White Jeans Outfits for Men and Women

The jeans are probably the most versatile piece of clothing in the daily wardrobe of any man or woman, which can easily get you through any event or time of the year.

It is generally accepted that wearing white jeans can be tricky: they are not flattering at times and you always have to watch where you’re sitting. But we’ll try to convince you otherwise. Everything depends on how you wear it!

The thing is that white color is not as versatile as others!  When choosing the tops, take a note of your skin tone and colors that suit you the best, for instance:

  • for a fair/pale skin – choose darker colors, which contrast with your skin tone, like gray, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy and bolder shades of blue, peach, turquoise, brown, khaki, neon;
  • for a darker skin or olive skin – opt for shades that are either a little brighter or darker than the middle ground, like tan, light blue, light gray, mint green, pastel pink, crème, beige.

Also try to avoid black tops and underwear, because although in theory, it sounds fine, the contrast is too sharp and that combo can cut your height.  As for white on white, it’s a great variant for those who have a pretty dark olive skin tone.

If we are talking about footwear, then the best variants for women are flats, ankle boots or sandals, for men – low top sneakers, brogues or boots in watered-down blues, soft tan, different shades of dark and light brown, gold and silver.

The white color is subconsciously related to the richness and nobleness, so make sure your accessories fit your whole attire! For men’s wear, let it be a silver-colored wristwatch and a matching, quality, tan or brown, leather belt. For women, it can be mostly everything from bright plastic, to sophisticated golden jewelry, depending on the image you want to create. But the main rule, as usual, – not overdo it!

Finding the right fit and cut is an important thing to make a note as white jeans make big thighs and calves look even bigger. The most versatile is a straight-cut or slim fit, so if you hesitate – start with this one.

As for companion fabrics, white jeans offer a nice conduit in the double-denim trend, also combine well with leather, suede, cashmere, lace, silk, and chiffon.

Anyway, do not be afraid to mix it with printed fabrics, especially with polka dots, stripes, checked, and even floral prints.

If you’re not a big fan of snow white, then think of off-white/cream/ivory/eggshell, etc. variants. In some ways, it is even more versatile than true white.

Of course, white jeans are used to be summer clothes (as it reflects heat), but today there are many variations that can be worn during any season, for instance:

  • during the spring you can wear white skinnies (too hot for them in the summer);
  • for fall and winter, choose white denim;
  • in summer – wide leg white jeans and chinos.

All white jeans outfit

Master the effortlessly chic look in a combo of white cropped jeans and white sweater. Want to go easy on the shoe front? Go for a pair of comfy, white sneakers.
All white pants outfit

Go for something new this season and try on total white attire. Looks so clean with snow white shoes and socks.
All white skinny jeans

A nicely put together combination of a fancy white T-shirt and straight white jeans will set you apart effortlessly. Smart white sneakers will give you a perfect sporty look.
Cute outfit with white jeans

Consider teaming white ripped knee jeans with a gray knitted sweater for a glam and trendy urban style. For the maximum cuteness add a gray beanie hat, set of silver color rings and a pair of black sneakers.
Cute white skinny jeans

Wear an ensemble of fashion ripped white denim, top and light gray travel scarf to achieve the chicest look ever. Suede tassel boots, by the way, tote and Vega hat, will add some the fringe and western inspiration to an otherwise classic look.
Elegant outfits with jeans

Wear crispy white jeans with beautiful vintage short sleeve polka-dotted caramel silk blouse for an effortless kind of elegance. Go for a pair of white flats for a more relaxed feel.
Urban hot white jeans look

Stand out among other stylish citizens in the lovely combo of white jeans, beige bodysuit, and stylish pink rose jacket. For the maximum cuteness, go for a pair of heeled sandals and white purse.
White jeans and a Tshirt outfit

This cute combo of a plain white T-shirt, white jeans, and a maroon baseball hat is a safety belt for an effortlessly cool look. Team it up with red socks and a pair of white sneakers.
Sexy white jeans look

Go for perfect glam by pairing white ripped jeans with amazingly beautiful light summer floral top. Complete it with a pair of heeled sandals, matching purse, and cool sunglasses.
The shoes with the white jeans

Mix styles and combine plain all white combo of ripped skinnies and classy shirt with a suede jacket and trendy brimmed black hat. And add Chelsea boots and a smart purse for a stunning and unique look.
Stylish white jeans look

For a casual, fresh spring look, go for a pair of white jeans and combine it with fancy beige and a black sweater. Add unique purse and cool glasses to finish the image.
The lace tops to wear with the white jeans

You can’t go wrong when wearing a combo of red and white. So try this set of the red blazer worn atop of a combo of white cropped flare jeans and white lace top. Complement it with a pair of white or red heeled pumps.
Wearing white jeans

Go for super simple with a pair of white jeans and a loose white T-shirt. It looks just fine with a black leather belt and silver jewelry.
White Jeans and Heels Outfit
White and red are a classic combination for an eye-catching look. So pair a bright red jacket with a more neutral white jeans and shoes. If you’re not sure about red, then choose the combo of white jeans and black top worn under a checked coat.
White denim fashion

Pair a white cotton overall with a long sleeved striped textile sweater for a cute, spring look. Complement this set with a pair of cool white sneakers.
White distressed jeans outfit

Wondering about casual and comfortable yet bright spring outfit? Combine a pair of white jeans with a charcoal sweatshirt and long, knitted, grayish scarf and a cute pair of sneakers. Finish the look with cool watches.
White jeans and black boots look

For the fall or spring, pair your plain white jeans with a striped black and white sweater and comfy deep blue coat. Finish this outfit with trendy glasses and a pair of black ankle boots. So cute!
White jeans and a white shirt combo

Make unusual and attractive look with this cool combination of high-waisted white jeans and Gucci logo T-shirt. It looks pretty cute with a pink faux fur coat and a pair of white flats.
White jeans and blue shirt attire

The white jeans a so versatile item! Go for simple light blue shirt and style it with ripped white skinnies, trendy hat and super cozy white sneakers for a casual spring look. Clean and bright.
White jeans and brown boots look

Are you wondering what to wear this fall? Make a note of this simple yet cute set. Ripped white denim looks really harmoniously with a gray sweatshirt, brownish leather purse, and glasses.
White jeans fashion

Do you like to stand out from the crowd? Then you should try this extraordinary combo of white denim, tallow lace, and oversized trench coat. It looks just fine with a pair of black leather shoes.
White jeans for teens

White and gray always work perfectly in a team. So try, and you will definitely love this perfect coordination of gray and white in a combo of white jeans, cute sweatshirt and pair of sneakers.
White jeans and loafers womens outfit

Check out this fun and summery combination: striped shirt, white jeans, and pointy toe loafers could be a great way to rock your next spring weekend. Just add a vintage scarf, straw hat, and cute yellow tote bag.
White jeans and a grey shirt outfit

Do you want to add some French chic to your spring outfit? Then team up white jeans with a grey T-shirt and stylish black trenchcoat. Simple, elegant and really feminine.
The white jeans in a spring style

Combine light grey sweatshirt with a pair of ripped white jeans for a very cool, casual look. Complete the image with a charcoal jacket and cute tote bag.
White jeans plus leather jacket outfit

Balance this eye-catching black and white crop top with skinny white jeans, cool black loafers, and white clutch. You can always team up it with a black leather jacket in case of chilly weather.
Sweater and white jeans look

Combine cool dark olive sweater with trendy ripped white jeans and baseball cap for a super grunge image. Also, team up it with lace-up flats and nice leather purse. So beautiful, stylish and cozy!
White jeans outfit for winter

Wondering on how to wear white jeans in winter? The answer is simple: team it up with a camel sweater and oversized beige coat. Then add few bright accents (like a military hat, red shoulder bag, and gold metallic ankle boots) and you ready.
White jeans outfit for women

Pale pink backless top and high-waisted white jeans look truly gentle and comfortable. Add a pair of your favorite silver hoops to finish this cute casual outfit.
A crop top and white jeans street style

These white crop top and high-waisted white jeans create an elegant, feminine outfit and definitely will beautify your wardrobe and enhance swarthy skin or a nice tan. Add a pair of heeled ankle boots and clutch to finish this look.
White jeans with a black top look

How to create a gorgeous look this spring? Use this bright combination of a tender crop top and ripped white skinnies and black silk bomber jacket. Sophisticated and chic.
White jeggings outfit with a jacket

Versatile white jeans can be a non-trivial item for a casual everyday wear. Pair it with cozy white tucked out sweater, cute jacket and complete the look with a comfortable pair of sneakers.
A sweet caramel top and white jeggings outfit

Add some romantic, bohemian vibe to your everyday attire with this combo of amazing long-sleeved caramel blouse and a pair of white jeans. Complete the look with cute open-toe nude sandals.
All white pants outfit with a coat

Who said that white is too plain? Take a look at this mix of a silver-blue coat, worn atop of milky sweater and white jeans. Simple yet so eye-catching!
White pants and brown boots outfit

Get inspired with this versatile and easy to wear street style image. Clean white T-shirt looks perfect worn with white jeans and checked jacket. You’ll love it with brown leather ankle boots.
White pants fall outfit

The pair of white jeans is kind of item that will always make you stand out from the crowd. Just team up it with a warm checked coat and add some accessories.
Sporty look with skinny white jeans

If you need a handy style piece for sports activities stop your choice on a white crop top and skinny white jeans. Keep your silhouette simple, just add black sneakers and a baseball cap.
Winter white jeans outfit

It’s fair to say that in this rich winter outfit you’ll conquer all hearts. Just combine ripped white jeans with a cozy gray sweater, a stylish black cashmere coat, and a trendy brimmed hat.
Oversized white jeans and striped Tshirt look

The white jeans are an extremely practical item and there’s always a way of adapting it to any style! Opt from the striped ringer tee and oversized white jeans. Complete it with sneakers, sunnies, and black tote for a win-win look.