Wolf Tattoos

The wolf symbol is so peculiar and contradictory that everyone interprets it in his own way. This selection is prepared to help you to find your ideal tattoo in this rich choice of designs.

The wolf image is one of the most common in the world of tattoos. The word “wolf” comes from the old Germanic tribes and translated as a “fearless defender”. The high popularity of animal is explained by a controversial interpretation of this symbol, since it denotes both positive and negative meanings. It is associated with cruelty, cunning and even evil, as well as, with respect, strength, courage and longevity. The wolf tattoo is a good talisman, which suits strong and independent people.

The Meanings of Wolf Tattoos

The major meanings of the wolf tattoo are bravery, devotion and endurance, however, these notions may also vary depending on certain details of the tattoo, among which the most common are:

  • Loyalty, family bonds – wolves live in packs and remain faithful to its partner until the death. They are ready to give their lives in battle for any family member.
  • Wisdom, experience and intelligence – wolf gets his prey with such mind that is rarely caught by the hunter.
  • The howling wolf personifies loneliness and independence. This animal becomes alone, particularly after a family loss. Some people apply the image as a symbol of eternal solitude.
  • The wolf grin means aggression, rage, power, cruelty, as according to many superstitions it reflects the dark forces and demonic werewolf side. It can also denote the lost an important person.
  • Leadership, loyal defenders are the features of the wolf in the pack, which symbolizes dedication and willingness to fight for the family.
  • Danger, adrenaline, thirst for wanderings and adventures – are embodied by a running wolf. These ideas are especially important for the guys, who love extreme and risk.
  • The jumping wolf illustrates determination, inner strength and sense of purpose – such tattoo helps a person to cope with all the challenges and obstacles.
  • Witchcraft, dark forces: in Christianity wolf among flames, with red eyes points to the demon that can subdue the most powerful magical beings.

Wolf Tattoo Designs Ideas

shoulder alpha wolf tattoo
This black and white tattoo of a wolf is performed with an open mouth on the shoulder. The alpha male is known as a main leader of the pack, so this belligerent character of the animal denotes that its owner denies any authorities or laws and takes an independent stand.
angry wolf tattoo on the sleeve
The wolf grin undoubtedly terrifies and exactly this fact pushes many people to choose such design. This angry, gray wolf on the forearm describes a challenge to society; in this way, you show your strong position. Moreover, in accordance with mystical belief, the wild grin is a protection from evil spirits.
celtic wolf tattoo on the forearm
The wolf is frequently associated with evil and even Satan image and exactly this interpretation of the wild animal is depicted on the sleeve. The black creature with horns and eyes without pupils and sinister grin strikes fear. This is predominantly a man’s sign of unpredictability and desire for revenge.

girl flower wolf tattoo on the sleeve
The wolf possesses deep roots in Celtic culture, where it was regarded as a night custodian of forest spirits. Here the wolf design resembles the sketch: instead of ears, we can see the piece of nature: mountains and branches of trees. This black drawing on the inner forearm emphasizes the holder’s union with nature.
small wolf on the planet
This colored ornament of a wolf on the Earth sphere is placed on intimate part of woman’s chest. It is rather small but embraces many substantial symbols: blue she-wolf is a sign of fairness and loyalty for women, Scorpio zodiac indicates bravery and nobility and Earth – fertility and life.
indian wolf tattoo on the arm
The skull, two axes, blood in wolf’s mouth and red ribbon on its eyes are the signs of death and evil. On the one hand, this composition looks highly impressive on the man’s upper arm. However, the meaning of this composition is nemesis and willingness to kill if necessary.
japanese wolf tattoo on the sleeve
In Japan, the wolf is an honored animal, which is considered to be a helper and a defender. Thus, this tattoo of a black wolf with an open mouth can serve as a talisman from dark forces. It is applied in such way that it seems that the animal is moving on your forearm.
moon and wolf tattoo on the hip
A real picture with an interesting frame of acorns and leaves is proposed on the hip. The rhombus with a moon and sun on its tops imply two oppositions and uncertainty in wishes, while the wolf in the forest that howling in front of the moon – signifies loneliness or disappointment in love.
native american wolf tattoo on the sleeve
The wolf is associated with an image of a talented leader in many cultures. The distinctive features of this animal’s presentation on the upper sleeve are, of course, the feathers on its head, which symbolize power, brevity and endurance. This adornment comes from Native American, where only chieftains could wear them.
nordic wolf with colorful element tattoo on the arm
The people, who are inspired by Nordic nature, should try this amazing wolf pattern on the shoulder. Despite the black and white coloring of the animal, there is one colorful element below that resembles the red sun. The wolf image is complemented with a marvelous Nordic landscape inside it.
pack of wolves tattoo on the back
If you want to apply a large wolf ornament on your body, the back will be one of the best choices in this case. Here is the realistic presentation of two big wolves in the background of nature. There is only one leader in the pack, so this tattoo personifies strength and leadership.
arm polynesian wolf tattoo
It is believed that the Polynesian tattoos are sacred; they look exotic because of a specific design, which is appealing to many tattoo lovers. This wolf head is located on the shoulder and consists of single groups of patterns that create a strict image of the animal with horrendous black eyes.
arm realistic wolf tattoo
The aggressive wolf designs are on the peak of popularity. The people desire to express their personality and show rebellious character. This realistic pattern of the wolf grin on the arm breaks the chain with a lock, which indicates the person’s struggle either with society, duty or with himself.
simple wolf tattoo with flowers and horns on the back
This simple pattern of the female wolf is executed in black and gray tint on the lower back. The tattoo is embellished by numerous picturesque flowers – the symbol of beauty, femininity and antlers, which embody grace, refinement and elegance. What can be more appropriate for women than this tender ornament?
small colorfull wolf tattoo on the sleeve
The sizes and colors of the tattoo are so individual that you may choose the most unexpected idea but if you are a conservative person, look at this small wolf image on the upper arm. The red animal with lovely floral decoration looks very cute and will protect you from problems.
linework snarling wolf tattoo on the forearm
Among a wide range of different styles, why not try this line-work design? This technique is characterized by the strict lines and precision of the picture, as a result, your tattoo has a very natural look on the body. This idea is embodied in snarling wolf on the forearm that completely reflects the animal’s superiority.
tribal wolf tattoo on the leg
The arrow is a symbol of war, while the tattoo of injured by an arrow animal implies the idea that despite the troubles in life we should not give up. This image of a tribal wolf on the leg signifies the strength of spirit and willpower, which possess both the wild animal and the owner of the tattoo.
two wolves tattoo on the wrist
Here are two single tattoos in black and white coloring on both wrists that together create one wonderful pattern. The pup and a howling wolf present a family bond, which very symbolic, as the wolves are known by their self-sacrifice and dedication to lover and family.
werewolf tattoo on the arm
The werewolf is considered to be the intermediary between human and animal, so its horrendous appearance on the inner forearm points at animal passion and fury. The creatures head is decorated with a skull – one more sign of death; all these symbols are usually applied by men, who aspire to suppress an internal animal.
forearm wolf and dreamcatcher tattoo
The growing popularity of Indian ornaments and attributes finds its reflection in tattoo art. Thus, take a closer look at this colorful wolf pattern that is placed in the dream-catcher on the forearm. The main purpose of this exciting tattoo is to defend its holder from danger and troubles.
arm wolf and raven tattoo
Wolf and raven are two extremely gloomy images and their union in one dark tattoo on the upper arm can induce only negative feelings. They are connected with a realm of the dead, so the choice of such aggressive ornament with snarling animal and screaming birds denote the pain of loss.
realistic wolf back tattoo
This black and gray tattoo introduces how realistic can such strong animal as wolf look on the skin. The pattern is placed on the back, which is very meaningful and can be easily hidden. The wolf is usually applied on the back like a protection from all the evils in life.
japanese wolf chest tattoo
The outstanding characteristics of Japanese tattoos are colorfulness, saturation and brightness of images that are nicely presented in this wolf pattern on the chest. The wild black animal with a yellow moon around its head looks catchy and at the same time indicates liberty and freedom of thoughts.
arm wolf claw tattoo
The idea of an animal in the form of a claw is quite new but has so many fans. This unusual design will be especially attractive for creative people. The meaning of this tattoo on the forearm remains the same: confidence, strength and steadfastness for men and passionate nature for women.
sleeve wolf eyes tattoo
Have you seen anything so breathtaking like this wolf eye on the upper sleeve? The deep contour, a good volume effect makes this work expressive and provocative. This idea of tattoo stresses on the traits of character, which are inherent for wolf and the owner, namely bravery and even cruelty.
angry wolf face and wreath with moon tattoo on the forearm
There is an interesting composition of a wolf inside the triangle on the forearm. The angry predator is depicted with a wreath on its head, which symbolizes constancy and eternity. If you want to add a moon sign, it will bring the riddle and mystery to your image.
simple family wolf tattoo on the finger
The tattoo on the finger always looks unique in comparison to other parts of the body. The image of two wolves implies the idea of family in this work. Of course, this pattern will not go unnoticed that is good if you treasure your family very much.
howling dark wolf forearm tattoo
The howling wolf is a famous symbol of loneliness and solitude in the tattoo. Here it is performed in the highly uncommon way on the wrist: the small dark silhouette, where a piece of nature is presented, is unforgettable. You can see night sky with stars and trees – fantastic option without a doubt!
wolf half sleeve tattoo
This half sleeve tattoo in turquoise tint is a nice example of a bright wolf image, as this animal is primarily applied in dark shades. There are also two important symbols: the sun personifies immortality, while the acorn – courage and patience, both of them are appreciated by men a lot.
traditional wolf hand tattoo
The wolf tattoo has a great number of possible designs but this one shows the traditional interpretation of the wild animal on the forearm. The saturated colors of black, orange and vinous make the picture vivid and memorable and the angry animal symbolizes the owner’s honor, balance and endurance.
wolf head roses tattoo on the sleeve
Despite the opinion that roses are not man’s attribute, this tattoo shows how skillfully they can be combined with a strong wolf ornament. Besides, the animal is keeping a dagger in its mouth, which denotes determination and dominion. If you need a contrast of beauty and power, think about this one on the forearm!
wolf howling at the moon tattoo on the sleeve
The howling wolf in the background of howling wolf pattern is something extraordinary in tattoo design but exactly this unusual approach takes place in this work on the upper arm. It expresses hopelessness and despair, so people, who experience desolation and solitude, choose this black and gray picture.
wolf outline tattoo on the arm
The outline style aims to make the image more realistic and natural using only the black lines for contour. This tattoo of wolf amazingly confirms this point and shows the ideal proportion of forms and shapes on the forearm. The howling animal is surrounded by lovely leaves that perfectly fit the picture.
angry wolf silhouette tattoo on the arm
People very often connect the wolf symbol with evil, dark forces and even daemon, all these meanings can be observed in this picture on the shoulder. If you are not afraid to show your bad sides or want to look more fiendish and cruel – take this black creature.
wolf and skull tattoo on the forearm
What can be scarier than the combination of wolf grin and skull in one ornament? Both symbols induce unpleasant associations like death and despair. The animal with white eyes is done in black coloring on the inner forearm. The general idea of the tattoo is person’s fearlessness of death and hard temper.
japanese wolf sleeve tattoo
The Japanese style is easily recognizable among other tattoo works, due to the love to bright and shining tints. The best Japanese traditions are included in this wolf picture on the upper arm. The contrast between black and red create an unforgettable impassion and symbolizes cunning and boldness of this animal.
wolf spirit tattoo on the forearm
This fascinating tattoo is done in the gray shade and presents a running wolf on the forearm. This symbolic creature signifies the wish of changes that are so required. The wolf is almost transparent, which looks like a spirit of the animal with a mountains scene in its image.
double eyes wolf tattoo on the arm
This captivating idea of colorful wolf tattoo will find its owner for sure: it consists of such interesting images, such as a red sun – a sign of rebirth, a huge insect – amulet. But what strikes the most in this work on the half-sleeve, is definitely double eyes of the wolf.
wolf with branches and montain tattoo on the chest
The captivating beauty of mountains is illustrated in this wolf composition on the chest. The mountains and branches are not only a marvelous part of nature but also symbolize authority, power and some renunciation of earthly life. Here you do not just look at wolf – you look into the depths of the soul.
girl wolf tattoo on back
Women like bijouterce – it is not a secret, so if you apply this female wolf pattern, why not add some special, trendy points to its look? This wolf in turquoise jewelry and edging of leaves around the animal’s head are superb additions to common girlish tattoo on the neck.
graphic wolf tattoo on the shoulder
This intriguing pattern of a wolf on the shoulder is performed in far-famed graphic design. The recognizable feature of this style is a deep black color of the picture, which is particularly pertinent with the wolf image. This work expresses the rashness, wisdom and audacity that are associated with the animal.

halfsleeve black wolf tattoo
The black tint, as well as a wolf, is a symbol of power, loneliness and mystic dark forces, thus, it is not surprising that this creature is done in this color spectrum. This half-sleeve tattoo will be a fantastic decoration for men, who identify themselves with this brave predator.
dark wolf tattoo for guys on the arm
The symmetric idea in the tattoo is not a new one but the talented master can create an unpredictable design like this wolf pattern on the shoulder. The half head remains the animal appearance, while the second presents the night scene with black sky, stars and forest, which brings a flavor of mystery.
two wolf tattoo for men on the stomach
This enchanting design of two wolves on the opposite parts of the rib cage is peculiar. They illustrate different emotions: the restraint and fury, which symbolizes changeable character of its owner. The men with such tattoo want to warn others that it is better to stay away from them.
girl wolf thigh tattoo
The girl’s thigh is a popular place for huge tattoos; the picture seems not only memorable on this part of the body but also highly seductive even if the central figure of the work is a big wolf. Here the animal is surrounded by numerous flowers – the prevalent decorations of woman’s patterns.
wolf yin yang tattoo on the arm
Yin-yang is the eternal fight of black and white, bad and good, which finds its new interpretation in this work on the forearm. The circle that denotes infinity includes two angry wolves with open mouths. The pattern symbolizes confusion and uncertainty in desires and wishes that constantly haunt the person.
space howling wolf tattoo on the sleeve
Space tattoo is in big demand, as they convey captivating puzzle, especially if it is portrayed with a zodiac. This Virgo sign behind the howling wolf on the upper arm is used as a talisman, which helps to choose the most important goals in life, while the blue predator embodies loneliness and sadness.
bad wolf tattoo on the leg
The black creature on the leg has little in common with a wolf, however, this demonic appearance presents another side of a wild animal. Its grin, white eyes and bold head with a crown can terrify but nevertheless, this design continues being very popular among men, who appreciate power and authority.
funny wolf with glasses tattoo on the forearm
This astonishing wolf pattern illustrates that this strong animal can not only be aggressive and cruel but can have so lovely and nontrivial look. This colorful tattoo of the creature with glasses and flowers seems very tender on the inner forearm and will be an amazing variant for confident and creative young women.
new tarditional wolf tattoo on the sleeve
This realistic wolf image is located on highly intimate part of woman’s body – on the side. The wild creature is inserted in rhombus element, which denotes fertility, prosperity and abundance. In general, the tattoo expresses only positive emotions, it symbolizes sensuality, emotionality and deep inner peace of the owner.
wolf tattoo on the side
This presentation of a furious wolf on the forearm goes far beyond the traditional style: multicolor pattern with saturated tints of gray, white, pink and red conveys the cartoon notes. As a result, the predator loses its realistic appearance but its symbolism remains the same: the work implies hardiness, power and fortitude.
wolf with hands tattoo on the arm
The big wolf head with numerous hands around it presents a unique, different from other works, idea. The hands may symbolize the public opinions, views or laws that the holder does not share. This exclusive pattern on the upper arm is a sign of the resistance to society and accepted canons.
dotwork wolf tattoo on the forearm
Dot-work style proposes an innovative way to emphasize your individuality, which is perfectly seen in this marvelous composition of wolf and leaf on the inner forearm. This design works well only with a big size tattoo and can be complemented with colorful decisions like these turquoise eyes and leaf.
wolf tattoo on the neck
Take this back neck tattoo if you want to stress on your best traits of character, namely: resoluteness, leadership qualities and firmness. This aggressive grin wolf will be an important symbol of the obstinate character of its owner and a key in animal’s mouth will mean independence and inner freedom.
forearm oldshcool colorful tattoo
In comparing with other styles, the old-school tattoo is always done in very bright colorings and exactly due to its simple catchiness, this design has so many fans all over the world. Thus, despite the small size, this snarling wolf drawing perfectly inherits old-school traditions, which looks striking on the man’s forearm.
lined wolf tattoo on the arm
If you observe the straight lines, which are formed in a certain pattern, it is certainly a lined tattoo. Take as an example, this incredible picture of a wolf on the inner forearm. The black tint adds strictness and moderation that will be nice for people with conventional views.
cartoon wolf tattoo on the leg
This famous character from a popular Russian cartoon will be familiar to many people. The tattooist managed to create the well-known image of the wolf on the leg in such way that it copies the cartoon version. This tattoo will be especially favored among the Slavs, however, the interesting idea may find much more fans of tattoos.