Wedding Ring Tattoo – The Most Romantic and Sweetest Designs

If you`re looking for the new interesting wedding traditions here you can find one of the most actual tendencies that are so popular among those who would like both linked and inked forever. Wedding ring tattoos mean love and devotion towards each other that`s why they`re relevant today.

Wedding Ring Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

Wedding ring tattoo is a unique way to commemorate the happiest event in one`s life as it will remind of the wedding all the time and the person can`t take it off or lose it because the wedding ring tattoo becomes a part of the person. Such a great decision as to wear a wedding ring tattoo in place of a traditional ring depends also on its meanings. The wedding ring tattoos can mark:

  • Infinite love, hope and dream: when the married couple chooses to ink the wedding rings instead of wearing the traditional ones they try to confirm a true purpose linking their life forever in such a unique way.
  • Devotion and faithfulness: as a wedding ring tattoo can`t be lost or taken away the people who have them are devoted towards each other for their lifetime.
  • Commitments of the couple for each other: this modern trend to wear a wedding ring tattoo can also remind of the duties of the new wedded.
  • Honor and respect toward a spouse: some couples ink the wedding ring tattoos in several years after the wedding when they begin to understand the real sense of getting the ring. They don`t treat the ring as a nice attribute of their family life.

Wedding ring tattoo designs can be well combined with some complementing details like:

  • stars;
  • flowers;
  • hearts
  • sign of infinity
  • geometrical figures;
  • animated images;
  • crosses;
  • signs of king and queen etc.

The Features of Wedding Ring Tattoos

As the wedding ring tattoo is always visible just like a real ring everyone should choose the design that fits him or her most of all. Mostly such tattoos are inked on the ring finger but it happens that they are done on the middle finger or on the thumb. The most widespread variations are:

  • Wedding band tattoos: it is a simple way to demonstrate love and devotion towards the second part. It looks so easy but says so much about the honor, respect and infinite love.
  • Wedding ring tattoos with other complementing elements: the couples can get some small elements like initials, names, dates, stars, animated images, hearts, flowers etc. to the wedding ring designs.
  • Ornamental wedding ring tattoos: such tattoos contain some elegant and intricate patterns as Greek key tattoo or vine tattoo patterns.

You can choose the personal style of your ring tattoo as it can be done in Tribal, 3-D, realistic, Celtic or animated style.

Unique Wedding Ring Tattoos Ideas

Black ancient Celtic wedding ring tattoos
These tattoo pieces are done in a Celtic style on the ring fingers and look like the real rings. the black Celtic patterns are often used as a sign of the unity of the bodies and souls.
Delicate initial wedding tattoos
Such tattoo belongs to the wedding ring tattoos with complementing elements. Here we see the wedding tattoos with the initials and hearts between them inked on the ring fingers. the tattoo lines are perfectly straight and that makes this ink so pretty and dearly.
Elegant 3d wedding ring tattoos
Now we see one of the prettiest examples of a 3d wedding ring tattoo inked on the ring fingers of the couple. This ink stands out with good shading and perfect transition from dark gray to light gray and white colors.
Wedding ring tattoos with the infinity symbols
These delicate tattoos demand a lot of line work but as we see the infinity lines are done perfectly smoothed and technically right. the tattoos made on the ring fingers contain the doubled infinity symbols which look like 3D ribbons.
Nice wedding ring tattoo in a tribal style with Roman numerals
Here we notice a good line work. This tribal tattoo contains the Roman numeral signs on the ring fingers that add a unique flavor to this design.
Parallel black arrow wedding ring tattoo
Such tattoo also belongs to the wedding ring tattoos but instead of the traditional rings, it contains two arrows and two small spots. Thus, this ink looks incredible and extravagant.
Cool gray skull knuckle tattoos for the loving couples
These skull tattoos show us a soft transition from dark gray to light gray. It`s possible to see a lot of details on such a small tattoo piece inked on the ring fingers. with such intricate skull tattoos, married couple wants to say: “Till death do us part”.
Simple line wedding tattoos on the ring fingers
What a simple design that reveals such a deep sense of the human relationships! these wedding band tattoos contain two clean solid lines and two thinner ones which make this piece really uncomplicated and great!
Special name tattoos on the ring finger
What a brilliant idea when the husband inks the wife`s name on his ring finger and the wife, in turn, gets her husband`s name of her ring finger. It`s so romantic!
Tender love ring tattoos for the couples
How delicate and pretty sweet this ink is! How bold the curved lines are! If married or not married people love each other lets everyone sees that!
Uncommon thumb tattoos with ghosts and hearts
It seems so creatively for the newlyweds to get the inks of the ghosts on their thumbs, especially with so cool shading work. the ghosts in the combination with small red hearts appear as a talisman of love!
Traditional Irish Claddagh ring tattoo design on the finger
This wedding ring tattoo belongs to the traditional Irish ring design. the ink consists of three main elements: hands (they symbolize friendship and faith), heart (as a sign of love) and crown (it marks loyalty).
Sweet lotus wedding tattoo on the finger
If you`d like to impress everybody you can wear on your ring finger the tattoo like this one where everyone can notice cool clean stripes and the small details of the lotus design.
Stunning realistic lion tattoo on the finger
Such a realistic lion face perfectly inked and amazes us with its so lively eyes. Due to the well-done dark and light gray transition, this tattoo looks so charming on the forefinger.
Best matching crown wedding tattoos for couples
Another widespread kind of wedding tattoos is crown ones. Here there are two tattoos with crowns: king`s and one queen` crown inked on the ring fingers. It`s worse noting that the crowns tattooed with only a black color and with good shading.
Celtic wedding ring tattoo for man
Black and gray colors and precise knot are common elements of Celtic tattoos. Here we can see the Celtic wedding ring tattoo design that consists of dark and light gray knot inked on the black background.
Lovely compass wedding tattoos for a wife and husband
These ink pieces emphasize with its symmetry, right proportions and very smoothed lines. the tattoos are done on the different fingers but their aim is to show one direction.

Compass Finger Tattoo Ideas
Black and red rose tattoo on the ring finger
one more example of wedding band tattoos presented on the ring finger consists of a small red rose with black leaves. This tattoo piece looks really clean because of outlines of red rose petals.
Black-lined arm tattoo on the finger
Tree definitely sharp lines: one solid and two thin are tatted on the ring fingers just with the black color to reveal the true meaning of the wedding for the people who love each other!
Initial wedding tattoos with crowns on the ring fingers
It`s a cool idea for two loving hearts to ink the crown and the initials of the significant other on the ring finger as a sign of boundless love and devotion. Black color emphasizes the importance of the relationships.
Black and gray skull tattoo with two roses on the finger
An unusual composition containing a gray skull and two roses also belongs to the wedding band tattoos. This ink texture is incredible and the good shading makes this tattoo piece original and highly professional.
Wedding ring tattoos with white ink hearts
It`s a unique idea to get the ink in a white color but it looks amazingly fascinating on the middle finger! Two white hearts joined together aren`t so visible on the skin but they carry some important inner sense for their bearer.
Royal King and Queen wedding ring tattoo
It`s a nice example of the difficult line working tattoo. Queen and King signs are very popular choices for wedding tattoos. This ink was made on the side of the ring fingers to hide them from view.
Wedding ring tattoos with Poseidon`s trident
Here is another wedding ring tattoo with a complementing element. This element is Poseidon`s trident added as a talisman that will guard love of the couple.
Black and white ink wedding band tattoos
Another creative wedding design is presented in a 3-D style on the side of the ring fingers. the white shading on the word “Always”, on the black paw and on waves gives the volume to the inks.
Glamorous diamond ring tattoo design
The best way not to lose the diamond is to ink it on the ring finger. This wedding band tattoo consists of a “yellow ring” and huge diamond of dark and light blue colors. the image is outlined with a clean white line.
Black subtle ring tattoo for a wife and husband
To ink similar designs on the ring fingers to say about love is a common thing that happens today. But it really works! This tattoo seems so simple but it can be easily read: heart means love, crown symbolizes devotion and loyalty and the infinity sign says that this love will never change.
Crown wedding ring tattoo design for men
Crown tattoo on the ring finger also belongs to the wedding band tattoos. How professionally this one made. Just look! So clean sharp lines and using of shading.
Red ink heart wedding tattoo idea on the ring fingers
So simple design but how deep its meaning is! Brightly red hearts on the ring fingers express the mutual sincere feeling of the couple.
Unique his and her wedding ring tattoos

This work is unbelievably great! Such tattoo belongs to the ornamental wedding ring tattoos. the black tracery is complicated but it`s well technically designed on the ring fingers. the stripes are correct and so symmetrical.