Tribal Nail Art Designs to Try

Since ancient times tribal people have shown their art on different things at their homes. Nowadays a tribal or Aztec design has found its place in different items of our life. And it’s no surprise that such an intricate design can be found on nails.

Tribal nail art looks really appealing as it has countless variations of how to do it. Talking about its design, it has a lot of different stripes, swirls, squiggles, arrows, dots and triangles which are painted on some basic nail polish. Although it seems to be difficult to paint such a design, you will need some basic tools to do this. All you should do is to practice painting these lines and stripes on a piece of paper before doing it on your nails.

In fact, any nail shape can be good space to work on. It doesn’t really matter if you have round nails or square ones; you can even try applying a tribal style on long stilettos or coffin nails, they will still look vibrant and gripping. Moreover, it can match any outfit if you choose a right color gamut.

Tribal nail design is so customizable that you can create any pattern you want, you can use as many colors as you want and decorate your nails the way you like! And don’t be afraid to use glitter and shimmer nail polishes as they will make your manicure stand out!

Look at these awesome tribal nail art designs, get inspired and go for a geometrical masterpiece on your nails!
If you choose long acrylic nails, negative space technique is just what you need for an outstanding Aztec design. A matte top coat will make your nails more sophisticated.

Aztec acrylic nails
If you are not good at painting, get a stamping plate with an Aztec print, and you will have identical patterns on your nails for a perfect look!

Aztec print nail art
A diverse color gamut is the best choice for those who want to grab everyone’s attention. And with an Aztec pattern, people will definitely notice you!

Aztec stiletto nails
For a gorgeous image use a classic mix of black and gold when creating a tribal design. Different lines, arrows, dots and triangles will stand out on the nude base.

Black and gold tribal nails
Not every tribal design has to be bright and colorful. With a never-fading classic of black and white, you will go for a really elegant look.

Black and white tribal nail art

Nail Designs With Bright Colors
You want to look interesting and sweet at the same time, don’t you? Then this manicure is just for you! Chose pink shades as a base and an Aztec stamping plate as decorations.

Cute Aztec nail designs
Pastel is one of the most popular hues for a tribal design as there is a great contrast between a light base polish and vibrant tribal embellishments.

Cute tribal nail designs
The mint and light pink colors are so sweet and the lines are so neat that it seems this tribal nail design came from a fairy-tale!

Easy tribal nail designs
Short square nails look so nice that you won’t want to spoil them with acid colors. You may use a dark green glittering polish and apply some tribal designs instead.

Simple tribal nail designs
Long acrylic nails are so good for different designs that you won’t miss a chance to try dots, triangles, embellishments and arrows on them!

Tribal acrylic nails

Round Minion Nails
Why not to pull off stilettos in a tribal design? Cool mixture of purple and nude, black and white matte colors with tribal patterns, studs and crystals will create an outstanding look!

Tribal stiletto nails
When it comes to a tribal design, a set of bright colors is really worth trying. Use all the hues with a tribal pattern on big toe nails and create a simple view on the others.

Tribal toe nail designs
Such saturated and rich colors and a beautiful tribal design won’t leave your nails without attention. Not enough? Complete the image with a make-up of the same colors!

Neon Aztec designs
Awesome! Wouldn’t you like to try such an interesting gradient of two blue hues? For a more creative look, use intricate tribal patterns painted in black.

Blue tribal nail art
So unusual that you will be charmed by such a beauty! A light gray polish as a base and a flaming red color in a tribal design perfectly go together.

Red tribal nail designs

Nice Fall Fingernail Designs
Summer is the best season for bright and vibrant colors. Especially when they are designed in ombre and decorated with catchy tribal patterns.

Tribal summer nails
Lovely tribal art can be created not only with the help of abstract and geometrical patterns but also with sweet, colorful dreamcatchers.

Dreamcatcher tribal nails
The more tribal designs on your nails are, the more interesting look you have. Don’t you believe? Then check out this really gorgeous Aztec manicure and make sure!

Aztec manicure
What can be better than a neon gradient? Only a neon gradient with three colors. What can be better than an Aztec design? Only an Aztec design on a 3-colored gradient base.

Gradient Aztec designs
If you don’t have enough skills to paint an Aztec pattern, use a stamping plate. The lines and triangles will be neat, and such diverse colors will supplement each other perfectly!

Aztec fingernails

Gorgeous Image with Grey and Silver Nails
Very beautiful and tender olive nail polish can be diversified with tiny tribal designs. Don’t put too many of them otherwise your manicure will look not so subtle.

Olive tribal nail designs
You should be very careful mixing different nail art techniques! This manicure is the best example how to get perfection with a marble design, negative space and tribal patterns.

Matte nail designs
A dreamcatcher is one of those items that cannot be ignored when you want to get a mysterious and fabulous manicure with a tribal-inspired pattern.

Beautiful tribal nails
This design won’t take too much time as only two nails have Aztec vibes on a colorful base. Other nails can be decorated with a matte hue, a chrome polish and glitters.

Aztec vibes nails
When each nail has a different pattern among which you can find a tribal design, an original French manicure and a glittering ombre it looks really fantastic!

Cute tribal nails

Blue and Pink Nail Designs
If you want to refresh your nails, go for an aquamarine nail polish diluting it with Aztec lines and vibes and glitters of the same color.

Pointy Aztec nails
For brave women who aren’t afraid of bright and saturated colors, such a manicure with a cool tribal styling will be a real catch!

Pretty tribal nails designs
You will never go wrong with coffin nails and beautiful neon designs on them. Chose an Aztec pattern and your look will be flawless!

Coffin Aztec nails art
Ombre nails, no matter what color they are, will never go out of trend. But sometimes you want something more, and you can come across a really catching tribal design!

Pink tribal nail designs
If you have a 3D design on some nails, you may want to get something else for a complete look. In this case, choose a simple Aztec pattern.

3D Aztec nails art

Nail Tips for Fashion Kids
Rich, sophisticated and flawless! Every little detail like a negative space design, a matte top coat, tribal patterns and golden studs shows your elegance.

Tribal nail designs with jewelry