Tragus Piercing Pain, Price and Jewelry

The tragus piercing is one of the varieties of ear piercings. It is a puncture of the area of the external ear located at the level of the cheekbone. This is quite a non-standard place for puncturing, but with well-chosen jewelry and accessories, the tragus piercing looks impressive. It successfully balances on the verge of adolescent challenge and exquisite femininity!

What Is Anti-tragus Piercing?

Anti-tragus is a puncture of the cartilaginous part located above the ear lobe. There are two types of anti-tragus: the puncture the edges of the ear shell and pierce the antihelix from the edge through the lobe. In the piercing art, anti-tragus is considered to be the most painful puncture. Therefore, anesthesia is desirable for its implementation.

Who Cannot Get the Tragus Piercing?

Before getting tragus-piercing, take into account your anatomical features. Only people who have a well-developed cartilaginous tissue in this place of the ear have the opportunity to do this piercing. Therefore, you should be lucky enough for this, as not all people can wear jewelry in this area.

The Jewelry for the Tragus Piercing

The decoration in this part of the ear looks quite unusual and spectacular. At the same time, the chosen jewelry often creates a single ensemble with earrings on the earlobe or cartilage. Several types of earrings can be used for the tragus piercing, but it is worth remembering that the individual forms of some of them can increase pain during the puncture procedure.

The most common decorations are:

  • Rings or hoops with a clasps-ball;
  • studs;
  • earrings-nails;
  • bars;

The choice of right jewelry is important to prevent contact dermatitis. Most clients prefer bars over rings for their convenience and safety. The curved barbell may irritate and even develop bumps, while straight barbell is a lot better for healing purposes.

As for the metal, the steel jewelry is less safe than gold or titanium, which are highly recommended for people who have had some problems with piercing before.

The Tragus Piercing Aftercare and Tips

The tragus piercing is an unpleasant procedure, and the healing process takes about 3-9 months. This type of piercing requires a more attentive attitude and care in comparison with other ear piercings. Point out the following rules:

  1. Keep your hands away! Use disinfected cotton swab.
  2. 1-2 a day clean the treatment zone with an antiseptic (Chlorhexidine, Peroxide, etc.), but do not pull or irritate the puncture.
  3. In a couple of weeks use soap that contains Triclosan or Chloroxylenol instead of antiseptic. However, do not leave even a small amount of detergent on the punctured area, as it can irritate the wound.
  4. Do not move or bump the ring in any direction, because it can lead to forming a bump.
  5. Lightly rinse the area in the shower, without getting too much water into your ear to avoid inner ear infection.
  6. If it gets itchy, use saline wound wash near the area to cool it off.
  7. Six weeks after piercing do not go to saunas, spas and swimming pools.
  8. Lie and sleep on the unaffected side. Often change the bed linen, as a pillow can serve as an excellent bacterial carrier.
  9. Do not change the jewelry until the wound is completely healed – let it heal with an accessory made of medical steel, this is the safest option.
  10. If the place of the puncture begins to bother, abscess appears, the jewelry should be removed. If you leave it in this form, you can get an infection and a big scar.
  11. The earphones are prohibited the first 1-2 months.

The Tragus Piercing Cost

Depending on the piercing studio and the jewelry chosen for this procedure, the price of tragus piercing can vary from $20 to $50.
This loveliest idea of ear piercing is prepared for energetic girls. The tragus piercing with the rook, outer conch and upper lobe variants create a fantastic view.
The cool stud tragus piercing
Here the tragus piercing is presented with quite big jewelry. The ball closure ring with a beautiful purple stone looks expensive and luxurious.
The fresh tragus piercing ring with purple heart
This 18kt white gold hammered moon is something fabulous! It is small, accurate and so cute that it is impossible not to notice this tragus piercing.
The white gold moon tragus piercing picture
Who says that tragus piercing is only for women? This nice option with small decoration shows that it is a super way of self-expression for men as well.
The tragus piercing for men
This exciting tragus piercing is decorated with 14K WG Compass and 2mm London Blue Topaz. This gorgeous work will be definitely admired by others!
The stylish image of compass tragus piercing
This piercing is too nice to be true! The tiny diamond VS-F color is a perfect and highly beautiful addition to your everyday style.
The tragus piercing with a diamond stud
Here the tragus piercing is closely connected with helix one. Two pieces of jewelry present a wonderful line of precious stones.
The romantic tragus ear piercing jewelry
Looking at this fantastic ear piercing, it seems that everything that can be punctured has been already done. Of course, the gold jewelry has no equal among the others.
The gold tragus and a cartilage piercing
Bring a little bit imagination into a standard tragus piercing, as its double variant is like a fresh breath for piercing fans, who are ready to experiment.
The surface double tragus piercing
In comparison with a black diamond dagger or a gold chain in a helix, this tiny tragus piercing with blue gem does not strike a lot, which matches this composition.
The small tragus piercing
Bee is a very positive symbol that denotes work and obedience. Why not take it as a pretty decoration for your tragus piercing?
The reverse bee for a tragus piercing
This tragus piercing looks elegant and extraordinary with such an attractive horseshoe. Moreover, it harmoniously looks with other gold jewelry.
The gold outer tragus piercing
The beautiful turquoise cab is used in this tragus design. The amazing coloring of the gem will leave indifferent neither men nor women.
The male turquoise piercing of the tragus
This ear resembles a piece of piercing art with incredible ideas. The industrial and tragus piercings present a comfortable pair of this ear jewelry.
The sweet industrial and tragus piercing
This is a real mix of unexpected jewelry designs. The glorious choice of rose and black gold for anti-tragus piercing catches the greatest attention!
The tragus and anti-tragus piercing
The black beads in the shape of a rhombus seem quite unusual for tragus jewelry. The 14g tragus piercing is like a pattern of handmade decoration will attract the audience.
The cute black flowers tragus piercing
This double tragus piercing with 2 – 3mm Princess Cut illustrate how perfectly it may suit the young guys. Two rhombic stones bring the note of exclusivity!
The double tragus piercing for guys
This 14K YG 2mm ?3 piercing with trident stones and IceBlueDiamond is a fairy decoration for any girl. A tragus area is a marvelous place in this case!
The fashionable diamond in tragus piercing
Is it cute and unusual piercing? – Surely, yes! The compact rose gold wishbone aims at giving a special fascination to its beautiful owner.
The little rose gold wishbone for a tragus piercing
There is something eastern and engaging in this composition. The bright jewelry embellishes the cartilage and tragus, emphasizing charming appearance.
The cartilage and tragus piercing
This tragus piercing with a spirit of antiquity exceeds all expectations. The 14k yellow gold “Afghan” jewelry is a concise answer to commonness.
The inspired design of tragus piercing
Make your tragus piercing flashy with this lovely decoration! The white gold jewelry includes turquoise gem, which brings recency and easiness you the style.
The stunning design of tragus piercing
The view of this divine piercing will admire everybody! The purple opals and mint green gems in the form of tiny flowers are the cutest choices.
The tragus piercing in a fresh design.
This magnificent tragus jewelry is what dreams are made up of. The yellow gold and black diamonds create an unbelievable web pattern.
The gold and black diamonds in web tragus piercing.
The letters are seldom chosen for a jewelry piece. However, this 14K WG 6mm option in “Ó” form, can carry highly intimate meaning for the wearer.
The intriguing script tragus piercing
The heart shape is one of the most favorite choices among girls. Trying as an example, this 14K RG Prong 5mm Alexandrite jewelry, you will not want anything else.
The heart jewelry for a tragus piercing
This pineapple jewelry surely belongs to a person with very good imagination. The exotic fruit in tragus goes far beyond the traditional design of ear piercing.
The tragus piercing with pineapple jewelry.
The tragus piercing with one puncture is cool, but its double alternative has no equal! Comparing with other jewelry, these long barbells look astonishing from the side.
The vertical tragus piercing
Only a brave lady can decide to choose a triple tragus piercing, as it can be highly painful. Despite that nuance, the result is so remarkable that it can even shock others.
The modern triple tragus piercing
This hoop earring is done exactly for your tragus piercing. Pay attention how it famously matches other pieces of jewelry. Good choice for active girls!
The tragus piercing earring
This woman really prefers hoops as a way of decorating. This gorgeous combination of identical hoops embellishes your tragus piercing as well as a helix and double conch.
The tragus piercing with a hoop
The numerous rings along the ear is a fantastic design. Here it is complemented with a weeny tragus piercing that even strengthens the impression of originality.
The small tragus and many rings along the ear piercing
This sparkling design makes you a superstar! So brilliant jewelry, including the expressive tragus ring and cartilage earrings, represent a piercing dream of many girls.
The cartilage and ring tragus piercing
If creativity is your strong point, do not miss this super double tragus piercing. The jewelry in black gold and black opal and yellow gold with white opal make a great mix.
The double tragus piercing earrings
This diamond star piercing in tragus is tiny but so sweet and elegant. Besides, it illustrates an amazing union with jewelry in the form of the lightning and sun.
The star jewelry for a tragus piercing
Do not try to find any uncommon things in this tragus piercing. The simple hoop looks moderate and strict, which is appropriate for mature, confident men.
The traditional tragus piercing with a hoop for men