Wedding Nails of Your Dream

What girl doesn`t dream about getting married one day? Almost all people want to experience the excitement of the wedding day, being with a partner in the center of attention. The first thing, which is always associated with the wedding, is a dress. As usual, people pay much attention to the dress hunting, leaving the manicure last (or even don`t trouble themselves choosing a design)!

You should know that everything must be perfect on this special day! Not only a dress, shoes, a veil, a haircut and a make-up create your wedding image! Your nails also have to be done carefully! Your hands, as well as the other parts of you, will attract the public gaze. You have no chances to hide any disadvantages of your look! That`s why it`s very important not to let a wrong design spoil your mood, or in the worst cases, the whole wedding!

The design of nails for a wedding is highly dependent on the style or theme, which you want the wedding to be in. Nevertheless, there are some variants of wedding nails, which are in great demand among the most of the brides. Of course, classic French manicure, as well as French of different colors, hand-painted floral patterns (especially roses) and various ornaments with the lace are considered to be traditional wedding variants! Despite these, such designs as reverse French, the American manicure, ombre, half-moon and others are the top of wedding nail designs. It`s possible to make wedding nails matte, not only glossy. There is also a tendency to use pearls, glitters, and crystals to make the nails more luxurious!

White, red and pink (or so-called a dusty rose color) are prevailing colors in wedding nail designs. But this doesn`t mean they are the only ones, which can be used! Deep burgundy, purple, blue, yellow, silver and gold colors seem the way to go! As for shapes of nails, round, oval and almond shaped nails are popular. Nevertheless, it`s up to you to decide the nails of what shape you prefer for your wedding!

If your natural nails are not good enough to create an ideal wedding design, you can choose gel or acrylic ones. But remember: if you have never done your nails, never start with acrylics – they can damage your nail plate! Start with gel nail designs or designs with various gel polishes!

Still, cannot make up your mind what wedding design for your nails you want? The following ideas of wedding nails will be very useful for you. You`ll find what you are looking for! It`s your day!
Bridal Nails with Glitters

Want delicate and beautiful nails? The volumetric design in the form of white flowers on the pink base will please all brides! Tiny glitters and Swarovski crystals are on trend!
Bridal Fingernails with an Amazing Design

These pointy nails look chic! The design represents a wonderful combination of white and gold. Rhinestones of different sizes and the figure create an excellent contrast with the marble effect on long nails!
Beautiful Pearl Nails for the Marriage

Long ballerina nails with the translucent ombre are amazing! Delicious pinky florets look very neat; an abundance of rhinestones and crystals makes the manicure interesting!
Traditional Black And White Wedding Nails

You will find nothing superfluous in this manicure! Its real beauty is in simple white color. A cute black monogram is the only design. It is suitable for those who do not like fancy nails!
Classic Wedding Nails for Fall

Make your nails bling! The combination of a simple white color, the variety of crystals and pearls, and some elements of broken glass with the rose pattern is aimed for stylish brides!
A Cool Design for a Bridal Manicure

These nails will suit everybody! The length is universal: long enough and not too short. Combine a few nails with the French design, one with the white color and one, decorated with white ornaments.
Cute Images Of Wedding Nails

Magic nails for a real queen! Gold decorations on pointy nails are suitable for all occasions! A lot of shine, white ornaments, birds, and hearts make these nails special!
Easy Nail Art For Unique Marriage

A simple manicure can also be beautiful! There is nothing superfluous in ordinary beige nails! But a chain of various rhinestones dilutes the design, making it appropriate for your marriage!
Special Photo of Elegant Bridal Nails

This is a cute manicure with the design in the form of a smile. Over the design, camouflage is applied. Also near the cuticle of several nails, there are few of rhinestones!
French Manicure Designs For Wedding

Make nails with a usual French manicure unusual! One of the nails can be made in the style of a seashell. The volume strips and the silvery sheen between them will work out superbly!
French Tip Ideas for Wedding Nail Designs

Elegant stiletto nails stand out favorably against the backdrop of other nails thanks to the base under the French design! A gentle base with a splendor contrasts beautifully with a non-classic line of a smile!
Wedding Nails with Multicolored Glitters

How interesting coffin nails may look with the abundance of shiny details! Pink, blue and purple colors complete a successful combination! The Broken glass looks nice next to delicate flowers.
Gorgeous Orange Wedding Nail Art Ideas

Beige and orange colors, used in this manicure, are incredibly beautiful and warm! The neat round shape of all nails is effeminate; Swarovski crystals on one nail don`t look too obsessive!
Modern Wedding Nails

Long square nails can look natural if you cover them with the nude and white ombre design! Large rhinestones and white patterns make the design more up-to-date!
Purple Nail Art Designs For A Wedding

Take a deep breath: these nails are everything! Pointy edges of the almond shape look special; glossy and matte nails, covered with the purple color of different shades will decorate your wedding!
Original Nail Styles For Wedding

Stiletto nails, made in blue, white and pink colors, are adorable! The design with various drawings is like candy: so sweet! Blue and white pearls complete the manicure!
Best Pictures Of Wedding Nail Designs

You cannot resist the beauty of these nails! The design looks festive thanks to the white and beige ombre, along with a pretty pattern. Elegant and new are the words to describe this manicure!
Fashionable Pink and White Wedding Nails

Who says that only traditional French tips are appropriate for a wedding? The bright pink base and white edges in the form of the triangle are a real trend for a wedding design!
Wedding Nails with Girly Pink

Nice-looking wedding manicure can be made with the help of a bright color! The intense pink background and the flower composition look great on long ballerina nails!
Pretty Wedding Nails with Sparkly Decor

Almond pointy nails with the coat of pink and white colors will become a choice of those brides, who want to have a glamour wedding! Amazing crystals and glitters are so pretty and feminine!
Unique Wedding Nails with Gold

What is more luxurious than gold? Glitters, chrome powder, crystals, and pixies – everything is in gold! Black ornaments and the beige polish are very elegant and expressive!
Great Wedding Ideas for Long Acrylic Nails

If you are a fan of extremely long nails, it`s better to cover them with the polish of a pastel color. Crystals and delicate flower patterns are wonderful adornments, which won`t spoil the look!
Pictures of Creative Nails for a Wedding Day

White matte nails, made in the ombre technique, play as a background for the glittered design in the form of a heart. Glossy nails look chic when combined with this design!
Wedding Ideas for Unusual Fingernail

A wedding is an excellent reason to experiment with the shape of nails! Almond nails with pointy edges, covered with the light pink color and matte top have an interesting look with crystals and pixies!
Wedding French Manicure with Angelic Designs

Coffin nails with wide French tips of the white color will attract the attention of most brides! Volumetric flowers with crystals in the middle and sugar nails will look perfect with your wedding ring!
Wedding Nail Designs For Short Nails

Long nails are not always relevant, unlike short nails! Light nails with the shade of the purple color look discreet and appropriate for a wedding! Silver glitters near the cuticle beautify these nails!
Modern White Wedding Nails for a Stylish Bride

Milky white nails with some crystals near the cuticle are nice. Volumetric roses with leaves on the translucent base have a stylish look! Freshly sculpted set!
Nude Wedding Nails with Awesome Lace

It`s possible to use lace on your nails, not only on your dress! Just imagine how beautiful nude nails, decorated with the lace and black crystals, will look on your wedding!
Attractive Wedding Manicure with Matte Nails

Glitters and pearls are always used to decorate all types of a manicure! In this case, adornments are the main accent on wedding nails! Stiletto white nails with the matte top are so catchy!
Gold And White Wedding Ideas for Nail Design

Gold glitters can be a good option to combine with the nails of the white color. They will dilute the monotony of a manicure, making nails more appropriate for the occasion!
Eyecatching Square Nail For Wedding

Complement your wedding look with square white nails! You can cover your nails fully, or leave some free space near the cuticle. Swarovski crystals, placed in the form of the triangle, are amazing!
Simple Nails for Perfect Wedding

You`ll not need a lot of time for this wedding design! Cover nails with a polish of a pastel color (such as beige); place two rows of crystals in the middle of one nail. Flawless!
Wedding Designs on Stiletto Nails

Pure nails of the pearly shade make a good contrast with large adornments in the form of crystals and rhinestones. Confetti and volumetric flowers are cute!
New Ideas of White Mate Nails for Wedding

What wedding can happen without the purity of the white color? White nails with the matte top and gold studs can help you to present the white color in a new light!
Elegant Bridal Designs for Almond Nails

This design will demonstrate the unusual effectiveness and simplicity! Delicate pink with volumetric strips, pearls and crystals can accompany nails, covered with glitters. Wearing these nails will be a pleasure for you!
Wedding Nail Designs with Light Yellow

Don`t want to follow traditional colors? The alteration of yellow and white colors can become a good choice for long stiletto nails. But the confetti, fully covering some nails, is the main element!
Bridal Nails of the Oval Shape

Light pink on oval nails will do it best! Add glitters to the polish, crystals near the cuticle and floral patterns. It looks wonderful, especially if you want to emphasize the tone of your skin!
Caramel French For Perfect Wedding

Caramelized French tips on a few nails with the pink base are not very catchy, but this is the reason why these coffin nails look pristine! Volumetric flowers on ring fingers won`t spoil the manicure!
Wedding Art for Brides Nails

The nails of the ballerina shape, covered with the light pink polish and decorated with the ensemble of rhinestones, look really fancy! If you want flowers, it`s possible to paint white roses on some nails.