Virgo Tattoos

Zodiac sign is something that you were born under. The latest techniques and various styles can turn out to be helpful in choosing the best plot for your Virgo tattoo to fill it with the sense.

If you are going to have a tattoo that represents your zodiac sign, Virgo, here you can find a great diversity of such tattoos. Despite the name, this sign can be done by both men and women. Virgo tattoos are one of the most various on the designing side.

Virgo Tattoo Designs Symbolism and Meaning

Virgo sign is depicted as the Latin letter “M” which is a bit changed by adding a tail to it that wraps the character at the end. Virgo is also the second largest constellation. People born under this sign are believed to be very strong and practical. These traits are extremely useful assets in their lives as they don’t like showing their emotions. Their best and worst side is considered to be heightened attention to details. In most cases the Virgo signs mark:

Physical and mental strength. Virgos like looking after themselves that is why this sign can state their sporting habit. As well as being fit, mental development is very important to them. Thanks to their intelligence they may not only solve their problems but give useful advice to others.

Analytical trait. This trait is the essential one as Virgos will probably think about leaving everything to chance last of all.

Modesty and humility. People born under the Virgo sign are very shy. However, it doesn’t mean they do not interact with other people. Quite the opposite, they will let you express every your point of view without any interrupting.

Virgo Tattoos Features

As in most cases, Virgo symbol appears to be a visible tat, people get a great variety of these tattoos made on every part of the body starting from the head and ending with the feet. According to the customer’s wish of what he would like to wear this tattoo for, a person can choose any design!

The most widespread techniques are:

  • watercolor
  • dot work
  • line work

The diversity of styles can be performed in:

  • Celtic tats
  • tribal
  • new school
  • pin-up

Also, the could be different variations of Virgo sign such as:

  • inscription in various fonts
  • the sign itself c in different shapes and forms
  • constellation

Virgo inks can boast the endless variants of designs which you can choose in accord with your personal taste.

Virgo Tattoo Ideas

Space variation of Virgo tattoo will definitely decorate your shoulder blade especially when it is unusually depicted as a woman with a lion head.

This striking gray watercolor tattoo shows a beautiful witch decorated with different witch stuff on her head and greatly framed Virgo symbol.
Cool Virgo-witch tattoo on the hip
Pin-up style can be a great decoration for every person if it is made in subdued colors and beautified with a small but cute Virgo sign on the leg.
Cute colorful pin-up Virgo tat on the biceps

Attractive stranger in black and red colors tattooed on the shoulder blade shows her character with the help of a Virgo decoration on her cute hat.
Girly shoulder blade tattoo of a Virgo woman
The half-sleeve tattoo looks like a firework in the sky thanks to its neat line work performed in different colors showing two zodiac signs – Leo and Virgo.
Abstract half-sleeve Virgo together with Leo tattoo
Virgo tat can look sexy and elegant at the same time if it depicts naked girl with a Virgo sign springing up out of colorful flowers.
Sexy breast Virgo tattoo with a flower motive
Simple Virgo sign tattoo can also look attractive thanks to its master’s talent and attention to small details such as lines and dots performed extremely accurately.
Simple Virgo zodiac sign tattoo inked on the back of the neck
Tiny Virgo symbol can become your personal mascot if you put all the sense in it. Neatly inked on woman’s skin it looks like a real minimalistic masterpiece.
Small Virgo tattoo on the back of the neck
An unusual interpretation of a Virgo sign can scare and attract at the same time. This watercolor tattoo with Death and scythe decorated with a Virgo sign looks frightening but still eye-catching.
Unique arm Virgo tattoo
Blue Gemini and pink Virgo signs performed with the help of twisted lines framed in circles look like symbols of two loving people who became really close to each other.
Men Gemini sign together with woman Virgo symbol on the forearm
Such tattoos strike with their realism and greater detail. Made with the help of colorful details, Virgo looks like a real woman connected to a Libra sign in the form of the earring.
Realistic half-sleeve tat of Virgo and Libra zodiac signs
Every line and dot in this tattoo are amazingly depicted as different parts of the all-in-one. Gathered in one beautiful angel, Virgo sign seems to add the symbolism to the whole picture.
Mysterious shoulder blade tattoo of a Virgo angel-girl
Relief Virgo sign with a twisted tail on the end taken up by the tongues of flames on the dark background looks a real masterpiece.
Burning Virgo tattoo on the biceps
Only one black color and sharp strokes perfectly outlined on the skin make these two signs powerful and extremely attractive.
Virgo and Cancer zodiac signs black tattoo
Performed with the help of simply defined lines this tattoo on finger shows the main feature of the born under this sign – be yourself.
Tiny ring finger tattoo of the Virgo sign
Leaves and flowers together with a Virgo sign may become the greatest decoration for your body if made in saturated colors and perfectly outlined.
Astonishing floristic motive in the Virgo shoulder blade tattoo
Very unusual place for a tattoo which makes it unique. Virgo sign with mild strokes is greatly decorated with the diversity of small but accurate dots and embellishments.
Extraordinary Virgo tattoo on the foot
The beautiful woman seems to come down from the heaven. Her hair looks like the whole Universe showing the power of the zodiac sign Virgo.
Eye-catching Virgo goddess inked on the arm
Angels with wings and Virgo signs on their body can not only look like cute and pretty girls but also like strong and full of willpower women.
Magnificent watercolor Virgo half sleeve tattoo
Virgo sign itself seems like to be painted with a lipstick as it has very blur structure. However, the constellation of Virgo with sharp strokes adds the zest to the whole tat.
Red and black Virgo horoscope tattoo
Very peaceful and quiet atmosphere of the tat is depicted by careful line and dot works which show the lady in the Virgo constellation.
Black colored peaceful Virgo lady inked on the arm
Virgo logo is the most widespread way of showing your zodiac sign. If you choose minimalism with the light transition of black color you will show the best of your sign.
Minimalistic wrist Virgo logo tattoo
This Virgo seems to be sleeping in this quiet atmosphere connecting spiritually with nature. Cold violet and blue colors and different techniques make the tat extremely charming.
Exciting picture of Virgo on the full back
Even men don’t refuse to ink a Virgo tat. Just look at this peaceful piece of nature with a black pine and blur sky with Virgo constellation. That’s magical!
Forearm Virgo tattoo idea for males
The whole sign is made from one stroke which is interestingly decorated with the help of a shadow on its background.
Virgo sign tattoo idea on the hand
Intricately made this tattoo shows the attention to details which is definitely one of the strongest features of the character of those who are born under the Virgo sign.
Male upper back Virgo symbol tattoo
Outlined with white color Virgo signs seems to be absorbed with some unknown blue and red power which turns out to be a good idea for guys born under this sign.
Striking colorful Virgo tattoo design for guys
This half sleeve tattoo is performed in a watercolor technique with lots of details to enjoy. However, it seems that the Virgo constellation looks a bit brighter and attracts more than other tattoo parts.
Charming half sleeve tattoo with a Virgo constellation

This tat shows the person both as funny thanks to green cartoon outline and serious Virgo due to the realistic Universe inside the heart.
Very bright heart-shaped Virgo tattoo for females
Extremely tender and delicate rose in subdued pink color and gently written “Virgo” word on the wrist states the best picture for girls.
Tender Virgo inscription tattoo for girls inked on the wrist
It’s not necessary to ink girls as the symbol of Virgo. Men can choose such a simple but strong tattoo with the majestic font of “Virgo”.
Virgo inscription inside the ears of wheat made on the calf for males
Nothing can be more striking than such a tat that seems to be the part of your body thanks to its unique style and very meat shadow work.
Realistic shoulder Virgo sign tattoo idea for men
Cold colors in a number of strokes make the perfect picture of bewitching fairy inside who you can see bright Virgo constellation.
Side tattoo of Virgo constellation for women
Accurately outlined Virgo symbol is decorated with the help of multicolor feather and looks very attractive on the wrist.
Unusual Virgo symbol tattoo on the wrist
Although made in black color this tribal tattoo style makes this Virgo sign looks in a masculine way especially when inked on the beefy arm.
Man’s Virgo tribal tattoo on the arm
This tat seems to be a sketch which is so realistic that wrist can be a piece of paper which was used to ink this interesting pic.
Great watercolor Virgo zodiac sign on the wrist
Made of different pieces this Virgo is decorated with a beautiful mixture of cold colors and shining stars. Very enchanting!
Virgo made of different galaxy pieces on the calf
Smooth transition from light blue to almost purple can indicate calmness of the character of the person who wears this tattoo.
Cold blue Virgo sing tattoo on the arm
Even one black color can state the grandness of the tat if accurately inked in the dot work. Dot to dot shows real patience and attention to detail of Virgos.
Delicate dot work for Virgo sign inside the sun tattoo
The watercolor technique looks amazing when it refers to variations of tattooing the same symbol. Smooth strokes and light colors make the tat airy.
Virgo sign tattoo inked in watercolor technique on the wrist
Virgos are believed to find a connection with other people easily. These tattoos symbolize this and accurate work shows the deep sense of feelings.
Connection between Aries and Virgo in tattoos on the wrist
The anchor is considered to be the symbol of strength. Strong character is the most vivid trade among Virgos. These two things state a very powerful person.
Unusual foot Virgo sign with the anchor
Different ornaments and embellishments are features of the Celtic style. In connection with a Virgo sign, this tat looks really majestic.
Celtic motive in calf Virgo tattoo
Not only colorful tattoos will grab your attention. Flawlessly outlined dreamcatcher with a Virgo symbol in it will definitely stand out.
Simple line work of a dreamcatcher with a Virgo sign inside it
A constellation in this tat looks simple until you don’t look at the background that makes it more saturated and mystical.
Mysterious forearm Virgo constellation on the colorful background
Black sexy Virgo becomes the zest of this tattoo against the blue sky and violet flowers background.
Sexy Virgo tattoo with flowery motive on the thigh
Great mixture of a real Virgo and a Virgo constellation inked in colorful new school style will become a perfect shoulder blade decoration.
New school girl next to the Virgo constellation tattoo on the shoulder blade
The magnificent cold background adds more color to simple but accurate Virgo zodiac sign and the name near it.
Outstanding Virgo symbol and the name tattoo on the biceps
Although Taurus, Aries and Aquarius are inked in the shape of animals and a person, all the attention is absorbed to the Virgo as it is inked a symbol and beautifully framed.

This tat is definitely inked to show the wearer’s characters as it has saturated colors and performed on one of the most vivid places.
Colorful Virgo tat on the hand
Colorful owl smoothly transiting to the girl with a flower and a tentacle below them and Virgo inscription above them makes the tat crazy and really outstanding.
Crazy mixture of Virgo, owl, rose and tentacle in tattoo on the leg
Saturated colors and flawless shadow work show a girl with wheat which is the definite symbol of strength and connection to the Earth.
Half sleeve tattoo of the Virgo's face