god of luck and travelers, i.e. Mercury. A full sleeve tattoo will arrest the sights!

Classic snake tattoo on the shoulder
The snake is coiled into a hoop unusually. It symbolizes a constant changing and flowing of the life. It is not just a badass traditional snake tattoo. The intense symbolism is felt while looking at the tattoo piece.

Unusual snake tattoo in the classic style

Couple of Penguins Tattoo
The killing design! A skull reminds of the man’s mortality, and the snake is seen as the sign of rebirth. Coupled together they stand for eternity. The fire tongues fresh the idea.

Traditional snake and skull tattoo on the head
An amazing accessory on the chest! An absolute black tattoo is filled with so many details and ornaments from top to the bottom that it’s incredible.

Chest snake tattoo ideas in black
So dope! The chest tattoo locates symmetrically on the man’s chest. A dagger and sharp teeth intensify a snake head tattoo and a variety of ornaments make it just beautiful! So, the combination mentioned above is a cool option for those who admire strength and healing.

Head of the snake tattoo in the traditional style
Bright and bold! Look at the snake’s eyes! It is a really fierce creature! And the emotions that the snakes incite are rather strong! With perfect red and green shadings in the tail and the head, you will find yourself impressed beyond belief!

Colored traditional snake tattoos
A tattoo artist did a really cool job of creating the contrast between a gray snake and red flower. The tongue creates a sense of moving and scales on the snake’s body are nicely detailed. The best idea for girls!

Gray snake tattoo with the red flower in a classic style

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