Tribal Elephant Tattoo

It is a widespread thought that tribal tattoos are senseless one-colored patterns on the skin. Strict black ink lines usually impress only those, who know the real meaning of the tribal tats. Well, the meaning varies, but the concept of tattoo style remains the same. Just think about the directions of the style: tribal, Polynesian, Aztec, etc. Do you realize that tribal style was born almost at the time of tribes’ noondays? Its age is impressively long and its sense is rooted in the times when the human spirit and mythical practices were respected in the highest degree.

Some of the tribes still exist in the modern world. They keep following the traditional lifestyle, avoiding the contemporary customs and technologies, and rarely connect with the other people. Those, who were lucky to have a conversation with Polynesian tribes (who are likely to talk with a foreigner), heard something about the tattoo art. The old sages said that a tattoo is a way to connect a soul with the body it fills in. Before getting a tattoo, future image owners and masters-priests prayed a lot, as this body art supposed to be a sophisticated ritual. Moreover, it was difficult to endure the process of applying ink to the body, so only the bravest persons could choose a big tattoo. An elephant has been one of the most popular animals to depict on the skin: this great and powerful creature represented the strength of a true nature and big soul; and elephants still head the list of animals for tribal tattoos; this is the best variant to show your devotion to traditions, spiritual intelligence, and strong character.
Beautiful Aztec Elephant Tattoo
The tribal tattoo does not focus on the image itself but concentrates the attention on the emotions and feelings. It is strange, but this strict pattern on a person’s shoulder evokes quite a warm atmosphere. Probably, it is true, that tribal tattoo depicts the inner world of its owner?
Best Colorful Tribal Elephant Face Tattoo
Today tribal tattoo style is reborn of rough Polynesian tattoos. Additionally, they have got some modern details: tribal tats can be depicted with the watercolor background to dilute the sharp black lines. Such a variation is usually chosen by girls, but making a tribal elephant tattoo with dark blue or purple can match the guys too.
Cool Detailed Aztec Elephant Tattoo
Who said that tribal tattoos’ target audience is a guy? Look at this elephant that calmly walks on a girl’s back. By the way, a back is one of the most suitable body parts for a tattoo, especially for a detailed Aztec one.
Elephant Head Tattoos Pictures
You are a fan of the tribal tattoo style, but getting a huge ink picture on skin seems to you a bit crazy? Think of such a small tattoo: wrist is the most visible part of the body, so your elephant will get enough attention, no matter how big it is.

Deer Skull Head Tattoo
Elephant Silhouette Tattoo
The flower that is skillfully inscribed into the silhouette makes this elephant look feminine. He raised the trunk, showing his optimistic and brave mood – a great tattoo variant for persons with the same features of character!
Hipster Elephant Tribal Art
Mixing of realistic and tribal styles seems to be incompatible, however, the author of this very picture made the impossible – the final variant is stunning!
Polynesian Elephant Tattoo Sleeve
Real tattoo addicts usually fill the whole parts of the body with the ink. Sleeve tattoo with an elephant in Polynesian style demands a painstaking work from a tattoo master, but here you can see the amazing result you can get, if having patience, a good outline, and, of course, money.

Tarantula Tattoo Design on Shoulder
Tribal African Elephant Tattoos
Add some geometry to an African tattoo and get a mixture of the old and the new! Be careful and stay within the tribal style, otherwise, you will get an uncomely result.
Tribal Baby Elephant Tattoo Designs
How dare you look so cute, little elephant! You are created to be a perfect decoration for a young lady.
Tribal Elephant Tattoo for Men
The small, but impressive elephant, inserted in the mandala, is a sophisticated picture for those, who follow Buddhism, keeps being patient, and respects the tribal traditions of the other nations.
Tribal Print Elephant Arm Tattoo
The thick and sharp lines of this elephant tattoo look like a dare. If you want to challenge the world – try getting such a tribal ink image.
Unique Aztec Elephant Hand Tattoo
The keen-eyed persons will immediately notice the sign with the IN and YAN. This symbol connects the several nations – probably, the owner of this tattoo desires the unity of the world’s traditions?

Realistic Tattoo of the Elephant Head
Black and White Polynesian Elephant Tattoos Design
White color is always a sign of purity. Do you remember, that tribal tattoo connects the soul and the body? Thus, white ink here means the innocence and young age of a soul.
Elephant Mandala Tattoo on Shoulder
Who could think that modern gray dotwork matches tribal style so pretty? In this tattoo, we see the tandem of a reticent mandala and tribal freedom – a wonderful ink image!

Spectacular Peacock Tattoo for Men